The Arcturian Collective: Waiting

arcturians eraoflightdotcomWe are the Arcturian collective here to speak to you about waiting. We hear the complaints of many awakened ones about waiting. Waiting for the big flash, the big wave, the big event that will finally wake everyone up. It seems to be taking so long, you say. When can we get this show on the road?

Here is what you must understand. You are warriors. All of you reading this are warriors at heart, and warriors are not known for being the most patient of souls. However, that is why you chose this experience, because you wanted to fight, or learn to fight, in another way. A better way, perhaps, than you have in previous lifetimes. You have learned, from past lives or the space between them, that the best warriors fight for peace. This time around, you chose a life that would make you remember this lesson, to fight for peace, inner and outer. Perhaps, like this one, your are currently embodied in a physical vessel that requires more care than you would wish? A body that is not particularly strong, sunburns easily, and is prone to allergies or other ailments? (Laughing kindly.) This is not a mistake, friends. You chose forms that would force you to focus inward. It would be easier for you, most of you, to pick up a sword and slay some dark creature of your mythology than to fight the battle you face now– an inward battle– to be patient and yes, in being patient, kind. Because it would be an unkindness to rush the process, to try to make people ascend faster than they are ready. Lives would be shortened and lost. Humanity has decided to ascend in the best possible way. Trust this. It will happen, and it is happening. Open your eyes and you will see signs of ascension all around you. But your job, your fight now, is to hold the light. Be love to those who are ascending, but slowly. Be patient with them, and yourself. Remember that you chose to be here, in this form, so that you could fight in a different way– an inward way, for peace.

Here is an exercise you may find helpful: imagine yourself as many of you used to be, a grizzled warrior in leather and armor, scarred, dirty, and missing a few teeth. Now, imagine this same warrior sitting among the flowers, trying to look inward, to meditate, to wait. It is a bit humorous, yes? Do you see now, why you struggle? You are learning to show patience to others and to yourself. Smile. Let go of expectations and preconceptions. Allow the light into you. Hold as much light as you can and simply, throughout your day, be. That is how you win. That is true victory.

We are the Arcturian collective and we hold you in love and esteem. Thank you for your service. We have enjoying speaking with you.0


» Source » Channel: dragongirl9