Mother Sekhmet: Changes in Energy

mother sekhmet eraoflightdotcomDear Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

Good evening. Welcome to the call. Yes, we have been having quite a time of it together, and watching you go through a lot of the changes that are transpiring on your Beloved Planet, because the level of the vibrations have been rising so dramatically now.

And you’re going through different cycles, where your Schumann Resonance is peaking. And it is the barometer that tells you, and tells us, that we are in the stages that we weren’t in before, where you’re in really high vibrations, and the potentialities of creating your reality, and spreading the transmission into the Collective Consciousness, to raise the level of the vibration all throughout the consciousness of humanity is now intensifying and, we would say in a very beautiful manner.

Because once you reach this certain point of saturation in the Collective Consciousness on your Beloved Planet; because really not separate, you’re not separate from Mother Gaia, and just opening up your hearts and letting go to this transmission from her, from the energies that are coming in from the Galactic Center afford you the opportunity to rise up higher and higher in vibration, and to have what we would call these ah-ha moments. Because the transmissions are the encodements that are coming in, during this process, and are quite a bit different than what you have been experiencing up to this point. And now is a very special time, because you are moving at a rapid pace toward this process of accelerating your Ascension.

So, it is wonderful for us to see the changes in the energy on your Beloved Planet. As we have commented before, we see a light show, showering all of the Beloved Beings and the Kingdoms on your planet. And this wasn’t happening some years ago. But now that you have intensified the vibrations, that are coming in to such a degree, after reaching the markers in 2012, that firmly put you in the flow of accelerating the Ascension Process and activating this Divine Decree to make it a reality for everyone on your Beloved Planet. So, this is what we see happening.

And now just breathing into the Heart Center and me bi-locating my paw to you and reaching out with your other hand to somebody on this call. Ah, yes, breathing into the Heart Center, sending the energy out through your left palm, around the circle and back into the palm of the right hand and up into the Heart Center. And with our breathing, allowing ourselves, with the Speed of Thought, to rise on up off of the surface, into the layers of the atmospheres. And now up into the layers of ships, and coming upon my ship, the Beloved Nibiru.

And opening up the landing deck and we’re rising on up all connected to one another at the same time, hovering in the air lock and allowing the landing deck to close beneath us. And now it’s safe to touch down, and we’re walking on back to the elevators and we’re getting in this one altogether and pushing this button up, and it’s rocketing us up into the top level here at a very quick pace.

And now we’re opening up the door, and we’re walking on through into my Crystal Healing Room with all the Beloveds that have assembled to join us on this meditation. And some of them may be your ancestors, or you from an incarnation or two that you have experienced previously. So, feeling their energies, and it is so really wonderful for us all to be here altogether here tonight to participate in our mission, raising the level of the vibration for your Beloved Planet.

So, assembling around the Crystal Altar, me bi-locating my paw, and you reaching out to somebody else with your free hand there, and sending the energy around the altar, around your inner circle to the outer circles. And breathing into it, and now spiraling this energy from the floor, to the walls, to the ceiling, all up, down, and around and through accompanying the vibrations of the consciousness of all of the Beloved Beings in this room, angels, and archangels, Ascended Masters, Commanders on the ships, your ancestors and feeling these high vibrations of the crystals. Because there is such a wide assortment of crystals from all over the cosmos, that have been assembled here with particular functions to aid in our mediations, to raise the level of our vibrations, and direct the energies in a most harmonious way on your Beloved Planet.

Ah, because it all has to do with integrating these high vibrations while still you, at the same time, having a continuity with the 3rd Dimension. And we realize that this isn’t often very easy to do, and especially with the way that the negative programming, and the matrix has been constructed around it to control you.

But, and we keep on saying this, and if you could see on what a broad level, an all-encompassing wave of Love and Light, that we mean this, when we say that Love is stronger, and the higher that you go up into these high dimensions of reality that exist in your solar system, that you can actively participate in, there’s where the real power is.

That the machinations of the Artificial Intelligence, and their minions of the Cabal, the black magicians, the programmers of their very dark and nefarious religions, they don’t have power in the 5th Dimension and beyond. And this is where the Unity is. By just breathing into the Heart Center and focusing this LoveLight. And we’re asking you to feel your Intentional Requirements for what you want to create with this Beloved Meditation tonight, whether it be financial, spiritual, health related, having to do with the wellbeing of your children, or even artistic creations that you want to disseminate throughout the consciousness on your Beloved Planet, whatever it be, just breathing into your Heart Center and focusing your Intentional Requirements upon it.

And now, our Requirements, in the totality of our Meditation and the Mission, that we’re all on together, require Peace on your Beloved Planet, and all of the fundamentals that have been addressed in this Beloved Blueprint, we would say, to raise the level of the vibration of your reality called Beloved NESARA. Because in order for you as a species to anchor in this 5th Dimension, there has to be the end of all war. There has to be the end of all the lower vibrations. And one of the ways that these vibrations have been allowed to thrive, and to support the cabal, the way that they have, has been because of their manipulation and their survival dynamics.

Well, doesn’t it make sense that each and every one of you have Birth Rights? Each and every one of you, because you’re part of the Godhead, automatically are entitled to Prosperity and Abundance, because that’s the nature of your being. Just take a look in the firmament some night at the stars. And that’s the type of abundance that we’re talking about, in relationship to you satisfying all of your survival needs, while you are incarnated on this Beloved Planet.

So now, shining the LoveLight of the Crystal, through the tip of the opening in the ceiling of the Nibiru, and focusing in a spiral, shooting it down onto your Beloved Planet. And spiraling it from the atmosphere to the surface, beneath the surface, getting into every subatomic particle on your Beloved Planet, filling it with this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy, going up, down, and around and through. And feeling the rhythm of these high vibrations of the LoveLight going into the DNA of all of the Beloved Beings, into their Heart Centers and to waking up their connections in the right lobe of their brain.

And isn’t it wonderful for these Beloved Brothers and Sisters, on your Beloved Planet, to be waking up, and to feel that they are so loved, and that they are worthy of feeling Joy in this Now Moment? Ah yes, this is the transmission that we’re talking about. It is one of Unconditional/Universal Love of this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy. And just breathing into it, expanding it, allowing it to expand exponentially in these waves of photon energy, that have been visiting your Beloved Planet.

And let us go to Antarctica right now, because there is so much waiting to be discovered; when the Truth is disseminated regarding Antarctica, and the artifacts, that are housed there that show quite clearly, and to back up the Truth that will be disseminated, when the time comes, when you’re ready for this high vibration, which we feel is very soon, for all of you Beloveds to believe in the Truth, that is going to be disseminated to you about other races being there for many millions of years, and of them having advanced technology over what you have right now.

And we know for a lot of you, this is really hard for you to wrap your minds around and to accept. But this is the nature of the degree of how you have been controlled on this Beloved Planet. And all of this is going to become wildly apparent, when the Truth is disseminated, the way we see it happening with our participation, of course, at the time of the unfolding of all of the conditions of NESARA.

So, rising on up in a spiral here, and spiraling it vertically from the atmosphere, to the surface, and underneath the surface, that affects all of the remnants of these ancient cultures, that have been hidden away for so very, very long of a period of time. And up, down and around and through and permeating these layers of density, with this Golden White Light of the Christ Consciousness Energy.

And feeling the level of the vibration rise up and bring in more and more of the LoveLight. Because, yes, nothing is stagnant in the Beloved Universe with the way, that this Law of Multiplication works. So, it’s up to us to use it in a very positive manner, by focusing on the high vibrations of Love and Light, which we all emanate from.

And now going a little bit North here, to North America, and getting down into the elevators in Mexico, our special little conduit, to get into these underground tunnels going far, far underneath the surface, and accessing this tunnel route here. And shining this LoveLight in a horizontal manner from the beginning, here in Mexico, all through the United States, up into Canada and back again, in through Mexico. Up, down and around and through to raise the level of the vibration on all of the secret armaments, the secret spas, the secret rituals that have been done throughout the ages, in these installations all connected by this network of tunnels.

And breathing into it and feeling this LoveLight permeate all of the subatomic particles, the treasures, the honeycomb chambers, that are so very easy for them to hide untold wealth, precious treasures of art, advanced technologies, you name it. And we see that soon is the day, when all of these secrets will be unearthed, and that you will be able to access them, their mystery, their, umm, being able to utilize them for your own benefits, for the benefit of all of the Beloveds on your planet. And just breathing into this realization, that the time of this Cabal’s domination is over and done.

And now, shining this LoveLight into the hearts of all of the Beloveds, who have been made captives of the Cabal and put into slavery to satisfy their needs, whatever they were, whatever their Soul Contract entails for them to do in this lifetime.

And we say to them, speaking heart to heart, that “We love you so very much. We honor you because yes, you have been a game changer. You have made it so that these secrets are becoming very transparent on your Beloved Planet, and that everyone who hears these stories, they feel it resonate within the four bodies of their being, and they feel, particularly in their hearts and minds, that there is an active connection there knowing that this is the Truth, no matter how badly they’ve been brainwashed by the mainstream media.

“But the Sound of Truth has its own cellular power, for you to identify with, and that’s what we see happening, people identifying with the Sound of Truth. But it wouldn’t be possible if you, Beloveds, hadn’t have done the work, by being enslaved down there underneath the surface of your planet. Because, yes, you found a way to raise the level of the vibration, and to go along with the ride.

“So, we love you so very much and we say to you that soon, all of this will have been worth it, for the amount and the degree of Liberation and Joy that you will feel, well, ascending into very high frequencies of this LoveLight, and connecting with all of the higher aspects of your being.”

And we say to you, all of you Beloved Beings on the call, we love you far beyond verbal expression, also for all of your commitments and your efforts to learn, to multiply this LoveLight exponentially at this most-pivotal time.

Namaste and good night.


» Source » Channel: Eli Gallla