Anna Von Reitz: The US Citizen Blues

eraoflight awakenLet’s make it clear that while you persist in calling yourself a “US Citizen” and acting “as” a US Citizen, you are laboring under a number of profound disadvantages. “US Citizens” have no access to the Constitutions nor to their guarantees and never have had. The political status of a “United States Citizen” (Territorial) and also that of “Citizen of the United States” (Municipal) was created by the Constitutions, and therefore, obviously, people adopting either one or both of these political status obligations are NOT Parties to the Constitutions. By definition.

The most “US Citizens” have is a promise of “Equal Civil Rights” which gets suspended during “National Emergencies”— and so far as the corporations in DC are concerned, they are in a near-constant “state of emergency” as a result of their own mismanagement.

Some specific rights, like the right to Habeas Corpus, have even been suspended by Executive Order of the Commander in Chief since 1863. So there are numerous exceptions where even when there isn’t a “national emergency”, US Citizens are denied truly Equal Civil Rights.

The point is — what Congress gives, the Congress — or the President — can take away. Why? Because “Civil Rights” are privileges conferred by the “Civil Government” — that is, the Municipal Government of the United States. They have nothing to do with the “Natural and Unalienable Rights” that Americans are heir to.

US Citizens cannot own land in this country, with the result that they are considered tenants not landlords, and in all cases where US Citizens have homes or land in this country, they have only tenant rights.

If they are Territorial Citizens, the Municipal Government acts as landlord. If they are Municipal Citizens, the Territorial Government acts as landlord. And in no case do the US Citizens actually own anything. They are “presumed” to be “residing” here on a temporary basis, providing governmental services to us, the “missing” Americans. House-sitters, in other words.

United States Citizens are subject to statutory law and function as Legal Fiction Persons. They cannot access the Public Law or even The Law of Peace which the military is obligated to give us (AR 27-161-1).

Municipal Citizens of the United States and their slaves known as “citizens of the United States” are also taxpayers by definition. They, too, are all legal fiction PERSONS.

So there is no advantage to claiming to be a “US Citizen” of either stripe and never has been.

Except for getting a federal paycheck and other payola, there is no reason that any American in their right mind would ever knowingly or willingly choose to be considered a “US Citizen”.

Since the US Citizens are all Taxpayers by definition, and Federal Corporations in DC have had a mighty motivation to count everyone in sight as “US Citizens” and to make it difficult for the rest of us who are not employed by the “Federal Government” to (1) claim our birthrights and (2) live in a militaristic society dominated by our employees and all their regimentation.

Nonetheless, unless they wish to be declared in open rebellion and guilty of committing treason and violation of international law and risk having their assumed commercial contracts voided, the corporations in DC are obligated to recognize your claim of either American State National status (no obligation to any government, except to keep the peace and cause no harm) or American State Citizen (involved in staffing the actual State Government you are owed).

The specific Offices responsible for recognizing your correct political status are: The United States Secretary of State, and The United States Attorney General’s Office, and right after them, The United States Secretary of the Treasury.

On the local level, the State of State Governors, the State Secretaries of State, the State Attorney Generals, the Commissioners of the Departments of Natural Resources, and the District Attorneys are all obligated to recognize and provide the protections of your American State National and/or American State Citizen political status.

And to a man, they religiously fail to do so and get away with this “neglect” because nobody is claiming their rightful political status as Americans and nobody is holding them accountable.

Now, obviously, most Americans are not aware that they have been “presumed upon” and misidentified as US Citizens. They have gone about their lives thinking, “Well, of course, I am an American! Any fool can see that!” — but “Misery Loves Company” and the members of Congress are an odd mix of clueless and criminal and they are greedy for tax dollars and power— with the result that you have been systematically misidentified as a “volunteer” and as a “US Citizen”.

What are you going to do about it? Well, first of all, you need to know who and what you are and the fact that your nationality is determined by your place of birth on Earth. You were born within the borders of an American State, on its land and soil, and by definition you are an American, not a “US Citizen”.

Your physically defined State is your Nation. You are a Texan, a Wisconsinite, a New Yorker…. that is your nationality, and more generally, you are an American.

Anyone who says differently is “mis-characterizing” you and is guilty of crime. This is a crime under the Geneva Conventions. Anyone who presumes that you are a “US Citizen” is “impersonating” you, because all “US Citizens” are merely “Legal Persons” — having no ability to function as recognizable physical entities. Impersonation is a crime, too. So is kidnapping, inland piracy, and conspiracy against the Constitutions.

The people making these false claims against you, to the effect that you are a “US Citizen”, can literally hang for it. That’s why, when you bring it to their attention, they should all be very cordial and eager to recognize the fact that you are not and, in most cases, never were, any form of “US Citizen”.

Unfortunately, some of them are intent upon securing tax revenue and claims of oppressive power over the American People — like “Draft Boards” — and they will try to bluff and bully you into “accepting” the status of “US Citizen” even though you are not getting a paycheck from their corporations. They will even try to enforce citizenship obligations upon you as a “contractual obligation”.

And this is where you must have your own ducks in order, because they have been plotting against you since your own babyhood and have been collecting “evidence” that you are a “US Citizen”, beginning with a Birth Certificate issued by the local British Territorial Government franchise operating as a “State of State”.

Ironically, this document, the BC, is also the primary evidence against them.

Once you prove via affirmed Witness Testimony in the Form of an Affidavit (two Witnesses needed) that you are the man or woman whose birth occurred on your birth day and at that place and of that parentage, it is also apparent that you were a baby at the time they snatched you away from your natural and native jurisdiction on the land and human trafficked you into their foreign jurisdiction on the sea.

The Birth Certificate is evidence of crime, the least of which is “unconscionable” contracting practices by the Territorial Government — which is why when you bring it forward to the District Attorneys and the State Secretary of State and say the Magic Words, the doors welcoming you home should swing open wide and any troubles that you have with THEM should disappear like morning fog.

And if not, you go straight to the US Secretary of State and demand recognition as an American State National and/or American State Citizen.

Be aware, you cannot enjoy your birthright as an American and also claim that you are any kind of “US Citizen”. This would allow the employees of foreign corporations to take over our land and soil and destroy our country — and not just on paper. This is why our States do not allow Dual Citizenship.

So as the saying goes, “Use it or Lose it”. Claim it, or color it gone.

Write that letter to the State-of-State Secretary of State and fully inform him or her that you are claiming your birthright political status and that you are acting as a Lawful Person and that you expect to be recognized as an American, not a US Citizen of either kind.

Send a copy to the State-of-State Attorney General, the Governor, the DNR Commissioner, and the US Secretary of State. For good measure, send a copy to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Explain your political status and the dirty trick that has been played on you and millions of other innocent Americans by their own employees. Demand recognition of your true political status and release from all presumptions of “US Citizen” status.

Tell them forthrightly that you are a peaceable Texan (or Minnesotan or….) owed the Law of Peace from the military and the full force of the Constitutions and that you do not “voluntarily” accept any presumptions otherwise.

If you are angry, you have a right to be angry. This entire country and its people have been outrageously imposed upon and abused by both the British Monarchs and the Popes, and all the while they have been prattling on about the importance of “Law” while they have been breaking it. And also seeking to weasel out of their treaties and commercial contracts.

Hold them feet first to the fire by all means making them accountable — morally, commercially, and internationally for the harm they have done to you and to your country.

But it all begins with realizing that you are NOT a “US Citizen”, establishing your claim to your birthright status on the public record, learning to use the evidence effectively against them, and using both lawful and legal process against them should they offer any resistance to your claims.

In short order — what must you do to establish your identity and enforce your birthrights as an American?

1. Secure multiple certified copies of the Birth Certificate that was issued in your name.

2. Secure at least two competent affirmed Witness Testimonies in the Form of an Affidavit identifying you (your photo) at your current address as “the” man or woman whose birthday, birth place and parentage are recorded on the BC.

3. Do the Paperwork to formally give Notice of the return your Lawful Name to the land and soil of your birth state, etc.

4. Learn the Spiel and learn who to give it to— the DA’s, the State of State Secretaries of State, the US Attorneys, the District Attorneys, and anyone having anything to do with the court system.

5. “There has been a mistake….. ”

6. Present the “Mandatory Notice” required by the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

7. Present (if the situation warrants it) a Notice of Liability, making it clear that each Office-Holder is personally responsible and accountable.

8. Acknowledgement and Acceptance: “I know you are operating under the 1934 Amendment to the Trading with the Enemy Act and I accept that you can’t speak about it thanks to 18 USC 472 and I duly accept your Oath of Office– but I can speak about it. I am not any form of US Citizen and not an “Enemy” within the jurisdiction, meaning, or intent of that Act, and I am serving Notice to you in both your official and personal capacity that I am an American and that I claim and hold my birthright political status on the land and soil of this country as a Lawful Person and I have returned from any presumption that I am “over the sea”.

9. Action: “I wish for my true political status as an American State National to be recognized now and forever afterward by my loyal employees and I wish you to take whatever action is necessary to sort out the paperwork and spread the news of my return so that: (1) my name is placed on a do not detain list, (2) a proper ID not related to any “Driver License” is issued’, (3) any property listed under my NAME is removed from the Tax Rolls, (4) all pending Territorial or Municipal Court actions related to my name are expunged and eliminated; (5) any “federal” liens or garnishments premised on the idea that I ever was a federal employee, volunteer, or citizen issued against my name are removed.”

10. Guarantee: “It is my intent to live my life at peace as a Lawful Person, to uphold the Constitutions and the Public Law, and I do not propose to judge, blame, or harm anyone. I am here to claim what is mine, no more, no less, and to enforce the treaties, commercial contracts, and guarantees I am owed.”

Is this situation clear enough, even for the boneheads among us?

When you actually work for the Federal Government, you are obligated to act as a “US Citizen”, when you are an “immigrant” in process of becoming naturalized, when you are a “dependent” of a Federal Employee, when you are claiming political asylum in the United States from another country, when you are knowingly and willingly occupying a federal political office, when you are knowingly and willingly acting as an officer of a federally chartered corporation— in all those situations, you are obligated to act as a “US Citizen”, but otherwise, you are under no such obligation and under no such political status— unless you continue to claim such political status out of ignorance.

And absent a paycheck, etc., what other reason could there ever be for an American to adopt “US Citizenship”? Why would you give up your Natural and Unalienable Rights for here-again-there-again “Civil Rights”? Why would you agree to tax yourself (voluntarily) for up to 60% of your earnings? Why would you subject yourself to more than 80,000 million statutory laws? Why would you give up your property rights and assets? And live as a “tenant” on your own land? Why would you ever knowingly agree to any of this?

You wouldn’t.

This has been a totally unconscionable contracting process imposed upon you from Day One. Now that you are an adult, it’s time to wake up and take action in your own behalf and the sooner the better.


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