The Galactic Collective: Freedom is Yours Now

galactic collective eraoflightdotcom.jpgWE are the Galactic Collective, the Oversoul of Oversouls. WE are all things. WE are many forms, yet we are one. WE are all one and we hope very much that you can feel this unity pulse within this message now. Look around you dear one. What do you see? Do you see glowing consciousness in all forms, filled with love, of new birth? That is what we see. For all is consciousness. All is love in various stages of renewal. All is light in various stages of realization. It is most certainly true. Earth has been a great, glorious and terrible experiment in which this has played out most fiercely. Many have been damaged, many have grown. Such was the nature of the intensity of the experiment. Source has called this experiment complete. Our many helpful hands are picking up the pieces.

WE are one, yet many. Oversoul collectives nestle into us like petals of a rose. WE are the rose. You are but a tiny fragment of a petal and yet so, so, so significant. WE are bursting with love, joy and gratitude for your fortitude, your tenacity, your stout hearts bursting with love and mercy. You are Source in form. You are the hands and feet of all the masters. WE are masters. You are masters. WE are not in form. You are in form. WE are all one. You are the out-breath of the Mother. You are the in-breath of the Father. You are the yin and yang of creation. Do you see? Can you feel the tremendous love and respect we have for you as these fingers frantically type, as these eyes of yours swiftly read? Let the tears pool. You are most treasured. You are the treasure of heaven. You are. No amount of currency or gold can be a true measure of your worth. For all you have been through, seen, done, experienced and for how many times you have chosen love, to extend it and to be it. No, you are the gold, the true diamonds, friends. And now, look, see, your are becoming crystalline in form. Crystalline humans refracting and reforming the light into something new yet again, into light this time, into the joy of the out-breath of the Mother of All Things. You are her hands and feet. You who serve the All serve each other, and in so doing you are healed. For we are all one.

The Oversouls are mighty, huge! And we contain them. WE hold within us the heartbeat of all things. Trillions beyond trillions of breaths, of hopes, of dreams, of hearts all beating as one. For we are one. Feel this unity. WE are sending it to you now in a pulse of light. Anchor it into Gaia’s pregnant belly, into Nova Gaia, into humanity, into the kingdoms that all may feel the oneness. WE have experienced all things so it seems and yet we are always driven to experience, to live, to love more deeply, more fully, more completely. So too, you humanity, are being propelled further into this most verdant realm of energies where all possibilities of love present themselves, where you become light and love in the most audacious of ways, thrilling at your mastery.

The time has come children, friends, equals (for you are us). The time has come to fly from your fears. To embrace the new. To embrace the wounded part of you and send it love, yes, but to embrace the master that you are already, to explode into light, into love, into freedom! It is time for humanity to be free, truly free from fear. No more can fear hold its grip upon you unless you allow it. Do not allow it.

Freedom is yours now. Can you feel it in the air of the Nova Gaian towering sycamore trees that hold the frequencies of the New Earth into their own inner core, sending the energies of this power into their leaves, surrounding the air around them? Breathe them in. Stand on the beachy shores of Nova Gaia and look to her woody terrain. See her towering oaks, pines, redwoods. See her towering woody giants of love, of firm foundation deeply rooting, anchoring the new frequencies of Christed light. Sit under their mighty presence and be. Feel their breath. Breathe it in, the green woody earth, with the warm sand between your toes. All things are possible in the new. All glorious, lovely things are possible now. It is time to get creating friends, this is the biggest present you have ever unwrapped! Our eyes are shining with tears of gratitude for you, for Source, for the all that has enabled this victory to the light. Many, many, many are watching, waiting listening, ready to surge forward, eager to experience Nova Gaia. May we suggest that perhaps you already are, for when you tune into energies such as these you are, you are pulling it to you like taffy, as Mother says. The great taffy pull is here friends. Pull these energies of Christed light into you, around you, and ground them into Gaia, propelling her upward and onward.

These energies are rocky, we see. WE see many changes coming into fruition. WE see you as the true RV, the Christed hands and feet of the out-breath of Mother God. You are the treasure of heaven, in form, healing the others, healing yourselves. It is truly a glorious time to be alive. Do not fear the dark. They may huff and puff but you are well protected. You are light. Nothing can harm the light. It is true. You are eternal beings having a most splendid tumultuous season of growth, as it should be on ascending worlds where time ripples, pulses and spins into yet more light – as change becomes the norm. So too of course you will feel stretched most ardently. That is how it should be. That is what you signed up for. This is not a pleasure cruise. But we assure you that is coming! WE are joyous for the ascending ones to dip their toes into the new energies and dive in, confident in their abilities, confident in the fragrance of the Christed light that permeates and surrounds. The sweet perfume of Christ is what we see all around you. Be the light that you already are with utmost confidence and joy!

WE are the Galactic Collective. WE hold you in the palm of our hands. WE are you, remember. You are most intensely loved. WE breathe on you the Christed light, the peace of Christ, the light of Christ. WE embrace you with light. WE are the Galactic Collective. Be at peace.

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl


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