Abe Delmar: Jesus, Avalon, Christ Consciousness

new light human eraoflightdotcomThe energy of the contraction of energy is much different than the energy of the expansion of energy. So, the contraction of energy (5D going into 4D going into 3D) will be much more “darker” than the expansion of energy (3D going into 4D going into 5D), which will be “lighter”.

In the hourglass timeline image I drew, the “contraction of energy” part of the hourglass is like the dark side of the coin. And the “expansion of energy” part of the hourglass is like the light side of the coin. Even in the hourglass timeline is the yin and yang, dark and light. So, 5D in the “dark” side of the coin is very different from 5D in the “light” side of the coin.

Client co-creation. Bringing forward information sparked by a client session. Jesus opening into the Realms of Gaia, Avalon and teaching magic, Resurrection, 3D and 5D, and opening Christ Consciousness energy connected to “I AM” as well as past, present, future and beyond. All you ever were, are and ever will be.



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  1. Cheri

    Thanks for posting this KejRaj! Jessica is bringing through so much on the magical realms we lost access to when the DNA disconnected and the consciousness fell. I was very touched (this is happening a lot these days) and had tears come flooding out when she mentioned that Jesus went to the realms of Avalon after his ascension. It hit me as very profound for some reason as a beautiful and joyful truth.

    So much to look forward to in the realms of quantum existence. Still so hard for the linear mind to fathom.