Mother God: Hope is Here

gateway of light eraoflightdotcomGood day children, this is your Mother God speaking. I enwrap you in my golden arms of love, of light. Breathe me in, children and be encouraged, be transformed by the newness of the day and be infused with hope.

For hope is here, children, and you are it. Truly the dawning of the new era is being well established. You who are on the ground have a different perspective than we, the COH, do, but that is as it should be and that is why you are so vitally important! We need your perspective, your experience, as an integral part of this puzzle piece, and you are doing marvelously. Yes you are tired, yes your bodies are being stretched to new points and new modes of operation, but rather than think of all of the discomforts you have right now, think instead of a good old fashioned morning stretch. This usually accompanies a deep fulfilling yawn, does it not? A breath. Breathe me in and let me lend my mettle into stretching your bodies yet even more. Your precious bodies are coming along for this ride of I would say the century, but it is much more than that. No, this is the experience that you have been chomping at the bit for eons to experience, and it is quite a new experience to be had.

Climb in my golden lap, of pure love and light. Sit with me. Be with me. Nestle into me and be. Rest. The banquet table stretches in front of us as far as you can see. The party has started in many places and we are so happy that you are holding the light so well, reading our transmissions, doing your meditative exercise, expanding into more love. I am your Mother God. Peace children. Peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl