Mary Magdalene: Fascinating Journey

mary magdalene eraoflightdotcom newDear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Once again it is our pleasure to be here, at this very high-vibe time on your Beloved Planet, with us coming together and feeling the Love, that we are, and the Light that we are, heart to heart. Because, yes, you are going through your challenges, and now things are coming to a head for many of you. And you are feeling much more support, than you have ever felt in dealing with this Density of Duality, that you are faced with continually every day in negotiating how you will be able to survive and create a reality, that feels good to you, and that honors your Spirit.

So, it becomes a very fascinating journey, we would say, because all of the time with these high vibrations, coming in right now, you perhaps are feeling different thoughts come in, and things that possibly you hadn’t considered before, that work as a solution in the Now Moment for you to raise the level of your vibration, and for you to take steps to create the reality that allow you, to do it with Ease and Grace, in the way that you are envisioning and the way that you desire.

So, this can be a very tremendous Gift of bringing in these high vibrations, and, yes, to use your imagination in a very creative way, when encountering these new thoughts, and these feelings of Joy, that perhaps you haven’t encountered to this level and degree before. Because yes, the vibrations of these photon energies, that are visiting your planet right now, produce a lot of effects, that haven’t been available to you at this level of intensity, we would say, pretty much ever on the planet.

Because the level of the consciousness, through all that you have endured together, in this, what we would call, this last 13,000 years of testing this duality, in its density, we would call it a Duality Life Cycle, because all of these lifetimes have been joined together. And you’ve been on this Mission to learn Life Lessons to accelerate your spiritual evolution.

And it has been a wonderful phenomenon for all of us to witness upon the ships, and see you go through all of the different steps in the dances, to raise the level of your vibration. Because, we call it a dance, because there’s so many movements, and a lot of time you are very well served with just allowing yourself to breathe, to feel into the Heart Center, and let go. And then there is such a feeling of Ease and Grace, as the answers become apparent to you, and you are in the flow of your own Dynamic Energy, and just breathing into the Heart Center, and letting go to the intensity of these feelings. We know that they can be very, very liberating and give you special new insights into how your Ascension Process is accelerating.

So, we would say that you are all in the process of bringing it all on home, in completion of your Mission. And yes, we are on the same Mission. We feel these energies as you do, only we are not at that level of density, because we are in light body upon the ships.

Ah, yes, Beloveds, we ask you to take heart here, in knowing what a wonderful job you have all done, and how much we love you that we cannot possibly express in verbal words here.

We love you so very much. We thank you for your participation on this Beloved Call tonight.

Namaste and good night.


» Source » Channel: Eli Galla