Archangel Metatron: The Return Into The Glory Of Light

eraoflight awakenExit from the world of shadows

We are exiting the world of shadows and rising up into the light. The transformation of the earth is inevitable, and the metamorphosis of mankind is in process. But why are you having doubts?


I am amongst you now, today and forever. Your doubts will dissolve in my light, and you become loving through my love.

Beloved human,

Your long journey through space and time is coming to an end. The days of the shift have long dawned. The world is upside down – literally. Everything seems reversed, and old paradigms that used to give you a sense of stability and safety are dissolving into thin air.

This time of transition demands two things of you:

A) A clear and unclouded vision of WHAT IS.
B) An imperturbable trust in ALL-THAT-IS.

This points to having faith in God, and it is the only way to get through this time and keep perspective on all levels.

This inner connection with God, the source of all glory, is the best anchor. And this anchor that hasn’t been placed by many people yet.

This is why I invite you to spend the upcoming days, weeks and months exclusively with strengthening your faith in God and minimizing your doubts – until they dissipate completely.

The significance of “coincidences”

There is a simple and effective method for this. Pay more attention to “coincidences” in your life! “Coincidences” only exist in the sense that something “co-incides” with you, something comes to you that is meant to reach you.

Your entire life is full of divine synchronicities. God’s guidance is imparted to you every step you take and every move you make, and it is solely up to you to be aware of that.

Once you discover that absolutely every event, every encounter and every experience in your life is happening “co-incidentally”, your days on earth get an entirely new quality.

As a next step, try to find out why this or that happened in your life, why this or that occurred.

It is an exciting task to get to the bottom of those  “co-incidents” that are governed by God and aspired by your soul, and to decipher their hidden messages.

Connect the dots, and if you don’t know how, ask for help! Everything is given to you, always.

Through this way of life, your trust in ALL-THAT-IS, your faith in God, is strengthened. That way you are able to draw profound understanding from this time.

The power of your inner connection with God is the key to whether you stay oriented or get swayed by events like a leaf in the wind.

The return into the glory of light is in process! And it is crucial these days to overcome the mighty and seemingly invincible shadows.

Illusions are big, but the truth is bigger – as soon as you are ready for it!

A new energy is emerging!

A new energy is emerging. It is the power and the light from the core of all being, beginning to dissolve all illusions – and the shadows must yield.

And in the midst of the greatest turmoil and ongoing shifts, the mightiest and most loving stream of divine grace flows into your heart.

You are sheltered in the arms of God, you are held and loved by your creator.

What is it that still makes you doubt, when really you should be integrating this truth?

In this message I have given you a tool to help you get rid of your doubts. Use it in your daily life, find your way to God, so that your marriage with the source of light and love, grace and wisdom, power and glory can be sealed.

Don’t be afraid!

Never before has this appeal been more essential, and more and more people are internalizing this. You are consecrated to God and absolutely entrusted to his care on all your endeavors.

Fully give yourself over to God and devote yourself entirely – then your life will be one big wonderful coincidence.

This time will pass. But you will persist, and you will return into the glory of light.

I love you endlessly.



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl