Courage to Face What’s Ahead

holding hands love eraoflightdotcomHaving the courage to move ahead is an essential quality for living your best life. Sometimes it’s easier to muster the courage, in part because your whole being wants to do something new. Other times, like when moving through a big life crisis, finding courage can feel daunting. Continue reading for insights about developing increased levels of courage in these tumultuous times.

Your Best Life

Let’s begin by considering why courage is so important. As a divine changemaker you incarnated during these revolutionary times to be at the forefront of mega changes throughout society. It’s like our world has been turned upside down and many things aren’t making sense as we collectively reassess things and discover a new more loving way to be.

Living your best life now means something radically different than in ages past. In part that’s because on a soul level you are being asked to step into your higher spiritual nature in order to grow and be an active participant in humanity’s dance of change. This is a joint effort, all of us involved and caring about what happens next.

On a personal level, too, this particular life will challenge you exponentially more than perhaps any previous lifetime. To live your best life means accepting this and being willing to go beyond your comfort zone, often daily.

Facing a Blank Canvas

Each day we create our reality brand-new. Things may seem the same, yet in quantum terms energy is continually changing. This means as we start our day or the next project or interaction, metaphorically we have a blank canvas and we fill in the details with our mind, energy, and actions. In the morning, our life could feel just like yesterday, yet that day is gone. What we have is today and what we put on our canvas.

The Buddha and Fearlessness

To the Buddha, who we celebrate at Wesak, courage is fearlessness. It is an essential quality for enlightenment. Gautama Buddha said: “The whole secret of existence is to have no fear.”

Since all of us are works in progress, it’s important that we strive for fearlessness in all things, balancing this with qualities of self-love, patience, and willingness to fail. Think of failure in the big picture – you didn’t meet your goal to be courageous one day when in a challenging circumstance. Let go of self-judgment and continue doing your best to be fearless. Know that more opportunities are around the next corner.

Courage to Face a Challenge

In order to respond to a life challenge with courage, it’s essential to stay present. That sounds easy, of course, yet the conditioned mind likes to replay past scenarios and ruminate about future “what ifs.” The ego can conjure all sorts of nonproductive dialogue that can sound so convincing that a person decides to do ANYTHING but the life task he or she needs to courageously tackle. Sound familiar?

When that happens to you, come back to the present. That is your source of power.

Remember, too, that challenges are a normal part of life. There’s always a reason for things. No matter what shows up, there is a higher purpose and something you can learn. Don’t make the challenge about someone else or something outside of you. Own the challenge as a gift from spirit to help you grow. Accept that the challenge is a sign from spirit that you need to move outside your comfort zone and experiment.

Keep in mind that all of life is rather like an experiment anyway – so be bold, curious, and as fearless as you can be in each moment.


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