The Creators: You Create Your Reality

the arcturians eraoflightdotcom“It is a tribute to your species that you are able to have a portion of yourselves cut off from your awareness and still create such beautiful works of art and wonderful pieces of technology, that you are able to create music and literature, and all sorts of forms of artistic endeavors. These are accomplishments to be applauded. It is your destiny to create the entire universe as you experience it, consciously.

And so you have the smaller versions of that with the things you create with your hands and your minds and your voices. Those are wonderful examples of what you are capable of. You can create stories where there are beings that no one has ever seen before in your world – consciously, at least. And you can create images that no one has ever seen. You can create music that no one has ever heard. It is quite a skill indeed.

And to create a universe for yourselves to experience takes nothing short of the same amount of skill and focus. And so why not start small? Why not create something that you can hold in your hands? Why not create a group that gets together in your community? Why not create stories, pictures?

Anything that you create that you then experience with your senses is a step in that direction of being the creators of vast worlds and systems, galaxies, stars, planets, you name it, you will create it. And you will experience your creations. And what is required of you to tap into this creative potential is nothing more than intending to do so, quieting your thinking mind, doing something that you love to do and letting the ideas flow.

We would like you to accept that there is no limit to what you can create here and now and that you are in fact creating every bit of what it is you experience. And soon your potential for creating even more than what you see in front of you now will be limitless.”


» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton