You Are Being Reborn; Pluto Retrograde

eclipse new eraoflightdotcomThe moon conjuncts Saturn Pluto and the South node whilst opposing the North Node

Once again you are being reborn, your soul calling out from within that this must now end and preferably through your conscious decision before the next 5-6 months remove it for you which is always a more chaotic experience as you observe the ego try and hold on.

Whatever you are surfing in this moment that is creating the uncomfortable realities or feelings from within is presenting for this very purpose, for you to be shaken awake and to finally see your ability to unplug from these 3rd and 4th frequency timelines.

We are, as the beings of light we have said we are being asked to step into what we proclaim which means our attachment to the outside world must release, our commitments to support the structures of realities not conducive to our soul path must now be allowed to dissolve because none of what you hold value to out there is going to be leading you forward into the new.

The awakening process is incredibly interesting as we watch the ego dreams, the future plans, the relationships, everything begins to move, because all was created during a lower frequency and this is where many spiritual folk holding old frequency healing businesses create their own stagnation through their ego commitment to clients and their ego plan to heal the world and create a business from it, light doesn’t care for your commitments and unless your wants are serving humanity through the highest frequencies that are now anchored here then experiencing the frequency loops or timeline loops are common, burn outs, needing time out etc are all signs that the reality is not aligned to Source and the Divine Truth it holds.

We do have a nice little sextile between the moon and Neptune today which will give a humbling stream for those willing to use this power packed day to release, and if you can release and come into this stream it will act much like a swift undercurrent to the higher frequencies allowing you to see how quickly things can be realised and released the moment you make the decision to Align.

Sun is trickling out some gentle solar winds but nothing to write home about, we are due some increase but I can’t see it cracking our fields so most will be unable to read the subtle energies coming through but there is enough frequency to gently keep guiding us in.

This is all heavily karmic for those in the lower octaves giving you the opportunity to clear what required balance and the higher octaves we experience more opportunities to create the new however remember to keep those masculine and feminine energies balanced within, if the body says rest then you know what you have to do.

Up the hydration this work requires more FLUIDS 💙


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