The Pleiadians: The Chord of Light and DNA Activations

the pleaides eraoflightdotcom.jpgYou hold the history of the universe within your physical body. What is occurring upon the planet now is the literal mutation of your physical body, for you are allowing it to be evolved to a point where it will be a computer that can house this information.

This is going to occur due to biogenetic engineering that really has nothing to do with you. You can facilitate the process, of course, by intending cooperation with it. As a species, you are being biogenetically altered by the beings who created you and who redesign your DNA at periodic junctures in your history.

This time period was designed by the original creator gods or project designers for them to come back and take over this place and return it to its original plan. Millions have been called to participate in this project. Millions have said, “Yes, we are renegades. Let us go and take back this project and see if we can set it right. We will rebuild the ruins and put it together.”

So the plans have been drawn and the designs made and the genetics studied to find who carries the recessive genes and the chord of light inside them. You have selected with great clarity the parentage that genealogically provides you with the fullest accessibility to combinations of light-encoded filaments that can potentially evolve.

Before you came into the body, all of you committed to designing events that would fire your codings, or blueprints that would activate your memories. Then you came into the body and you forgot. All of you have had your blueprints and codings fired to some extent because you understand that there is a divine purpose or Divine Plan that you are a part of. The firing of the codings and the realization of your identity are going to become phenomenally intense. The reason for this is the evolving DNA. When you have twelve helixes of DNA in place, those helixes will begin to plug into the twelve-chakra system.

The twelve chakras are vortex centers loaded with information that you must be able to translate. You are evolving yourself even when you are not on the planet and you are perhaps more involved with other identities of yourself. Therefore, to evolve, you pick particularly challenging situations in which you have to rise beyond what has been established as a ceiling or boundary of what is possible. You have to become super beings in whatever reality you enter because, as members of the Family of Light, the branch of renegades, this is your forte. You purposely came to this planet to give yourself such a challenge so that you could be defiant-not in a way that would give you problems or create disharmony, but in a way that would create harmonic defiance. Through your harmony, you are defiant toward the old vibrational frequency.

Part of the friction you feel with others is that you are on this path of evolution and bursting forth. Others don’t like this because they are not coded at this time to respond the way you are. Some people are not coded at all for this. Some knew the plan of change and came here at this time to be observers. Some timid beings came here knowing that if they had the courage to step onto this planet- while realizing what the blueprint of the planet was-that somehow this would be an accreditation of their own conscious journey and would catapult them into higher consciousness even if their only participation in the transition was simply to be here.

Just to be in the vicinity of this kind of activity is empowering. So give due credit to all who are on the planet at this time who have decided to be participants in this great frequency change. All of these participants are necessary, because the more frequencies that are on the planet, the more energy that can build to alter the old frequency. Those who have opened themselves to light are literally having their bodies rearranged. Sometimes you may wake up at night and literally feel the rearrangement. This rearrangement of the body is the restructuring of the DNA.

Your DNA is a filament; a scientist would describe it as a connective filament. Scientists, doing the best they can up to this point, have found certain codings within certain portions of the DNA. They have also found superfluous portions of the DNA. In other words, there are portions that they cannot translate or figure out, so they think these portions of the DNA are just there for the ride, and they call them “junk DNA.” They are off track.

We have talked about how all of you were built by the creator gods. You were built like houses that were going to be expanded or added on to in the future. You are now at that juncture when those who designed you are adding on to who you are. What the scientists call “junk DNA” has been dormant in your body for a long time, and it is now becoming activated. In our teachings, we always emphasize the importance of oxygenation, because oxygen feeds the coding and awakens the junk DNA in your body (which certainly isn’t junk at all).

What scientists are calling “junk” houses the perceptions deep inside of your body that will allow you to become an entire perceiver, a fourth-dimensional being. This awakening DNA will allow you to change your eyesight, change your hearing, increase your life span, and so on. This dormant part of the DNA that has baffled the scientists is now coming to life.

You are mutating so quickly now that certain scientists call the process a disease. Some are very concerned about it. They have persuaded the government to invest billions of dollars to research DNA. What is occurring in your body is certainly not a disease: you are being naturally mutated and rearranged. This mutation occurs most often while you are sleeping, so you may be waking up in the mornings noticing that something feels a little different in your body. You can expect that the changes will begin to show themselves and that you will develop new abilities. You will automatically know many things.

The original designers of the human body were benevolent beings. These original creator gods were very generous in endowing you biogenetically with a tremendous vitality of spirit and a tremendous zest of capability. Much of this information is stored within your body in the light-encoded filaments that are scattered and are coming back into alignment. Your bones and skeletal form correspond with that information. When your skeletal form is in alignment, the energy from sacred power sites is released, the cosmic rays are pulled into your body, and the light-encoded filaments inside your cells begin to reorder themselves, you will find that you are in the change. The change will be mirrored to you everywhere you look.

The present evolutionary system designed by the creator gods to step you up a number of dimensions or frequencies is based upon the evolution of the twelve helixes that correspond to the twelve chakra centers-seven within your body and five outside your body. This is simply the way the system plugs in. With respect to the evolution of the helixes within the human body, a common denominator frequency must be attained that even those in the lowest possible stations can reach.

There are also those humans who could go beyond the twelve helixes. In general, however, the state of consciousness of humanity cannot achieve that kind of acceleration. It is enough of a leap for people to go from a double-helix system to a twelve-helix system.

Some people will be functioning with the twelve helixes within a short period of time, while others around the planet will not receive this shift until later in the decade. This is simply because each individual is coded to be given the frequency when they are capable of integrating it. Many are already having a difficult time integrating the changes at this early stage of the plan. A large majority of the humans on Earth have convinced themselves that there is only one reality and there can be no other. This could be the downfall of the human race.

As the helixes come into full force in a person, there is an awakening of the person’s inner knowledge, knowledge that goes beyond what the person has been taught. This inner knowledge is knowledge of self, knowledge that says there is much more than this physical world. Believe it. Know it. Understand it.

The physical world is a clue to the spiritual world. The world of spirit and self- evolution is on the verge of an information explosion: cheap energy, free energy-everything will be given to you. All of this is related to the evolving light-encoded filaments, which are millions and billions of tiny little fibers.

As we related the story to you, the raiding creator gods who came in and took over needed to have you operate in a certain way in order to control you. They needed to unplug your intelligence, and so they did, by scattering and disconnecting the light-encoded filaments that form the helixes in your DNA. These filaments are now beginning to reconnect into helixes. The helixes will evolve in sets of three until there are twelve strands, or helixes. When these twelve helixes or strands of many light-encoded filaments begin to vibrate within the body, each of the strands will correspond to a chakra center.

There are multitudes of chakra centers, and there are multitudes of potential helixes that can form. Right now, the common denominator with respect to the number of helixes and chakras that the consciousness of humanity can handle without destroying itself is twelve. So we are dealing right now with an evolvement of twelve helixes to plug into the twelve chakras as mentioned before, seven chakras in the body and five chakras outside the body. The seven chakras in the body are not too difficult to work with because, if you allow yourself to feel, you can physically touch and locate all of them. The first three are the chakras of survival, sexuality, and perceptual feeling. The fourth chakra is the heart-center of compassion and connectedness to all things. The fifth is the throat chakra, which relates to speaking. The sixth is the third eye, the vision. The seventh is the crown chakra, which opens to the knowing that one’s identity goes beyond the physical form. When you get to the five outside of the body, you must begin to find new ways to figure out what is going on with something that you don’t even know for sure is real.

The eighth chakra is within your realm of activity. It hovers twelve inches or more above your head. Most people keep the eighth chakra center close to their physical body. The ninth chakra is close as well, within a few feet of the body. Once nine helixes are formed, this chakra will move out into the atmosphere of Earth to become more of an Earth chakra, connecting into the gridwork. It is a link.

The tenth, eleventh, and twelfth chakras are much further out. The tenth chakra, once it is in line and plugged in, will be in your solar system. The eleventh chakra will move out into your galactic system, and the twelfth will be located and anchored some place in this universe.

You will receive information from these personal centers, for they are collective centers as well, just as your other personal chakra centers are collective centers. As you learn to translate the chakra experiences, you will discover that life is not the same anymore.

Not all people on the planet are going through these changes right now, because you are not all coded to respond at this particular time. Each of you came in with a certain order-a map of when and where and how you best operate. Many of you are learning how to follow this plan of the self that will lead you to discover your exalted self. Once you learn how to do this, life will become quite effortless because you will become a vehicle for light and you will be moved just by your intention to commit.

Different humans will be exposed to these changes at different times because it would not do to have them occur all at once. This would create chaos, where a certain order is needed. As an individual goes through the changes and translates the experience, they can turn to someone to assist them who has already gone through the changes. For those of you who are the beginning people, the process can be very difficult. You are the way showers. Once you are able to go through the changes, you can make the path and show others. There are road maps that indicate certain events that can occur if you wish to plug into those gridworks of time. The greater commitment you have in every moment to your own evolution, the sooner the changes will occur for the last person.

There was a time when the human species occupied higher dimensional frequencies and you had the ability to move through realities and manipulate matter. Many of these abilities were purposely scattered by those beings who are in charge of your reality. You must understand that every reality has its guardians and that there are different stewardships and guardians at different times.

We are using the term guardian in a neutral fashion. You use the term guardian for someone who is protective. We will say that a guardian is in charge of reality and that perhaps they guard it from others; they don’t let others come in and change their reality. Guardians, as we are referring to them, are not necessarily benevolent, uplifting entities. The entities who are guarding your reality could be keeping out those entities who would set you free.

You have forgotten so much because you were retooled, and many of your inherent abilities were scattered and unplugged so that they would not work. Control came down over minds in your society. There are veils of protection that were put around Earth, because if you were to attempt to plug into some of this information, you would not have the tools or the background or the ability to make sense of these realities.

Now the whole planet is immersed in expanding realities. In order to go into these other realities, you will first need to explore very deeply your own reality. There is no time to have twenty years of psychoanalysis. You have to develop skills and abilities within a few hours that will allow you to travel a few decades in your own emotional evolution. You are going to have to travel the emotional highway, because the human body expresses itself through the emotions. That is the uniqueness and gift of your species.

First you will need to open the emotional highways to areas that you have hidden from yourself in this particular lifetime. Memories may flood in as this data is lined up inside you, memories about events that were difficult for you at the time or perhaps that you did not have a context for. Some of you may uncover the events of extraterrestrial contact that all of you had when you were children. Some of you may uncover expressions of sexuality that you did not understand at the time you were involved in them, whether you were a passive or an active participant. Such things have been buried by the human emotional body because it is very sensitive to judgment, and the mental body passes tremendous judgment. The emotional body, linked to the spiritual body, hides from this.

You all think you know who you are. You have stories of who you are based upon what you remember of growing up in this lifetime. What we want to communicate to you is that you have a number of parallel, legitimate existences that have different memories than you have. You stopped these memories or didn’t focus on the related events because your emotional body could not compute them.

Much of what you will tap into is tied to your sexuality because it is a part of yourself that you have not understood and that you must go into in order to understand its purpose. What is sexuality all about? Who made these rules about the appropriate and inappropriate expression of it? Also coming up for you will be the realization of the contacts and energy that were continuously around many of you when you were younger to teach you; you blocked out these events because you were not given the support to believe they truly occurred.

As you begin this multidimensional exploration, the memories that you have hidden from yourself will come forward. You will be astounded that you could have completely forgotten whole events and large chunks of your life, especially events that occurred when you were under twelve years old. You will be amazed when you explore the ability of the nervous system to shut down the flow of data that the mind cannot compute. And yet, the records are there, so you will replay them. You now will have the ability to compute many of these things because you will learn to be neutral and not to judge what you have participated in.

As you explore your current body, identity, and lifetime, do it quickly. You do not have years to study them. As the information in your DNA is retooled and replugged in, you will be able to feel how the events from this life connect and blossom and have a thread of purpose with many different places that you have lived and many different identities that you have occupied.

Ideally, you will move out of judgment, and because of that you will be able to pick up the story of what really happened here, which you will experience firsthand through cellular memory. The only way you can step into this higher frequency and determine the future of your lives on this planet is to not judge your participation within this process. This is very complex and very important: feel what we just said. This process involves smashing the existing paradigm and becoming a heretic of reality. You will begin to understand that a legitimate, real existence has simply been hidden from you. It is imperative that you begin to remember who you are.

You are not alone. You could not do this alone. Even when we say to you that you are the standard bearer of your soul, there are other aspects of yourself that have figured the story out and are coming back into your time period to create this vortex of energy that is going to affect all realities. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of these times and the excitement and joy of what they hold-as long as you are willing to change.

If you are not willing to change and not willing to give things up, you will have to go through experiences that will be less than joyful. All of you will have certain things you may not want to give up. That may be the difficulty, for each of you has your area of clutching and clinging. And yet, each of you came to do something here so that you could get on with your travels and with what your soul is craving to experience. It is as if you have unfinished business here. The veil for many of you was pulled down very tightly so that you would not fly away and say, “What am I doing here again? I’m out of here!”

Those of you who understand the higher realms have many times felt very alone here upon the planet. There are millions like you here at this time, forming a tremendous support group. You are beginning to meet and find one another, and you are beginning to thread your consciousness-one fine silk strand with other strands of consciousness. You will see a most beautiful creation come together without great effort because it is part of a plan and you are moved to do certain things.

The whole planet has been controlled in such a way that you have been taught and trained from the time you first arrived here that you are not in control of your own reality. You have been taught that everything is circumstantial and that everything depends on something you have no say in. This is wrong! You are the one who controls your DNA.

You have complete control over everything. Until you discover that and believe it, you are subjected to whatever anyone else wishes to do to you in this free-will zone. And, in your innocence, you have been exposed to things that have allowed your DNA, your intelligence, and many other things to be controlled.


» Book: Bringers of the Dawn » Channel: Barbara Marciniak