Observing the Situation

Greetings! It is I Kejraj here. A popular blog hosted on wordpress servers was recently taken down by wordpress. The moment I heard the news I had a pretty good idea why. The blog contained ‘independent’ news. The author shared truth about politics, vaccinations and so on. It is only correct to assume that what once was a ‘safe’ company, who appeared to be pro free speech, freedom of expression, and anti-censorship, wordpress ran by Automatic, has been perhaps and unfortunately taken over by someone else or received orders to monitor blogs hosted on their servers. And Era of Light is hosted on wordpress/automatic servers. I am closely observing the situation. However, in the not too distant future, I may be forced to move to a different host before something like that happens to EraofLight.com

Now, just in case Era of Light gets taken down without warning(seems to be their theme), I will be downloading and saving a backup of Era of Light content every day until we move to a different server.

8 Replies to “Observing the Situation”

  1. Doug James

    Thank you for all you do! Yes censorship proves people are waking up to the AI Matrix and we know now that the shift is inevitable and cant be stopped they have delayed yes but they are running out of options. Toplet bombs be damned.. 50000 years humans have been on earth 4 ages where we have started over.. no more we go back to 5D!

  2. Cheri

    The White House just launched a new site for people to report these issues so they can track the ridiculous censorship going on now accross all social media as it is rampant in desperation to stop the great awakening and all things anti mind control propaganda. They are being forced out in the open now which is the only way we can heal this. The great thing is that the algorithms are failing in a way that the bias against all things truth is completely obvious. We have a constitutional right to free speech in America and will not be silenced! The storm is upon us! WWG1WGA!!

  3. GS

    Jon Rappaport !! I tried to comment to wordpress in his defense, no way to communicate to the company!! Even the free accounts can only use forums, no phone support. The premium accounts have chat support. Readers/writers, don’t use them, ha ! I respect Rappaport, wanted to defend him. Thanks for bringing that up, you rock !!! And, good luck!!
    GS, California