Melchizedek: Yours is the Story of the Ages

lord melchizedek eraoflightdotcomShine your light on all that troubles you, all that you fear, all that you would prefer to ignore or hide from. Shine you light on all that inspires, delights and uplifts you. Both are a part of your current life experience; the former you clearing, the latter you are manifesting. Both are in active service to the Ascension process, both are required.

Can you sit with both? Can you see both the shadow and the light, and still chose the light? And still bring compassion, forgiveness and release to shadow? When you do this, you infuse the shadow with divine light, you disperse, dissolve, melt that shadow side. You elevate it, through your positive, loving focus.

This is alchemy. This is using your divine power for the highest benefit of all. This is actively creating heaven on earth and speeding the time to The Jump, The Event.

You, our boots on the ground, our love army, are charged with removing guns and weapons, and using love and light to create massive, radical, unprecedented change, not just on a global scale but on a cosmic scale.

As you read this, you may look around you and wonder what you are doing to be of cosmic agent of change, how are you affecting beings far, far beyond your planet Gaia. But we would proudly and humbly remind you that you are the most powerful agents of change in the history of this galaxy; even we, the Company of Heaven and angels of light, cannot override your free will, your individual and collective decisions.

We are here to mentor, support, encourage and suggest. We are your coaches, you are on the field. You are the front line. You are ‘where it’s at’, in the greatest story told in this galaxy.

We appreciate that you have been purposely numbed to the power and might of your self, of your role. We understand that there have been manifold distractions placed in front of you to lead you astray, to divert your attention. We note, with enormous pride and delight, that you have continued to persevere, to expand your light throughout your planet, and to cause incalculable change to occur.

You are the alchemists of your age; each of you a Merlin, a shaman, an angel, an extraterrestrial, who has the courage, forbearance and fortitude to persist, against all odds. Yours is the story of the ages, Light workers of Gaia.

We are humbled to be working with you. We are uplifted to be of service.

Call on us when you flag, when you feel in need of support and encouragement, when you wish to share your joy, when you yearn for clarity. We are your coaches and we support you.

Melchizedek and the company of angels.


» Source » Channel: Jennifer Crokaert


4 Replies to “Melchizedek: Yours is the Story of the Ages”

  1. Mark

    Excellent of course….But your human opinion is showing on Gun Control….anytime I see channels ego bleed through…it’s like obvious. Personally not a gun owner, but stick to the principles not your opinion of what specifically needs to be done. People will lay their guns down when they are ready…not me or you knocking on doors demanding compliance…that is called ‘fascism’.

    1. Doug James

      Gun control is only desired by the dark ones.. normal citizens are not staging the false flag shootings like NZ..dropping the weapon was so obvious so the media could focus on weapon not motive..suspect..who wore black sun on backpack. Clearly mind control here