Mary Magdalene: The Wounded Human

mary magdalene eraoflightdotcom newDear friends of light, I am Mary Magdalene.

I know you – I know your path – I know who you are. We are deeply connected with one another; our links go back in time through many centuries. We are linked together as one big family, and the connection is not of the mind, but through the heart. It runs not only through the personal knowing of one another, it is deeper than that. There is a group energy that connects us – we are a family.

You are living in a significant time. You have already been here on Earth many times and you have gone through a lot in all those human lives. What is now accelerating the development of your heart is that, in this time, the change of consciousness is getting more grounded and becoming more alive in the hearts and souls of people. In your heart lives a hope, a desire, and also the reminder of a promise that you have carried with you through many lives.

You want to bring a heart-borne consciousness to Earth and through that process you also begin to flower. You want to connect with your soul while you are on Earth. You want to let your light radiate so that you become a human being free of fear, one who dares to stand fully in your own light. In this way, you also illuminate the world. Your light has a hopeful, inspiring effect on others.

But your first and biggest step is to acknowledge the light within yourself and to connect with your soul. It is a step that requires all your attention and devotion. You, who are linked with me, are all encouraged to travel this path, to connect with your soul, your divine origin, and from there to live an inspired life. This is becoming ever more possible on Earth. The vibration of the atmosphere on Earth is changing.

Although there still prevails a lot of disorder and chaos, and there still is a lot of emotional pain and confusion in many people, the seeds of the new have already been sown – and you are those seeds. You have already chosen: you want to move along with the voice of your heart, the voice of your soul. But before you can do this, before you can experience the joy of true freedom, you often meet up with old blockages: heavy parts of yourself that temporarily block the view of your own light.

When you live in a woman’s body, it is likely that your blockages have to do with the collective female pain; with what the female psyche has experienced in the many centuries before, and is still experiencing today. There are still places on Earth where the female energy is not respected and is even suppressed with violence. When you incarnate as a woman, you step with one foot into that history, into that collective energy of the past, into which you, too, participated during several lifetimes. It is intended that you again experience that energy so you can heal it by first healing yourself from within.

Fundamentally, it comes down to the fact that women have taken into themselves a deep feeling of unworthiness from the past. They have been consistently – and for a long time – been looked upon as second-class citizens, as people of a lesser value. They could not match the masculine way of thinking, so they were considered the weaker sex. However, their true talents lie in the field of intuition and the ability to connect, the ability to perceive deeply into the core of things, but their empathy was dismissed and reduced to the idea that women were emotional, impulsive, and unable to consider things rationally.

Both in religious teachings, as well as in many philosophical views, women were degraded. And that happened, of course, not only with words, but also with deeds: there has been so much sexual violence that has affected women deeply. When you have been damaged in your sexuality – humiliated, degraded – it leaves deep traces in your mind and in your emotional body.

Thus you can speak of a collective wound in the female consciousness, a sense of powerlessness, and as I said, a sense of inferiority or unworthiness. I want to encourage you to look at this wound as compassionately as possible. There is grief in you, as in all women, and there is also anger and resentment. Only with a compassionate look at yourself can you penetrate to the core of the pain, and at the same time to the heart of your power.

Whether you are male or female, I want to encourage you to turn your attention to the area of your abdomen, and your breathing can help you do that. By breathing consciously into your abdomen, you automatically turn your attention downward. Fill your abdomen with a gentle consciousness. Imagine that your abdomen is filled with your light. Gentle attention is nothing but light, openness, welcoming, saying “yes”.

Determine whether in the area of your abdomen lives a wounded woman, and I encourage both men and women to do this. You might see an image of a wounded woman, although there might appear a different image that indirectly points to the same thing. For example, in many people, both men and women, there is a lack of confidence about their own female energy: your sensitivity, your intuition, your ability to sense and feel. You often dismiss that ability; you adapt to the more male way of thinking that is around you, and so you cut yourself off from a deeper source of wisdom.

I ask you to now reach out a hand to the wounded woman within you, although she can also appear as a girl. Imagine that you call her toward you and you look into her eyes. And because you fully embrace who she is, she feels seen and already partly healed. Breathe light into her; know that she carries burdens which are much older than this life. You have had past lives; you are part of humanity, and because of that you will also have some of its collective energy in you. It is important that the wounded woman in you sees you and feels your presence.

But who are you then? You are your soul, and as your soul, directly connected to God, the Source, the Origin. Nothing is as powerful as the presence of your soul. The accumulation of pain and suffering in the past may seem great, yet it cannot withstand your living light in the present. Be filled with confidence – you can heal yourself. Bring light into the area of your abdomen and feel the power of your inner woman: her wisdom, her love, her inner knowing. She is allowed to be; she is welcome on Earth, so welcome her. And give her something beautiful: a flower, or another gift that comes to mind.

I ask you now to give this female image a rest, so we can go to the other pole, to that of the male energy. In the past, the female energy has been degraded, misunderstood, and this also affected men in their being. They were often required to develop a one-sided, two-dimensional male energy that focused on control of themselves, of life, and, eventually, of others. They were more or less cut off from their heart, their feelings. As a man, you had to be strong and powerful and to join in with the existing ideas and rules.

How many men have died on the battlefields of the endless number of wars that have taken place? These wars were often initiated by the struggle between men over male power. But among those victims were sensitive men, and also gay men, who could not find in themselves the conventional male image that has existed for so long. So in men there has been a deep wounding of their ability to love deeply, to be authentic, vulnerable, open, which is a condition for real intimacy in relationships. And that ability was discouraged. So men are also victims of this painful history, which is all about control and ruling.

But from where does this need originate? It comes from fear, from lack of love. It became a runaway male energy that lost connection to the One. Fear has terrorized both sexes. But in this day and age something will change. There is a desire in both men and women for authenticity in relationships, for deep connection.

I ask you to now connect with the male energy within yourself and to look in your heart to see if you can find a wounded man, or boy, who reflects your own male energy. That man became closed off in the area of the heart. What applies here to women is that it was increasingly difficult to accept their own male energy, because they associated this energy with a patronizing, misogynistic energy.

But know that the male energy in its true form is just as loving as the female energy. Specifically, as a woman, the true male energy can give you strength. Therefore, it is not only important for men, but also for women, that they heal the injured male energy in themselves. See if you can reach out your hand to your own male energy and look directly into his eyes.

At this time, there is developing in the hearts of many people an increasing sensitivity to the suffering you see around you in the world. There is also a desire for a connection with yourself that is deeper than before, and a longing for authentic relationships with others. Precisely here, in the realization of that desire, do you meet up with the wounded man and the wounded woman within yourself. It is in relationships, especially, that this woundedness can lead to misunderstandings.

It is important for you to realize that you, each one of you, carry within yourself a source of abundance. You possess both male and female energies, and you can heal both. You are complete – you are whole. Even if you carry the burdens of the past, there is an inexhaustible force within you: a gentle power, a courageous force. Embrace the inner man and the inner woman in you that you have seen and take them up into yourself. See them both as radiant figures, healed and in harmony with each other.

As a woman, be conscious of your self-esteem and your self-awareness. As a man, feel the warmth and the love in your heart. You are the lightworkers of this Earth. You bring light to an old history of pain; you bring back the light with your male and female energies. Be gentle with yourself; take time to heal your wounds. Experience that you can do this from your divine source. When you have a taste of that abundance within yourself, all your relationships become easier, smoother, and more loving.

I greet you all from deep within my heart. Thank you so much for your presence.

Pamela Kribbe

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan


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