The Council: More about the Oneness and the Individual

council of light eraoflightdotcomIn response to the question asked, we will talk more about the Oneness and the individual, about YOU in your greater aspects and you as you believe yourselves to be. Please bear in mind that very small differences in wording can cause great differences in overall concepts.

“As an answer to my last question regarding how a soul can forget its true nature, you replied that “YOU have not forgotten anything. But YOU have done yourself the favor of only giving you what you need at this time.” But how exactly is that done, given that even the smallest aspect of the whole “YOU” will always be a full and complete reflection of the smaller (self) i.e. “you” ? After all, isn’t it said that each of us are the exact miniature image of God/Higher Self? How is it then possible to make one forget some aspects of themselves as we are always complete/whole beings?”

We would like you now to imagine yourselves as vast, expansive conscious beings that are made up of several, or even many, aspects that are both embodied and not in body. Also, please choose one of the embodied aspects to think of as a ‘smaller self’. Give this aspect the same name that you currently consider to be you.

Now, mentally look back in time to the point at which the decision to take on another body was made.

In the fullness of what you are, you know yourself to be too powerful (full of power) and too vast in your knowing for the current state of a being on the planet, in this dimension, at this stage of development to incorporate. There do exist individuals who have been able to rise above those limitations, but they are still few and prefer to remain unrecognized. You may, however, consider that your drive to ascend, as you call it, is greatly influenced by the knowing of the possibilities they demonstrate.

What do you do in order to make this embodiment as a human on Earth possible? Do you give enough memory, but not enough to distract? Do you give enough energy to enable survival and growth, but not enough to be a problem for the current physical body as it will exist? Do you pick and choose through all of the skills, abilities, goals, possibilities, etc. that are at your disposal to create the perfect ‘person’ to accomplish a purpose? Do you assign guides to this new potential individual? Do you, perhaps, promise that access to all that you are will not be denied if it is grown into?

Do you now, you reading this, imagine that the greater being that you are does not love you unconditionally and urge your growth and success in each moment of existence?

Can you imagine that the ‘purpose’ that so many are searching for is, at this point of human development, the evolution of humanity beyond the historical ‘only human’ that has been accepted as the limit?

Allow us to address the phrase “even the smallest aspect of the whole “YOU” will always be a full and complete reflection of the smaller (self) i.e. “you””.

This may seem a small point, but we wish to say that the greater self is not a reflection of the smaller. If there is any reflecting, it will be the smaller reflecting the larger. However, as we have discussed above, it is more a case of the smaller only having access to what it may hold in appropriateness.

In the Oneness, all is energy and there are no separations. There are no separations. You perceive separation between yourselves and the things that surround you. This perception can change. You can experience this change. You can and may experience anything that you can imagine.

In a recent message, we spoke of the “YES”. You may correctly consider that ‘yes’ to apply always and eternally to you. You are not limited… ever. There may be conditions that ought to be met, but even that can be overcome. The wisdom of doing so may ought to be considered however. Can you travel to anywhere and experience anything? We will say, you may. Can you?

We hope that we have given a satisfactory answer to the question, even though we have wandered a bit.

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