Goddess of Creation: The Vibration of Acceptance

gateway of light eraoflightdotcomPeople have a perception of what acceptance means to them. Frequently that belief is that if you ‘accept’ a situation you are saying ‘it’s okay’ when in truth there may be things you don’t like about the situation. This meditation looks at acceptance in a completely different way. When you tap into the vibration of acceptance in your life, you are tapping into a vibration of clarity for where you are in your life. This is not judging that at good or bad; just realizing it is, that it is.

Most everyone has something, or several somethings, that they want in their lives. They have wanted to manifest this for a very long time. When you are in that place of where you want something that has not as yet manifested you will frequently become disappointed, mad, frustrated, or many other emotions. In the meditation, the purpose of acceptance if for you to realize that this is where you are, right now! You may not like it, you may want change but for the moment this is where you are. If you deny that this is where you are; you become disconnected from within and what you truly seek is even further away.

We have several meditations that work with the vibration of the various parts of our lives. This working with the vbiration of acceptance creates an amaxing space of peace and balance. So too, it allows for a deeper integration of love. Oh, another message during the Q&A was to take a vacation from the chatter in your mind and your mental body!! Acceptance releases the argument and moves into peace.

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you, you in the moment, you as the human, you as all of who you are. Let this time in which we come together be a time that is filled with love, with support, with compassion. Let it fill you up so that you know you are part of your divinity, you are aligned with the universe and all of that flows within and around you assisting you in everything that takes place in your daily life.

When you consider the past 10 to 15 years upon the earth, dramatic changes have taken place. When you consider 100-150 years ago there were indeed changes taking place, however, it was not so much change in such a short period of time.

This is one of the reasons why there is so much upon the earth that feels like it’s just churning up; as if you are churning up those old stuck energies waiting for them to be cleared. As if you are going into that part of you that you don’t really know, understand or acknowledge and all of that is happening so that the end result is, you as the human are fully aligned with your divinity and you are living your life with all the potential within you, around you, available to you.

Life is about living. Life is about finding joy, happiness, love; experiences, that enrich you the person. Many times, it feels as if life is about the struggle, the problems because indeed at one point or another in your life you will struggle and there will be problems; this is a part of being human. Therefore as you allow for your focus to be upon embracing love, embracing opportunity, embracing things that fulfill you, make you happy or make you feel a sense of peace and contentment, then if you do step into something that is more challenging you’ll have that really solid foundation of how to move through those challenges.

That being said, if you find yourself right now in the midst of challenges and seemingly endless frustration or one dead-end to the next, to the next, to the next then take this opportunity to grab a hold of all of that energy from your divinity and all of the potential, all the love, the light, let all of that come and be within and around you at this time.

If you can shift your focus from where you are when you’re in that turmoil just shifted and look at love, at that essence of the Angels, God, Goddess, the Light Beings, whether it’s something you see, sense or feel or just a potential you would like to believe in. Open up your door and feel that flow; that love and that essence as it comes into you.

Be present with yourself at all times.

I am chuckling a little bit because as I said that I could hear people say, “Well, of course, I’m always present”. You can be present and then you can be present. What I mean by that is that if you’re just skimming atop the surface of your thoughts, your beliefs, your realities, your relationships with others or if you’re truly shelling up expressing your authentic self no matter what that may be in any given moment and then letting that be the way in which you live your life; that is when you are really present and showing up for your life.

As these vibrations continue to transform you’ve got more and more support around you at any given time, feel that support, allow it to be the groundwork or that which is around you so as to assist you howsoever you may choose.

Take a moment, allow your consciousness to move through you sending it down into the earth. As you feel the essence of the earth, allow your energy to spread out in whatever way is most supportive.

You as the human send these roots into Gaia all the time. As you allow your consciousness to flow through those roots you become aligned with Gaia more and more and more fully. Allow that to anchor you letting those energies come back up within you into your heart center so that you then send it up through you; it goes out through the top of your head, you find yourself aligning within your higher self.

As you feel your consciousness expand within this space have that sense of opening to that bigger perspective of your life. It feels lighter, there is more flow, there is more energy. From there you send even more of your consciousness up, it moves out through the top of your head and through that thread of energy that connects you the human. You move straight into your divinity.

As you find yourself connecting to your divinity you feel as if not only do you merge with your soul essence, you then expand bigger and bigger as you allow your soul to be this vibration of who you are.

As you take this moment to merge fully and deeply with your divinity allow it to wash over you. Feel your energies expand, become the balanced essence of who you are.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out and embrace you. As I embrace your divinity, your consciousness, your humanity there is that sense of merging or expanding into the All That Is.

As you feel your presence within this space I always invite you to take time allowing yourself to just float within the space. Look around at what projects you might be working upon. Know that this is where you create changes and potentials within your life.

We have been speaking about vibration and we will do so again this evening. As we speak of vibration, it is getting to the very core essence of whatever is happening within your life. Everything has a vibration. Some things vibrate very, very, very slowly and some things vibrate very, very, very, very quickly.

My intention in speaking of the vibration is that it allows you to go to the very foundation of whatever that vibration is associated with. So when and we spoke of the vibration of love, it was manifesting love within your life, both as yourself, in relationships as how you see the world. What that did was, that triggered for some people an awareness that there was lack or there was distance when it came to love within their life. I, therefore, invited forgiveness.

When you speak of the vibration of forgiveness, you’re going right to the core of clearing out, of releasing, of letting go and once you do that, love, the vibration of love flows right within.

Our next step was about beauty. For people living their lives, you frequently would get into a rut and you might have a judgment about what your life is like, you might have a judgment around other people and experiences. When you focus on the vibration of beauty you’re focusing on the vibration of something that goes deeply, deeply within you and it creates a sense of well-being. If something is beautiful that means it is pleasing to the eye. If something is beautiful it opens up within you different things that cause you to feel compassion, love, awareness. Therefore, the vibration of beauty was taking that of letting go, where you did not feel a sense of receiving, into receiving through forgiveness, into expressing through the acknowledgment of beauty.

Now, this is something that we could go on for a year working with the vibration of everything that you are creating within your life. I have several ideas for what we might do this evening. However, I did want to also share that when you are working with vibration indeed because you go deep and you go beneath all of the energy that you might usually work with when you are manifesting it can bring that into your life, very, very quickly. It can bring it into your life without you first preparing for it just as the butterfly has to go to the whole process of coming out so that it’s wing can then support it.

Society has been trained that by going step by step by step through a particular experience you’re building up what you need to have within your life so that you can live that life. As you work with the vibration you might be skipping some of those steps because you go straight into the core or the essence of what you seek to have and then as it manifests very quickly for you, you may think “I’m not ready what do I need to do, what’s going to be my next step?”

The next step is about acceptance; however, the next step can also be about integration. I suppose one might say, acceptance and integration are the same thing but you can accept a particular situation. When you’re integrated within you, you are finding that balance that allows for you to live your life, to express whatever this may be and in doing so you have everything around you that fully supports you.

When you are in the higher vibrations there is so much less resistance. So another reason that people are able to manifest quickly is because you are living at the higher vibration and there’s an easier flow as you manifest.

If something comes into quickly or if it is not what you thought it would be then you can just as quickly release it, let it go, take that time you might need to process and then come back around transitioning into something that truly does support you.

I had this very humorous picture of people seeking to manifest something, they tap into that vibration, it’s here, “Oh no, that’s not what I want” let it go. “Here’s what I want”, It comes in, “Oh no, no, no, that’s not what I want” let it go. “Here’s what I want, oh no, no, no that’s not”. In part, everything that we do here in the All That Is and that you are doing in your higher self is this trial and error so that when it comes in in your physical reality it is in greater alignment with you as the person. That being said sometimes those things that have not manifested are because of that stop and start, stop and start in which you are fine-tuning what you might wish to have or if your ego is seeking one thing and your divinity is seeking another and they keep butting heads without finding a blend.

Tonight as we work with vibration, let us work with the vibration of acceptance. Indeed I had anticipated working with the vibration of abundance because that also is another flow, so it may be that we work with both of these this evening.

The vibration of acceptance means that you as the person, which includes your thoughts and your beliefs, your emotions, your physical reality and that spiritual energy of you the human, are all finding a vibrational alignment in which certain experiences manifest in a balanced way within your life.

The vibration of acceptance is a vibration that is stating to yourself and to the universe that this is what it is in this now moment.

When I work with people and perhaps they have been ill, perhaps they have been seeking something for a very long time or perhaps they just deeply, deeply, deeply in their heart of hearts want something in their life, it creates frustration within them. That frustration sends out a wave into the reality of their earth experience and that frustration and that wave sometimes can become a hindrance to other potentials.

The vibration of acceptance is more so about a reality check that this is where you are right now. You have deep frustration about something that you’ve wanted, perhaps a long, long time, so you bring that up and when you feel what that is inside of you and you ask to know or understand what the vibration is that you emanate chances are acceptance is not one of those words. It’s frustrated, angry, disappointed, hurt and if that is what you vibrate outward from you what manifest in is in alignment with the vibration of frustration and hurt or whatever it may be.

Therefore, take a moment and anything and everything that you’re just tired of wanting and not getting or that you’ve been seeking but remain elusive out here, just take everything in this now moment and shift it to the side.

For some of you, this is really deeply entrained within you. So take as much of it as you can and set it to the side.

Now, you as your divinity, the Angels, the light beings whatever assistance you may need will stand with you in this now moment and we invite the vibration of acceptance to flow through you.

For many of you it brings up a sense of balance and peace, for others of you it feels discordant and you don’t really know how to bring it in to your vibration, so if you can just close off your analytical mind for the moment, manifesting the vibration of acceptance as it flows through you. Now see if you have a different perception of what the vibration of acceptance is to you.

In some ways it’s as if you are opening up this door to your heart, “I accept that in this now moment……..” and you can answer it however you wish. You can look at it again. “I accept that I am mad as can be that I’ve never managed to manifest this in my life” and as you truly accept that vibration you will notice that it dissolved the frustration. “I accept that I thought my life was going to look completely different than what it does” and you let that flow through you. “I accept that I am disappointed” and you can let that move through you in whatever it is you might be disappointed within.

The more that you merge the vibration of acceptance with those things that you as yet have manifested it will neutralize them and it will dissolve.

The vibration of acceptance is a powerful, powerful tool that you can use within your life. The vibration of acceptance is not saying that, “Ok this is my life, I’m a failure it’s never going to be any different”. The vibration of acceptance is saying, in this now moment this is my reality.

As that neutralizes whatever it may be, you will begin to feel peaceful, you will begin to feel rebalanced, you’ll begin to feel love moving to you and into everything within and around you.

There are so many times within people’s lives that they refuse to accept something because they think if they accept it they are going to say then, “Ok, this is all right with me”. That is a big, big, big belief system that I would like to transform at this time ~ whew~ let it go. We are not accepting that it is okay, we are accepting that this is what it is.

The more that you accept whatever situations you may have within your life, you are acknowledging that “This is where I am at this date, at this time in my life”. This is like a little stamp saying, “Here it is. Here I am. I’m showing up, I’m acknowledging”. And then as you bring that vibration of acceptance, feel it. It’s like this sparkling tendency or this sparkling energy. It just goes through every bit of your energy field moving into you, moving into the nonphysical parts of you and as you allow the vibration of acceptance to merge with whatever it is that has been stuck within your life, it will dissolve and go away.

I know that I’ve said it before but I reiterate that as you continue to hold up the frustration of what you do not want in your life it becomes bigger and bigger and bigger, therefore as acceptance neutralizes whatever that may be it is always love that flows through you feeling in all of those spaces and with love you become empowered.

Breathe deeply the balanced energy of acceptance and love.

As acceptance moves through you, allow it to move through your thoughts and your beliefs so that those old beliefs that were telling you everything that you did not want to have in your life can be transformed and you transition it into what you do wish to have in your life. You let go the disappointment, you let go the past experiences and you start fresh from this now moment sending the vibration from you. With the foundation of love, the foundation of acceptance that you are who you are in this lifetime it flows from you and then you receive the like vibration back into your life.

As you integrate the vibration of acceptance into your emotions, are there certain emotions that just keep coming up again and again and again? Anger, sadness, disappointment, whatever it might be let any of those emotions just come up to consciousness in this now moment and allow acceptance to go into them. You are mad, you are sad, you are frustrated, allow acceptance to go into whatever those emotions, maybe. Let them go, let this vibration neutralize it so that they just go away and then breathe deeper the vibration of love.

Breathe the vibration of love.

Are you holding things in your physical body, in your joints, your organs, your skin, your tissues? If it is something that you’re holding onto allow acceptance to move through your physical body and whatever it is that you are experiencing so that it may neutralize whatever that is and then love fills up every organ, every cell, every bone, every tissue within you.

Your spiritual body is that which is where we are right now. As acceptance vibrates through this space it is also vibrating into your physical reality as that cushion of soul and divinity that is always there within and around you.

As you integrate acceptance within your life you are filled with love, you are empowered through the essence and the energy of who you truly are with a greater clarity of what you seek to have.

Feel the movement, feel the flow of what that is.

So often when people are outside of the vibration of acceptance they create the illusion that may be their life. Through this illusion you are projecting sometimes what you seek to have, sometimes what you wanted to have or sometimes what you want the world to think you have. And there is a difference when you work from the core essence through your divinity and you send out that vibration of what you seek to have in your life, that is the vibration with a profound energy.

When you are creating an illusion and you feel disconnected as if “Yes, this is what I want to have” but inside everything else is saying “No way is that going to happen. I don’t have the money, I don’t have a partner, I don’t have a job” so this is getting rid of all that illusion so that you may vibrate and create that with which you are in vibrational alignment.

Feel the difference, let that just begin to shine forth from you. Ah, it is beauty, it is love, it is balance. It is you expressing as acceptance. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

I invite you to come together as a group. As you manifest as this group, you see coming up within the center the hologram of the earth. As everybody sends that vibration of acceptance into this hologram consider the profound change that can create within the world… Uff, it can be immense. So each of you send the energy of acceptance within your own life and the vibration of acceptance howsoever it may be expressed. Send it into the hologram and then the Angels, the stars, the light beings are all here also sending that energy into the earth or into the hologram.

That part goes out into the universe creating the balance within the universe, the remainder goes down into the earth and as it goes through the magnetic grid of the earth it is clearing out anything that is outside of alignment with acceptance. It moves into the center of the earth anchoring within the center of the earth and then it reverses outward slowing back up through the many, many layers of the earth, through the surface of the earth and coming up through every person that is living upon the earth. It’s moving through the grass, the water, the trees, the flowers, is moving through everything upon the earth so that the vibration of acceptance creates its own transition not only in the collective consciousness but in every individual.

As all of that vibration integrates, you bring the rest of your consciousness back down within you. From your space upon the earth, you let your consciousness go back into the All That Is and it flows through the soul plane and your own divinity. It flows back through your higher self clearing out the vibrations that no longer serve you and it flows back down through your head center anchoring within and around you.

I invite you to just breathe gently and easily allowing acceptance to integrate in all the levels of you are allowing for love to integrate within that vibration of acceptance. Feel that flow as it moves through you strengthening and balancing who you are in this now moment.

As you walk through your days upon the earth you are becoming more and more in tune with who you are; your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions, your physicality. As you become in tune with yourself you clear out any sort of a facade that you may have. As you acknowledge anything that you may be feeling in this now moment or experiencing through accepting of whatever you have in that moment, it clears out the now moment, it clears out your potentials and it clears out the past. In all of these clearings what you do is create a new reality for yourself and then as you move forward, you are able to manifest what it is that you do want to have, you manifest what you seek not only from a very conscious level but from an unconscious level.

I, therefore, invite you to live in the now moment, to be in this acceptance and to be that true authentic person that you are.

Beloved family, I am always with you and within you.



» Source » Channel: Shelly Dressel