The Five Steps to Shift from Fear to Love

divine love eraoflightdotcomLove is a vibration, a frequency. Everything we are is vibration, frequency. Our cells, atoms and quarks, the tiniest particles that make up our being, vibrate. Everything is vibrating from micro to macro, the cosmos is ever expanding, never still, always moving.

The spectrum of vibratory experience is quantum, not linear. To raise our vibrations, we inhabit emotional spaces of joy, peace, abundance, harmony and love. Our vibration lowers when we’re in negative emotional spaces: fear, hate, envy, greed, stress, anxiety and grief.

The matrix operates on the lower bandwidths of our quantum multiverse. It requires we stay in negative energetic vibratory states to maintain its control over our lives. We’re plugged into the matrix from birth, programmed to operate from our easy-to-manipulate ego consciousness.

The rulers of our world use a myriad of tactics;  astral, energetic, psychological, and physical to lock us into ego fear frequencies. We’re literally scared from birth. Our emotional wholeness is the enemy of the state. As we grow up in the matrix, the fear ego programming intensifies into adulthood. It’s up to us to take back our sovereignty by redirecting our emotional energies from our beleaguered ego to our robust, progressive and refined heart.

How do we move into love energies and away from our fearful, insecure, manipulated egos?

1. Breathwork

Anxiety, stress, fear and worry can be managed by breathwork. We breathe deep – throat, chest, stomach…and exhale. We can deepen our practice by instructing our bodies to let go of tension. As we breathe in, we draw light into our system.  As we exhale, we breathe out negative emotions.

Taking the time to breathe deeply when we’re in high emotional states grounds us. Drawing breath into our core, our solar plexus and our gut steadies us. Taking deep breaths before stressful meetings, when faced with someone’s aggression or when we’re fearful is us taking back control of our mind~body~spirit.

This is our sovereignty, to observe, detach and manage our own responses rather than being a slave to triggers, difficult people or our environment. The matrix wants us breathing only into our throat, keeping our breathing shallow. Breathing deep and empowering our bodies and souls with chi energy flow is essential to raising our vibrations.

2. Mantras

Language is a tool, we can use it to focus intention, harness energetic frequencies and manifest our reality. Mantras enable us to weave positive intention into our daily lives. Mantras work because they’re the embodiment of us taking our power back from the matrix.

Instead of surrendering to matrix algorithms of fear, hate, envy, greed and low self esteem, we take the reins and set our vibratory frequency ourselves. Try this Mantra for 14 days and see if your mood, motivation and mojo stabilize:

I am having a calm/efficient/magical/peaceful/loving (insert appropriate adjective) day.

Repeat as often as you like throughout the day to maintain high vibrations in a calm state.

3. Stopping altogether or heavily censoring interaction with ALL mainstream media

‘News’ is the Old Boy who owns the network/broadcasting company’s cabal agenda. Advertising is mind control programming to embroil us in capitalist, competitive, corporate governance. Popular music operates on a carefully controlled low bandwidth, rewiring our brains to sexist, hyper sexualized, low vibration algorithms. Film and TV should be approached with caution, seek out only that will expand our mind not limit us.

The conditioning is not always obvious.  It can be subtle, complex and insidious. There’s a Resistance in all creative outlets, and a small number of journalists display authenticity, but it’s a dangerous world to truth-speak in the heavily controlled media.

Ultimately all mainstream media has one agenda… to keep us in 3d low frequencies of fear, hate and greed so we’re malleable and easy to control. Unplug by literally unplugging from everything sanctioned or promoted by the establishment. The more we educate ourselves, the easier it becomes to spot the bright, creative gems of free-thinking, progressive people. Trust your gut.

4. Meditation.

Meditation is the holy grail of sovereignty from the enslavement program running our perceived reality. It’s the key that unlocks the gates of perception of higher consciousness. Meditation activates our energetic chakra system, enabling us to begin the process of shifting our control room from our fearful ego to our heart.

Heart chakra activation is consciously moving from service-to-self matrix codice, to service-to-others…higher realm coding. Will we choose the blue pill or the red pill? We make it happen.

Meditation cultivates inner stillness, which destroys the baseline matrix frequency of perpetual anxiety. The elite need us to be scared, worried and unsettled all the time. We’re programmed to worry incessantly about money, relationships, work, home, the future, the past. It’s never ending, hence perpetual. Meditation directly combats this modification on our motherboards, bringing us online with higher vibratory fields of love and light.

5. Mindfulness

Mindfulness dissolves the barriers to our divinity. Mindfulness destroys the nuts and bolts of the matrix spiritual lockdown by bringing us into our present. We’re conditioned to direct our energies, our emotional frequencies to the past or the future. We feel guilty, ashamed, traumatized by the past, picking the scabs of unresolved wounds in perpetual despair or depression.

We’re programmed to worry incessantly about the future, money, relationships, jobs, security. This is intensive fear programming fed directly into our energetic being. To combat and eventually break this coding, we consciously shift our consciousness from the past and future into the present. We center ourselves, raising our vibrations by being present.

We use all of the above lifestyle changes to achieve higher vibratory states of being. We stop being puppets, sheeple and mindless slaves, and we awaken our mind~body~soul to the joy and beauty of existence. Breathwork, mantras, meditation and hyper conscious unplugging fires up our motherboards.

Our DNA is activated by higher frequencies and cosmic intervention to help us break our chains. The vibrations generated by our energetic system can be positive or negative, we choose. We become our own master controller.

Connected to the present, our senses sharpen, energy antennae firing on all cylinders. Mindfulness changes everything. Mindfulness rewrites our coding, shifting us from the ego to our heart. We stop freaking out about the past, let it go, it is what it was. We stop worrying about the future. Being in the present ironically allows the future to breathe and flow, aligned to higher vibratory spaces.

The tapestry of our existence is being woven for us. We can take back the control and dreamweave our own world. Raising our vibrations is not a passive experience. We actively engage with our own evolution. We take the reins and direct our own play, no longer mindless puppets in a time warp machine laden with modifications, memory loops and mind control.

The tools are simple.  The application flows when we redirect our focus to self care. We prioritize spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness over competition and karmic denial. Accountability is us reflecting, taking stock, observing and detaching in meditation. We assess our progress, identify areas of stress and anxiety and seek ways to reduce tension. We use healing holistic tools to manage, navigate and relieve the ups and downs of human existence.

We’re all capable of breaking the matrix chains. Start small, an article on mindfulness, switching off the TV, sitting quietly doing nothing but breathing and clearing the mind. Self care is the big picture all these jigsaw pieces make. When we put them together we evolve into whole beings, mind~body~soul, connected, flowing, nourished and nurtured. We can all do it.

The heart is where calm, higher frequencies vibrate. Our heart aligns with positive algorithms. If we do everything from our heart, the need for stress and tension evaporates, for we know ourselves. We have inner stillness because we’ve cultivated self knowledge and self worth. Breathe into confidence, compassion and community, cosmic surfers, and we’ll manifest our new world in love vibrations. In light and love, beautiful people.

Mantras ~

  • I draw light and love into my heart
  • I send my ego a big hug and ask that she have a nap
  • I breathe in love and exhale fear
  • I share love, I receive love, I am love



» Source » By Morag O’brien