Message from Crystals of the Ascended Dragon World: Crystal Energies

dragons eraoflightdotcomHello friends, we are the crystals of the ascended dragon world! Neon bright, spinning light, ground the Christed blazing light into your energy field. We will assist with this should you allow. We crystals hum, sing, smooth and soothe the energies that are bombarding you. Won’t you hold one of us? We crystals are all connected. From world to world we are of similar energy. We harmonize the energies around us. Some have gone dark. Many of your world are awakening, awakened, and ready to work again, to retune, re-harmonize and revitalize Gaia, dear Gaia. She is quite well known to us and to many others throughout the cosmos for her tenacity. She is a most lovely planet. Many of us crystals fill her core, humming, singing, storing information. We are massive supercomputers. We hold information, and your lifetimes on Gaia are recorded within her crystal hub. It is a secret place. A multidimensional place. You must be of a certain vibrational harmonic to enter. It has been hidden well from the dark who would try to hijack stories and timelines. Ascending and ascended friends please ground the light. Ground your Christed flame into Gaia’s crystal core and harmonize with her. Build her up with yet more light.

We crystals are of many forms, of many faces, of many sizes, shapes and properties. So are you too, humankind. We see you as all beautiful in your own way. Many colors, many harmonics. It will do you well to see yourselves as all uniquely beautiful. We crystals all serve the Mother. We all serve the Father. We all serve the planet where we are stationed. We all serve each other. So too human friend may you do this. It will benefit the whole, the all, and definitely benefit Gaia. Many of you are grid workers, harmonic workers. Many of you were also such in the ancient times of Atlantis and Lumeria. Do you remember working with us? We are of pure intent. We see many of you are beginning to remember. It is time to remember, to recap, to gather your strength for the coming days where the energies will rise yet even further. Keep us close to you. Keep us in your pocket, round your neck.

We crystals of the ascended dragon world are old and wise. We have seen much. We are fluorescent in hue and high vibrational beings, extensions of the rock and mineral kingdom. We serve with healing properties. You have been told you are welcome to visit with us, to benefit from our healing frequencies. We send them to you now, should you allow. Open up your crown, smile and welcome us in. Invite our harmonics to work with your own personal crystal collection and let us increase your vibrational frequency a bit. There. Do you perhaps feel a bit more lighter and carefree? Like you could perhaps fly? Good, that is our intention to assist you with flying through this high vibe time on dear Gaia, to bless you with our energies of healing light. Now assist us please by sending this energy from our ascended world into Gaia’s heart space and let us connect with our dear brothers and sisters who have been working so tirelessly. There. A lovely connection has been established. You are becoming crystalline. It will become much easier to communicate with beings such as ourselves in the coming days, weeks, years. We are always happy to speak with Gaia’s protectors. You are well loved, revered and respected throughout the cosmos. Ground the light. We love you. We are the crystal kingdom of the ascended dragon world partnering with humanity this day and for always.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl