Quan Yin: Enlightened Support

quan yin eraoflightdotcomDear Hearts,

We are in the midst of unprecedented experiences of enlightened support infusing into our reality. Transformation is happening in everyone’s bodies. There are far more powers occurring in our bodies than have ever been available to us before. There are more people jumping for joy in their powers than ever have been in their bodies before.

We are channeling each other’s powers. We are shifting enlightenment into everything in our reality. We are channeling the support into every experience in our world. We are supporting each other continuously in this power structure of consciousness, in connection to Source. We change everyone in this powerful support system. We enlighten in continuous acceleration. We continuously enlighten each other. Amma.

There are magnificent support systems growing in everyone’s bodies. There are powers channeling into everyone’s experience. There are supports in everyone’s experience. There are enlightening possibilities awakening for everyone’s bodies. It is growing for you. It is grounding in you. It is challenging you to transform into new exciting possibilities beyond your greatest capacities to comprehend.

Take the time to enlighten each other by saying yes to this power. Take the time to power up the Earth. Say yes to that! Give help to this planetary experience, and challenge yourself to transform this planet.

It is easier than ever to create transformation here. It is more exciting than ever to be enlivening this Earth.

It is easier to experience enlightened support in your heart than ever. Your planet is enlightening everyone. Your life force is transforming this Earth. Notice the shift. And let yourself be magnificent in this power, in every experience.

Thank the Gods for this Enlightened Support System. And thank the hearts that are enlightening each other, in continuous acceleration. Amma. Thank the Gods for this transformation. And continuously connect to Source.

Let the transformation continuously accelerate. Amma.


» Source » Channel: Laura Lee Lizak