Elthor, Alisheryia, and the Ascended Dragon Collective: Be Emboldened

dragons eraoflightdotcomGreetings human. We are the Ascended Dragons. I Elthor, and I Alisheryia, breathe our fiery breaths of encodements, of light, of love, of bravery onto your crowns now. Feel them open up and spin like the spiral galaxy you are currently in. Oh, you are in many other places as well, but the majority of you is likely focused on this key embodiment, in this key time and place where the light rends the dark and transmutes it.

Victory to the light! Do not be timid! Be emboldened by these new energies of light, of love, of power. Surround yourselves within these energies like armor, and create your shield of pure intention. No matter what may slink your way you are ready. In your Hollywood movies you have not had an accurate depiction of a truly beautiful, loving dragon. You have had murderers and idiots. We are ascended. We wish to make our presence known in your realm and so we do so now with these encodements of pure dragon fire of love.

We transmute all things. I Alisheryia am speaking. It is time for the divine feminine to rise from the ashes like your phoenix tales. For that is what we see now. Through the eyes of Source, through our golden dragon eyes of all seeing Source light we see you in your resurrection, in your fire of the new resurrection embracing the change around you and becoming it. We see many wounds that have healed and those new ones that would be created by circumstance quickly transmuted away into light, retaining the lessons. Human friend, be not afraid of what is to come. Do try to enjoy the adventure of it. For this is a most glorious adventure on Gaia in this now and it behooves you to see with the eyes of a child, of purity, of joy and happiness. Trust that all is working out for you most beautifully. Feel your feminine strength, and this goes for the males as well. You must be in a state of balance and ease for these energies to not singe you a bit. Do you see? It is like flying high and strong, fast and free with equally balanced wings. If one wing is smaller you will fly in a circle. Rowing a boat, you must have equal oars or you will go in a circle. Do you see? The time of circles and reinventing problems to be solved is long past. No! Now you are to fly fast, straight and sure, powerful in your mastery. Now is your time to fly. To be in joy! To be in freedom! Embrace your freedom. Look around you, do you see who holds you down? No one. No one except yourself, the small tiny self of you that heeds to 3D concerns and deserves no more time. Blast it with your violet fire, thank it for its service and inform it that you are past, you are ascended and you are flying now. Gather the other wounded parts of you throughout all time-space and do the same. Inform them that the time of ascension and transmutation is upon them and they are complete. And be complete. You are a majestic being of glory, of love, of light, of pure joy. Command your reality to reflect this in perfect love. And fly straight fast and sure. I am Alisheryia. I breathe upon you into your sacral flame now, igniting balance within the carnal part of you. Balance. Freedom. Choice. Love. Feel the difference. Now invite that flame to extend all the way up your spine into your crown, and feel the balance within you grow.

I Elthor see with my golden eyes of Source light. There are many who do not believe that they are in need of balance. They are speaking and seeing from the ego. Balance is always something that may be improved upon, honed, polished, perfected. Balance of male and female power is not to be underestimated in its importance. Human, it is time to figure this out as a collective. And this is part of the process. The fires have been ignited. The divine feminine has spoken. There were many times in your history where it was the opposite, where the feminine abused, manipulated. Some of your women try to do this as well in this now. Those were the old ways. No, the divine feminine and the divine masculine must be in perfect balance. You are tight rope walkers with these new energies. Balance is key to keep you upright, strong, sure. No more manipulation. Power over others is complete. That which is out of balance will fall. Crash. Burn.

Nova Gaians are to be masters of harmony, of peace, of purity, of delight. Nova Gaian families are to be radiant examples of light, of joy, of procreation. Hatchlings are to be cared for with reverence, firm love and deep joy, gratitude to the All for the experience of parenting. One learns much balance from parenting. All flaws are exposed in parenting. True. To those shes who were not mothers in this lifetime there has been deep sadness and pain. Mothers-to-be, let me breathe my fire on you now. I Alisheryia join. Together, divine male and female, we ignite you. We help heal your pain. We transmute and ease, the pattern of the pain. We transform it into light. Your children are not lost. They are waiting for you on the other side or they are beside you as an angel, waiting for you.

The universe is vast, astounding in synchronicities and abounding in love, deep love. Feel Source’s breath, Source’s love. Feel Mother God’s arms about you. You are Christed. You have been always this but now you are remembering and the encodements are such that this will be best reflected in the outer. Those who want to be parents may be this in Nova Gaia. Bodies will work perfectly. You will be perfect in your physical perfection. Everything will work seamlessly. Pull this reality to you now. Declare it to be your truth now. Here. In this moment. Proclaim your health, your infinite beauty, your perfection of balance here and now. Life is tenacious. Life clings in this reality as if it is afraid of falling off. In higher dimensions, life and love hold hands. Life loves love, love lives life. All is one. There is nothing to cling to in that there is nothing to be lost. No clinging in fear.

Life is a dance. Life is a movement of love. Life is love in the higher ways of doing things. Such is to be your future, your reality. It is already so. And so mothers-to-be, as Mother’s Day approaches, fear not. Fathers-to-be, you have much to prepare for. For together you will be building a new reality with strong families of love and light as its backbone, its key skeletal foundation. The family unit will be strong, and yet not constricting. There is so much too unlearn. Hatchlings will be safe to swim and breathe underwater. Mendings will be easily figured out. No fear of death or disability. Humans, friends, you have much to look forward to. For now, see this future and claim it. It is enough, for it is an excellent start to manifesting. Should you require more energy work we are available to you. No appointment necessary. We are multidimensional after all, as are you.

I Elthor and I Alisheryia stand before you now. Do you see our many hatchlings running about? They were too eager to stay away any longer. You are surrounded by dragons of light and love, friends. Feel their whimsical, growing energy as they experiment with their power and light. In many ways they remind us of you. For they will be mighty creatures, they already are but they are unaware of their strength and beauty. For now they are simply love. And it is enough. I Elthor and I Alisheryia, representatives of the ascended dragon collective, send you our fiery breath of blessing this day. We are with you for as long as you require. Rest in this space for awhile. We love you. Peace.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl


2 Replies to “Elthor, Alisheryia, and the Ascended Dragon Collective: Be Emboldened”

  1. Cheri

    So true in Hollywood most everything magical is distorted, ” murderers and idiots” hahahaha!

    Our ability to experience these magical realms of Earth is returning yay! One thing about the spiritual guides and realms is that they are never politically correct always flat out truthful.

    This is such a wierd personal story of many during the activation of my full lightbody but now is a time to share because I think the magical aspects of ourselves are returning in the collective. When my team was activating my DNA besides thousands of number sequences they kept calling me a fick and a cunt asking me to heal the whole f’ing family. I was very naive at this point actually not knowing what the heck was happening to me just knowing it was incredible and flowing with it. I said these words were offensive but spirit told me these were the the male and female terms for the Seraphim bird or angelic DNA that propels my lightbody. And the “f” word is the clan. This process was a bit physically painful but soon I was speaking in bird language as all this I was hearing was coming from my own vocal chords. Soon my tribe was a thousand strong and my wings or feathers (which I see clearly in my 3rd eye) of my multidimensional higher chakras were flying through the ethers and into all these planetary timelines clearing the darkness and freeing the clan from the astral hell realms. We lost the ability to see and participate in the magical realms of earth when our DNA was disconnected. Of course I have a souped up lightbody to do this massive janitorial work on the planet but upon the release of the God particle I immediately knew to connect with the energy of the fairies and fire up the crystals! Our lost knowledge family, it is all coming back and it is amazing!! So stay the course and be courageous it is so worth it all!

    Galaxygirl is bringing in the true spirit of the magical realms so beautifully and I honor her for this! Playful, joyful and full on truth of these ascended realms. So much more real than our false reality! It is our quantum aspects coming back online within!

    Hi to fellow Dragon lover Juanita 😘

  2. Era Of Light

    Please come and help me I love you all you are family always know my door is always open for all of you to be in my life not only in my evolution and ascention for all to celebrate and be friends.Thank you for all the support and love from my Dragons. ERA OF LIGHT(Juanita Ellis) Copyright ©2019 eraoflight.com All Rights Reserved® I am the ORIGNAL accept no substitute