The Council: Meditation and Prayer

council of light eraoflightdotcomA question has been sent regarding meditation and prayer. We like very much the idea of prayer being the speaking with spirit and meditation being listening. We will address both of these in our answer. But the questioner wishes to know whom to address and we will speak to that, as well. The question is below.

“who should we be trying to talk to during meditation for guidance? Our spiritual guides, archangels, higher selves or Source(All That Is)?”


Let us look first at how you have been taught to pray. You have been told that you are sinners, unworthy in the sight of the Divine. Even the best life you can live will not make you acceptable. Only the following of specified teachings will save you from endless suffering and punishment. And even if you pray directly to your Creator, you, being such a wretch, must approach in fear and supplication.

We will not discuss why you have been taught these ideas, and we may offend some of you. But can you not see the inconsistency between this and “God is love?” How does it fit in with “made in the image of God?” Or how about “God is everywhere and in everything?”

Where are we heading with this? You are made in God’s image. God is everywhere. God made everything you can see. God is in all of it. Therefore, my dear friends, everything is divine. Everything is holy. There is not one living thing, one living person, who does not meet these rather broad qualifications.

It is reasonable, is it not, to say that a person addressing spirit and pointing out a desire or need might not be overstepping their bounds by ceasing to beg? How did your parents react when you begged for what you wanted? Would you imagine that a reasoned discourse would be better accepted?

Now, we are NOT saying that an old bearded guy on a cloud is being offended by your begging. We are trying to lead you to a point at which you can accept the power that you, in fact, are. Some of the most effective and powerful healers have learned that they may command healings to be done. To date, none of them have been hit by lightning.

You are not subject to the whims of the universe. You are participatory to its energy and power, co-creators.


When we say that meditating is listening, we by no means are saying that one should not ever address thoughts to the Divine during these times. It would just be understood better as moments of prayer during periods of meditation.

When we say that one listens during meditation, we do not mean that one should expect to hear a thunderous voice speaking to him or her from on high. There are untold numbers of methods of meditation. All of them are designed to put one in touch with the ever present field of energy that is the universe you live in. You may in fact hear a voice. But it is far more likely that you will develop expanded feeling, greater understanding, and a much changed way of dealing with life. You will learn a great many ways to listen that have nothing to do with your ears.
“who should we be trying to talk to?”

You mention guides, archangels, higher selves, and Source. Who do you feel most in touch with at the moment? What makes you comfortable? Do you imagine that when you talk to your guides that Source does not know what you are saying even before your thoughts are fully formed? Do you imagine that any of these have not the ability to hear you and every other and no need to prioritize their attention or response? They have no need to because they are without limits.

They are connected to everything, everywhere, always. You exist with the same connections. They know it. You do not. But as your consciousness expands, you will begin to remember those connections.

So speak with your guides. Speak with angels. In particular, learn to be on very close terms with your own divine self. Speak with Source. You cannot do it wrong. You cannot do it wrong. But we say that this is family. You are not addressing a lofty (in their own mind) human. Those whom you will address love you unconditionally. Examine what that means… unconditionally. It means no matter what you have done, said, thought, or felt. There are no ifs, no buts. You are loved. You will be met.

Listen with your hearts.

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