Hi! I am finally done with making changes to the site, maybe! I’ve added the date feature, the comment option is still there, only in a different spot. The sharing buttons appear at bottom when you view full post. That’s about it. I may make a few more minor tweaks in the coming days, until I am fully satisfied with the complete look of the blog, haha! Perfectionist? Nah! I have completely transformed the layout from its original look when I first installed this new layout. All is good now. If you have any ideas or suggestions, other changes you’d wish to see made to the page, please leave a comment here, or send me an email. ~Kejraj

3 Replies to “done!”

  1. Opal Bowen

    Hi KajRaj
    Yesterday, I saw the addition of the ‘posted date’. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate this & really like it. I’m used to all other web sites I read having this date & really missed it being here. Thanks so very much for making the addition.