Archangel Gabriel: The Power of Focused Intention

archangel gabriel eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

There is an inner prompting for me to speak about the Power of Focused Intention. You are here to be the catalysts for the New Earth as part of your Soul’s Imperative. Though you may feel as though you are not doing much to shift the awakening on the planet, it is not true. The Heart-centered consciousness you so naturally connect to and radiate through your being is making a profound difference in the world.

You are important to the shifting of consciousness toward a greater state of Well-being on the Earth. Through your spiritual practice, your collective prayers have brought many blessings to the world. Know that over the past 30 years, the focused intent of the Light workers of the world has lifted many of the most dire predictions for the Earth. As horrendous as it may seem, the Earth was heading into greater peril than what is now evident.

The collective intent of all those who are participating in creating greater respect for the environment, equality within people, and free creative expression in the world has made a difference. All that you are doing as a community will continue to empower those who are awakening to the amazing opportunities during this time. You are gaining momentum. Together your loving kindness, your joy in Divine Light, open minds and hearts are demonstrating a way of living that many have been too timid to attempt.

Your presence is changing the consciousness of the world. Please allow that to impress upon your heart and know it as truth.

It is a time for gathering with your Soul Community. The shifting realities within the quantum fields are responding to your call for friends of like mind and heart. And when you can feel that you are ready to be a part of something greater than yourself, it creates a Light Field of Focused Intent to magnetize greater Harmony, Abundance and Peace in the world. Please know how powerful it is that you are working with many others, formally or informally, in a way that brings the Light of Balance to the world. Equanimity is the great need of the hour. Continuing the process of group intent and prayer will be of tremendous benefit collectively.

You may have found a spiritual practice that is useful to you individually. This is the foundational tool for inner peace and expanded vision. You may find yourself feeling more free and supported to bring forth your Divine Expression and to fully demonstrate who you are to others in an authentic way. The benefit of group support and awareness is not only personally empowering, it expands exponentially.

Together you are expressing the collective voice of the Soul Imperative of the Earth. All that you aspire to is now being empowered. The focus of your group intent is a catalyst for new life in a way that will continue to bless you, and bless others as well.

As you gain strength in the collective vision of your heart, you are more able to let go of the old patterns. You are becoming more clear about what has priority in your life and what fully empowers the divine focus of your Soul to express who you truly are now.

As you gather with others, you create a beautiful spiritual community that spreads to lightworkers around the world. There is a collective awakening occurring that is outside of the parameters of your immediate knowing. Collectively you have sparked the abundant freedom of many souls to awaken to their new vision, ideas and perspectives. This activation is radiating into the quantum field catalyzing the force of Divine Intent as it is streaming Light through the cosmos. What you have empowered is strengthening the River of All Creation that flows through the world. Many people will now be able to awaken to the Divine Light that has expanded exponentially from the power of your collective Intent for more Balance and Harmony in the world.

What you have done and are doing is having a tremendous impact on the consciousness of all humanity and on the Earth’s evolution. Do not doubt this. You are World Servers, who only need to stay in your normal heart-centered consciousness, and join with others to keep your prayers and focused intent steady in order to change the world.

As Archangel Gabriel says, Gently and with Love, Honor Yourselves.


Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.