Quick Update; I Stand Alone

Greetings to Everyone! This is Kejraj(KayRy) here. It has been a while since I’ve posted, but for many reasons of course. There’s much change going on within and without in my reality. I needed to step back and not just observe my self and go within, but to simply take a break.

I may have not written or shared my view these past couple of months or so on the blog, I still read a bit, including some of the comments made on here. Where at times I am accused of being a far right, other times a lefty, on so on. It is all right, I do not expect anyone outside of my self to know me.

However, I am neither. I “side” with no party or person here on Earth. And honestly, I cannot even say that I side with those of the Higher Dimensions either. I stand alone. Perhaps not neutral, yet, but no sides for certain. I am not anti or pro anyone, only some of their ideas;(laughter).

I share what I share on the blog because it is for those that visit this site, it is what the readers want to see, and allow them to decide. What I share does not mean I may agree or disagree with what is said in the article.

Since this site is more spirituality oriented, I have made a small change. All channelings and subjects related to spirituality will appear first, at the top of the site. Other content, such as alternative news, health, politics, science, will appear below that as you have noticed by now.

I will have another update on Monday, 4/1/2019.

Kejraj, Out!