Heavenletters: Have a Heart

heavenletters eraoflightdotcomGod said:

How much focus there has been on imperfection. How much attention have you put on imperfection? You have perhaps specialized in it. Imperfection may be the subject of your every thought, your imperfection, others’ imperfection, the imperfection of the world! Endless has been your focus on imperfection. What an expert you have become!

What would happen if you genuinely changed your focus?

Light would happen!

Love would happen!

Peace would happen!

What if you welcomed yourself and others to your heart? What if you saw without hindsight? What if you were okay? What if you accepted yourself and blessed yourself? Then it would be easier to accept and bless others, and so you would be twice blessed.

It is easy to find fault. There is no lack of fault to find in the relative world. Yet, why would you be interested in fault? How does fault-finding make you feel?

There is always a down-side. When people are this, they are not that. Why do people have to be either this or that? What does your mind say?

Have a heart, beloveds. Have a heart for yourself and see how others bloom.

Look on life as you look at a garden. Sure, there may be weeds. Sure, the soil may be dry. Well, then, water the garden. Nourish it. Nourish it with your thoughts about it. What are you looking at, and why are you?

Take our children. They are everything they are, and they are not what they are not. Love them, and what will they be? What can they not be, nourished by your love.

Criticism is a dime a dozen. Everyone is a champion at it. Be a champion at something else. Become a cheerleader.

Most of all, everyone does not have to be like you. You are not so pleased with yourself either. We could safely say that you are hard to please. What if you were easy to please, what then?

What if everything is okay the way it is? What if you do not have to fix anything? What if you do not have to fix the world! When you do not feel impelled to fix the world, you are admirably letting go of control. What are you controlling anyway when it is hard to control yourself?

Let go of control. Let go of the need for control. Life has a mind of its own. You can let life be.

If life is a soup, you can stir it. You can add spices to it. You can serve it with love. You can enjoy it.

What you can do with soup, you can do with life.

Specialize in serving life. You are not to turn your nose up at it. You are to welcome it. Become your own best booster, and you will lift the world. You will raise it. You are raising the world. You are bringing it up. Lift the world high. You are indeed serving the world and you are serving the world to all others. What else is there for you to do?

You may think that all you do is to go to work or clean the house or pick up after others and yourself. And, yet, these are not your purpose. You have a much higher purpose.

It is incumbent upon you to serve the world. With every breath you take, you are serving the world. Serve it well. Serve it majestically. And serve the world to yourself with all credit to the world and yourself and to Me. Serve in the spirit of giving. If everyone served, there would be no need of taking or keeping or keeping anything away from you.


» Source » Channel: Gloria Wendroff