Mata Harji: Twin Soul Ascension Report; 5.5 Beltane Upgrade

heaven hearts eraoflightdotcomDearest beloved’s,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with great excitement with regards to the upcoming 5.5 beltane portal date.

Beltane is an extremely important ceremony which bears witness to the rising of the May king and Queen and the sealing of there eternal divine Union.

So much pure and divine love will be pouring into Gaia during the many many beltane celebrations in the Northern Hemisphere that will be taking place from now till 5.5, and please know that all of these ceremonies are accelerating the collective ascension timeline for all.

So many huge changes are taking place in all areas of the Earth plane at the moment, behind the scenes the handover of power to the alliance has attained an extremely high momentum and there are many many aspects of disclosure that are being prepared for the masses to receive imminently.

To all you lightworker, starseeds, twin flames, and empaths, we bow to your commitment to recognise the Divine self beyond all temporary appearances of thoughts emotions and sensations.

We understand how challenging it is for the ego consciousness to attain full and complete liberation, but dear ones so many of you now are stabilising in your fifth dimensional frequency band due to your commitment to prioritising you’re knowing of the remembrance that you are the eternal observer of all phenomena and are liberated from the perception of identification with all temporary thoughts and emotions.

The Divine feminine continues to expand in her empowerment leading the way through her embodiment of the sacred Ascension codes also known as the Tao.. the sacred way.. The Divine feminine has fully attained autonomy with regards to clearing all false beliefs of codependency and attachment towards the Divine masculine.

In this momentum and stepping away from the Divine masculine this is creating the perfect circumstances for him to awaken of his own accord. In this Gateway the energies have been so extreme that all those who are still in karmic relationships are truly being challenged to their core, all that is not in alignment with true love, divinity and source is being exposed and eliminated for many in this extremely Potent Ascension Gateway.

The energy is now building up for the  Potent 5.5 portal, and we extend an invitation to as many of you as possible to please come forward to add your energy to the 5.5 transmission which will take place at 8.11p.m. UK time on the 5th of May 2019.

In the 5.5 transmission we are being guided to activate and initiate a Hieros Gamos ceremony between the Green Man and the goddess which are symbolic of the Divine masculine and feminine aspects of your own consciousness.

We are being guided to work with our pleiadian brothers and sisters and we will be working with the sacred portal point of Avalon.

This is a highly auspicious ceremony to be a part of, and will assist you to release all of the internal alchemical marriage codes that are stored in your pineal gland, pituitary gland and kundalini center. Taking part in a ceremony of this calibre is highly auspicious for you personally but please know that coming forward to be part of a ceremony of this nature is deeply empowering the collective blueprint on the etheric plane which will empower the hieros gamos initiation on all beings on the earthly realm.

This transmission is extremely important for Gaia as we are being instructed to observe and facilitate a final anchoring of the 5th dimensional  template which is Gaia’s true and original blueprint.

Many many of you are currently receiving downloads about the time period of Lemuria please know that at the time of lemuria the 144000 starseed twin Souls incarnated and experienced the sealing of their destiny and Fate which was to take place in this lifetime, at the turning of this great cycle, which is also known as the precession of the equinoxes.

We are being called together together in the 5.5 transmission to activate these Ascension seeds which were sown at this important time in Earth’s evolution, that we may assist in the entire collective consciousness of humanity to activate their own unique starseed potential.

The starseed activation holds the key to humanity’s next stage in evolution, whereby human beings will fulfill their highest potential and become the luminous beings of light that mother father God always intended us to be….this is gaia’s destiny and this is her trajectory and there is no turning back now beloved’s.

We would like to speak a moment about the Ascension symptoms that many of you are currently experiencing in this energetic gateway, may we please remind you that the photonic light particles that are bombarding the earthly plane hold an extremely high God vibration beloved’s and contain codes and frequencies that are in vibrational alignment with your true angelic self.

Ascension symptoms are of course a very good sign that old stagnant and stuck energy is being cleared from your vessel, but dear ones we understand that for your physical selves this can be extremely tiring and challenging, and so we come forth now with a reminder to you to prioritise self care, rest and your own personal well-being at this time. If your body is telling you to rest please do so if your body is telling you to drink water please do so if your body is telling you to walk barefoot on the Earth please do so.

There are so many ways that you can support your physical body with the intense Ascension symptoms and the most effective means our beloved channel has found is whenever it gets overly intense she simply asks her higher self to lessen the Ascension symptoms. Beloveds this has worked every single time that she has communicated with her higher self and we highly recommend this to all of you reading these words.

We urge you now beloveds to prioritise your own stabilization and metamorphosis into the fifth dimensional butterfly angelic being that mother Father God created you to be.

We are so overjoyed to be Gathering with so many of you on the 5.5 transmission.

We truly are the ones we have all been praying for.

All is well beloved Star tribe.

namaste Mata Harji and the white wolf tribe.


» Source » Channel: Jenji