The Creators: Operate as a Whole Being

elohim beings eraoflightdotcom“Take a minute of your time to focus on that which you perceive to be your ideal reality. Now, imagine yourself there in that that reality, doing what you would do, doing what you want to do, with whomever you want to do it, and being the person you want to be. Now, forget everything about that reality, and simply focus on what it is you would like to feel, most of all.

If you had to pick one favorite emotion, what would that be? Now, choose that and focus for a minute on that feeling with no attachment to what would cause you to feel it, with no pictures in your mind of what it would take for you to feel it. But simply focus on the essence of that feeling and know that there is nothing that exists outside of you.

So nothing has to come to you in order for you to feel that feeling. That feeling does not need to be elicited by something, and you don’t need to feel that feeling in order to create that which you want and that which is a reflection of that feeling, because it all exists inside of you, because you are both the feeling and the circumstances and the energy that creates all that you experience. You are that. That is you.

No more will you need to create a reality that will seem to be coming to you from outside of you. Once you operate as a Whole Being in this universe, you will see it all as you and you will know that the you that you prefer to be is the you that you simply choose to be in each and every moment. And you can choose whatever you want, because it is all about experience, not about getting it right, not about being perfect. But having an experience of yourself in as many different ways as you possibly can.

So anytime you find yourself having an experience in this reality, appreciate the fact that you are able to have that experience. Your world will shift in amazing and completely satisfying ways when you begin to have this perspective on your life.”


» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton