Rinus Verhagen: The Transition

serving the open mind eraoflightdotcomThe Transition, which will start with the awareness of the world’s population, is in full swing. What can we expect when poverty is eradicated by the funds that will be released to apply a Global Money Reset.

How we can combat pollution, by not buying goods or food that is packed in plastic, but in organic material that decays or can be reused.

We are going to set up food programs to distribute them for free to the population, which means that supermarkets and large multinationals can no longer set the prices.

To make this possible, we need to share the knowledge, to apply it widely in practice.

The power of the energy industry will fade with the advent of clean energy solutions such as the Ultrasonic Hydrobooster which can produce unlimited heat and offer a solution for many applications.

Oil and Gas but also Solar panels and Windmills are therefore completely superfluous in its current application.

The Sun transmits 65 billion Neutrinos per square centimetre, these Neutrinos are sub atomic particles consisting of an electron and proton that are connected to each other so that they are neutral.

These Neutrinos go much faster than light, and through everything including the earth, so what position the earth has relative to the Sun we have a constant supply of Neutrinos.

These Neutrinos can be disconnected from each other so that the Electron has a negative charge and the proton has a positive charge again.

This is possible with an oscillation circuit with coils and capacitors, which makes a high energy available to the Earth that can be used to move a car with ease.

In order to make the production of products and services cheaper, we can reduce the labour costs and take them away from the entrepreneur.

The introduction of an unconditional basic income for everyone will immediately eradicate poverty.

Income from labour can also be paid from the funds, as a result of which entrepreneurs no longer have an income guarantee and risk for their staff and their own right to exist is safe.

In this way, prices will fall as a result of their services and products, so that less tax will also be paid.

All companies that cooperate in this way settle the costs of their services internally, which also means that no tax is due.

As a result, current policy no longer has the means to exploit the population further.

After all, food, water and medicines are tax-free and energy and health care are free for the world’s population.

Governments that misuse the funds that are made available to them will have these funds frozen, which will mean that their duties will cease and will be transferred to honest people.

Salaries of Officials, Politicians, Army, Police and Justice, Public Prosecution and Judges can no longer be paid, forcing them to take the side of the population or to lead hunger.

In order to remove the tensions between cultures and religions, there will have to be talks to undo the deliberate mixing of cultures and religions.

As everyone receives an unconditional basic income, the need for economic migration has been eliminated.

These people will be able to rebuild their own country, which has been destroyed by the wars of the profit for the Bankers.

GESARA will also start to equate the legislation of countries for all 209 countries, there will be no place for Sharia in countries where this culture does not exist from origin.

No religion can or will dominate others, people will start to understand that religion is a control system to sow hatred division.

We must be able to recognize that much injustice has been committed against humanity just to divide us.

Anyone of good will can contribute his part, sink into the role of victim to enforce his right and will not work anymore, who cannot respect another excludes himself.

Kind Regards,

Rinus Verhagen.


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