Archangel Michael and Lord Melchizedek: The Gift of the Third Eye

collective masters eraoflightdotcomWhen you look through your eyes, you see things in colour and from their physical aspect: whether they are solid or liquid, living or non-living, large or small, hard or soft and so on. On the physical plane, things and people are as you see them; however, if you could view them as energy, what would they see?

People who are psychic can see energy with their psychic sense, which is their ‘third’ eye and mostly when their physical eyes are closed. The third eye connects to the world energetically and picks up what normal eyesight cannot. When viewed through the Third Eye, a human body comes to life with moving patterns and colours of energy that can be felt by the person in terms of fatigue, illness, joy, sadness etc. but which may be held in the bodies outside of the physical one. What is held in the emotional, mental and spiritual, or causal, bodies greatly affects the physical body but is much more difficult to find by a medical practitioner.

The world of energy is the invisible layer that can often be felt but not seen; everything in the world is energy that holds a certain vibration of light that affects the people and environment around it in either a positive or negative way. Words, thoughts, actions, body language, colours, sounds, plants, food… the vibration of energy emitted and the intention behind it can either uplift or depress, heal or harm, relax or cause tension, delight or anger. While a smile can be seen by the eyes, the energy emitted from that simple action can be felt by the recipient as warmth, feelings of comfort or inclusion. It will feel light, make you feel happy and raise your own energy to a higher state. In stark contrast, if someone says something to you or even about you that is derogatory, unfair and unkind, or scowls at you in an angry way, the vibration of the energy they are sending you is much lower, darker and may stay with you a lot longer because of its attacking nature. Both of these actions, one positive and the other negative have entered your aura and are now attached to your energetic bodies. Low, attacking energy can cause an emotional response such as grief, emotional hurt, anger or fear. You may then get a physical response such as an increased heart rate, a headache or nausea and your mind may spend a lot of time going over and over what the person said, causing an anxious mental state. The trauma is held in the mental and emotional bodies but is evoking a physical response which is reverberating through, but not originating, in your physical body.

The gift of the third eye is to see energy outside of the physical body so that it can be healed. Those who can see through the Brow Chakra can see the spirit who is keeping you awake in the house, the angel who is guiding you, the dark energy that is left after a violent event or the pink aura of love around a newly married couple. They can see the aura of a sick plant and feel into it to know what it needs or the tunnel into the past that is attached to your aura twenty years later. To see with the Third Eye is called clairvoyance and those who have mastered its use are masters indeed.

Those of you who are empathic must learn to shield and protect yourself from absorbing heavy or negative energy on a daily basis. It is imperative because, for the uninitiated, unaware or unenlightened, a build-up of discordant energy can lead to mental and emotional instability that can be linked to domestic violence and even terrorism, if left uncleared for a long period of time. The best way to clear unsolicited energy from your aura and chakras is to call upon any archangel to clear it and send it to the Creator’s light – never send dark or unwanted energy back to the sender (if known) because that will just make the situation karmic and more negative. Other reliable ways to clear your energy fields are with white light in meditation; by physically sweeping it out of your aura; with sacred geometry; with certain crystals; and with focused, clear intention.

We ARE AA Michael and Lord Melchizadek.


» Source » Channel: Victoria Cochrane