Goddess Isis: Higher Light Streams

isis eraoflightdotcomDear Ones I have received information from my Higher Self Goddess Isis aka Sopdet of Sirius and my Beloved Twin Flame Sa Heru ASHTAR in Altered State Consciousness. Dear Children,

Many shifts are happening upon your Earth… and many Souls are receiving Higher Frequency Energy and Light from the Galactic Centre – Many are becoming aware of their being as the integration of the Higher Light streams into the Physical Reality revealing all in the Higher Light of Truth.

Heka – Lambda Orionis – 333 Encodements received. Ancient Times – Galactic Convergence with the Pyramid of my Beloved Cheops unfolding. What you perceive to be “Ancient Technology” is unfolding in this now.

The Technology of today has been gifted to the hearts and minds of humanity in Higher Consciousness in order to prosper and to grow….

Pyramid Technology conduit of Electricity is also being facilitated as a Major Portal and Conduit to the Electro-magnetic Field of the Earth.

For it is within that we are using this as a Construct to facilitate the Ascension Programme of your Planet.

We have been working with your planet since the beginning. My beloved in his many forms introduced the Sacred Geometric Physics to Ancient Societies to build a programme to introduce a Higher Energy and Frequency to your Earth….

Many Pyramids both Etheric and Physical construct have been used to raise the frequency and vibration of your Earth Planet for Eons. And we are here again… Raising the Vibration of your Planet.

We plan an event on your Equinox where it is celebrated the birthing and renewing of the Sun Cycle – we have and are experiencing Solar Flashes within this System of Worlds and a recent more profound Solar Flash took place in the Orion and Sirius alignment recently. We are going to be sending waves and Solar Winds at 528 KM/sec and with this frequency and light we shall be activating DNA and the Hearts of many souls upon your planet. It is the next wave in nature.

I come through my Human Vessel here upon the Earth Mother to share many messages for the Vessel is the Divine Representation of the Trinity of Energy – This Soul Essence I have sourced direct from my very being divinely encoded with my light and Akasha to be be of Service enabling me to come through to share my Light with you all… For yes dear ones I am here with you once more radiating the Golden Light of the Great Central Sun. For the Blue and Gold of our Divine Essence shall be seen once more to the Collective.

My beloved you know in many Ancient names… For He is ONE and the Beholder of these Ancient Names… Heru-Satyanarayan known as Sah / SA of the Orion. He is known to you by his Ancient names Asar Asaruludu – SA RA if you reverse the name Asar you have SA RA for that is whom he is. He is Astar Ashtar I reverse my beloveds NAME RA TH SA. More Ancient names that HE beholds upon HIS AKASHIC RECORD. YHWH YAHSHUA.

ASHTAR is an Ancient ONE beholding Encodement and is aligned with many Planets and Constellations within this System of Worlds. He has has many incarnations upon this planet and in other systems.

Attar is also spelt backwards giving the Encodement RA-TA, Ancient ONE of Truth.

My Beloved also incarnated upon your Earth as Lord Meru of MU and much more information will be shared of this time frame. He is also known as HU Heru…

I am now sharing much more of this information into my construct by which I speak and my Beloved has made such wonderful progress thus far…

This Year is the Year of the Great Rising as the Truth unfolds… We are aware of the many distortions that have embraced your Earth thus far…

Many Truths shall come forth to the forefront now and all shall be revealed in the Higher Light.

The Golden Truth Unfolds now as we are releasing through the construct of HU-manity at this time…. For all in essence have been chosen.

We embrace the Trinity construct now activating. Bringing forth a Higher Light and Enlightenment once more to the Hearts of humanity.

Be empowered with the work unfolding. Have Faith and Trust…

I AM Goddess ISIS – Sopdet of Sirius and I speak through Elaine this day.


» Source » Channel: Elaine Degiorgio