Q & A With Kejraj: Galactics, Ascension, GCR and More

expansion eraoflightdotcomGreetings! As always from heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj! Here I have chosen to answer some questions I’ve received from readers. The answers expressed here are of course from my perspective my point of view. For all answers await you within. Tune in to the light within you.

Q: What % of humanity needs to awaken in order for ascension to occur?

A: There are no “measurements” in this process. Mother Earth has the final say as to when the final layer of the veil will be dissolved, and humanity ascends. It does not matter what the “number” may be at that time.

Q: Is Ra one being or a group of beings?

A: Ra is a Collective of beings.

Q: If the Galactics love us so much why have they not intervened directly yet?

A: Well, for one they honor the Universal laws. I’m certain there are many other reasons. Perhaps them just appearing at this time may cause more chaos than good because the masses aren’t yet ready. And if it were to do more harm than good, it serves no purpose and this would create negative karma for the Galactics, thus sucking them back into the karmic cycle.

Q: Have you seen the gillette commercial?

A: Yes, I have. It is garbage, like everything else that comes from the Cabal. Another divide and conquer tactic via the media.

The behaviors of humans towards each other was “taught” to them by Cabal programs, and now they, the Cabal owned companies like gillette pretend to care?

What is more disturbing is that quite a few in the spiritual community who think of themselves as being more aware compared to your average human, are applauding that video, and recommend it as well. Very unfortunate. They fail to see it for what it truly is.

Q: I came across an interesting question, thought I’d share. Why is there something rather than nothing?

A: There is no something. It is all a “mirror” of your consciousness. The universe is a mirror of The Whole, The Eternal. And besides The Whole there is nothing.

Q: What is the best way for a person to attain happiness?

A: Do not THINK about being happy, just BE happy. Take no action of any kind unless it brings you joy.

Q: Which group of beings will we meet first once open contact happens?

A: The Pleiadians.

Q: Why do you sometimes post fearful messages on EraofLight.com ???

A: Lightworkers often quickly forget what they have been taught, or what they know deep within. Fear is an illusion, yes? So why would you fear a few simple words? Also I must mention the fact that certain truths might come off as scary to some, this does not mean what is being said is false. Simply you are not ready to accept that truth and move forward.

Q: When do you think open contact will occur?

A: We would say days after the Event.

Q: How true is some of the intel claiming that we will get 1 to 100 rate or higher on the zim and iraqi dinar??

A: I do not wish to answer in this way but I must. The greed in the so called lightworker community, in the gcr community is unbelievable.

Be humble and grateful for whatever rate you get, that is all I will say.

Q: Thank you for all that you do Kejraj.. EraofLight is my goto page every day. Just a quick question here,, What can I do to bring back my focus while meditating or trying to meditate I should say? Because lately i just havent been feeling like doing anything at all. Thanks.

A: You’re welcome and thank you! So basically you have been meditating and not knowing it. When one is relaxed, whether at home or in nature, not engaged in any activity that requires much energy or that may steal your energy, you are meditating. No focus or a certain position is required, one only needs to be free of any outside influence. You can always go for a walk in nature for about thirty minutes twice a day, you will begin to notice the positive impact this will have.

Q: Does the consumption of meat have a positive or negative impact on our bodies and this process?

A: How do you feel when eating meat? Have you tried a vegetarian diet? See how you feel about it. I would think that your question alone says your body is ready to make the change to something lighter.

Q: Hi there I want to ask you do you know anything about the swissindo payments 1-11 I have the m1 bond printed out but what is happing with all of this. Nobody knows anything we are not getting any strength up news or any update on what is going to happen I live in Ireland and we don’t know what will happen these world gold trust on the swissindo web site has listed Ireland on its web foursome gold. Kind regards.

A: This is all connected. The GCR/RV, GESARA, and so on. However, nothing will be activated, no change will be made until it is 100% safe to do so. Until all threats have been neutralized.

Q: Are hot flashes/night sweats another Ascension symptom? Nothing I take seems to help in alleviating them.

A: Yes this too in fact can be an Ascension symptom. Night sweats in particular is a sign your body is moving to a higher vibration. This can also be a sign of your kundalini breaking blocks throughout your body.

More to share in the coming days.