Goddess of Creation: Becoming You

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomSometimes people spend their entire life ‘seeking’ who they are. This may be through studies, experiences, following from one drama to the next. Sometimes people may feel as if they are just bounced from experience to experience without any support. As you become your authentic self, you are expressing this life as your divine self.

The Goddess has spoken over the last three months about the vibration of various energies. (See February, March & April 2019) This channel is now teaching us how to take all of those experiences to the next level. She speaks to us about how we are created much like a puzzle and each puzzle piece while different from the rest are all placed together to create the whole. Some of our pieces are; our emotions, our past through DNA, our life experiences, our thoughts and beliefs, our I AM, soul presence creates the outer matrix.

She also gave us a process for how we can become more aware of what our vibration is as we move through our days. She suggested that four or so times during the day we stop and just tune in. We can then notice if anything is out of sync or pulling us down. We can strengthen what supports us and clear what does not. The more often we do this consciously, the easier to do it unconsciously. It creates a balanced life that is integrated with the crystalline vibration.

Nama Sika Venia Benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you, beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment.

There is indeed a great deal that is transforming within the Earth and out within the Universe. The energies are repeatedly lining up to allow for the next progression, and then they line up again for the next progression, then they line up again. It is a repeated cycle that takes you step, by step, by step, by step as you move through everything that is going on upon the Earth. There may be aspects of your life that remain in a particular vibration. There may be other aspects of your life that are shifting into a new and different vibration so that you are indeed living a double life so to speak.

Prior to this conference, Shelly was talking about the fact that she’s been tired, feeling sick, feeling disorientated and feeling as if she’s forgotten stuff, and then she has not forgotten stuff. This is an indicator of being ungrounded. It is an indicator of filtering much of what’s in the energies around you and some of it is falling into the past, others of it is falling into what you are moving in to.

As much as we create changes, through not only these teleconferences, we create changes through humanity that is affecting all of the Earth. It affects things through the gridwork that is associated through the Collective Consciousness. It creates change through the crystalline gridwork, which is the higher vibrational energy that is the matrix so to speak that is coming into the Earth. It does already exist. It does already surround the planet. There is an integration that is taking place between that and the Collective Consciousness.

There are at times wide, wide, wide varieties of differences. Therefore, as this transformation continues to be integrated throughout all of humanity it will anchor the vibration much more fully in the reality and which you live. Until that time is complete you may find yourself in limbo.

Now one individual spoke about the Eclipse that took place on August 22, 2017, and that was a springboard that was associated with this transformation taking place. What it did for many people was put a pause into the vibration. That pause had an intention of allowing thousands and millions of people to catch up, while those of you who were already well advanced could integrate and have the ability to become more comfortable with this vibration.

This pause, if you want to call it that, is something that we see is going to be in effect for a while longer. In part because that subtle adjustment or attunement between the Collective Consciousness and the Crystalline Grid needs to take place before the next wave of change and transformation can be integrated into humanity. Is it going to be the end of 2019, the end of 2020? It’s so hard to say because for some people that feel that pause and have been in limbo for that long length of time it is what it is. It is very frustrating to hear that I recognize that. However, it is something that is affecting everybody in a different way.

Some people have been moving at a very accelerated pace during this time, and are moving forward and are having great expansion within their lives. Other people are leapfrogging where they will have a great jump forward and then they will stabilize, and then a great jump then stabilize. There is no right or wrong as to how an individual will integrate in this vibration. There is only the knowledge that more and more of the crystalline energies are coming into the world and to some, it may be a place of stasis, to others it may be a place of change, and for others, it may be a place of holding them back or pulling them back.

What I would always recommend with you no matter where you find yourself, or what is happening, is that the more that you become integrated within yourself, working through your heart center, opening up your consciousness and then allowing the flow of your own Divinity; because that is you linked to everything else. So, allowing the flow of your Divinity to be a very smooth motion within your life it will allow you to then be in the space which is in your highest and best interest.

Some of you have worked so hard and been so assertive for your whole life that even if it feels awkward and you don’t really like it that kind of feeling of slowing down or coming to a dead halt or being in limbo, is actually a way of teaching you how not to be in that very, very assertive pattern any longer. If that is what you are used to doing it is very different and so it is aggravating and it does feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, if this is your life, I invite you to breathe deeply into this now moment, breathe in the love, the divinity of your own Soul, breathe in I the Goddess knowing that this will set up a balanced vibration that will assist you moving forward. You need not remain in limbo. You need not be influenced by these outside sources unless there’s something in it that works for you. Phew, how is that for a message, in the beginning, I don’t often go on a long discussion like that.

All right I invite you all to take a deep breath in, sending that energy with your breath to go down through you into the Earth. As it moves into the Earth feel as if it stretches out in every direction. As this energy moves in every direction feel yourself anchoring upon the Earth. Let us take a moment and ask for Gaia to create a conscious alignment with you. In doing so you may receive messages from Gaia. You may be giving her messages. You may be feeling more of the elementals. Whatsoever it is, allow yourself this moment through your deep breath to be present with Gaia.

You then bring that energy back through your body. It goes out through the top of your head. That stream of your consciousness moves up into your Higher Self.

As you find yourself linking within that space it’s as if your consciousness goes from being contained within you to this much broader expanse. This is the space where you work all the time. You flow here to try something out and then bring it back. You flow up here to discard it and then get something new. There is a conscious stream that moves up and down through the line or that cord. It is here and available at all times.

You then send that beam of light further up from your Higher Self. It moves directly into your I AM presence. One might call this the Soul Plane. This is the space where your Divinity resides. Your Divinity, of course, has multiple, multiple dimensions and levels of consciousness. There are aspects of your Divinity that go out into the Universe and aspects of it that remain within the space of the Soul Plane. Feel what this is. Feel who you are as you merge with your Divinity.

As this transformation takes place you will feel as if your consciousness expands further. You will feel that sense of home, that sense of belonging, that sense that just loves you unconditionally because it is you. Allow that strength and allow the vibration that is present to just be here in this now moment.

As I spoke prior to shifting your consciousness this is the Divinity that can assist you in your everyday life so feel like you are just creating a ball of energy or light, and send it down, send it down into the cord, send it down so that you feel it within your heart center. You may feel it then expand. This is you aligning with you. You can feel that it expands even further.

Back within your I AM presence I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you that are here. I reach out to embrace you. As I do so our energies merge blending as one. I amplify who you are and that transforms into the All That Is.

As you arrive within the All That Is again you feel yourself expanding even further. The All That Is is the place of creation. In some ways, it has become segmented, because there has been such a focus about a particular experience. Not only the people on these journeys but many, many others.

Sometimes when you find yourself immersed in an energy or an experience that is just driving you crazy, or you are very, very frustrated to be within that space that it seems like you just keep going around and around in that circle. You can then come into the space of the All That Is with the clear intention of letting go whatever that may be. ~whew~, clear it out of your reality.

As you work in this space of the All That Is put forth, at least for this evening, put forth an intention that for this now moment you want to see, feel, sense, or experience a different reality than what you have in your life right now. Of course, if everything is perfect, everything is going exactly as you want it to be you can still have that intention to see if there’s anything that might be missing.

Your life is the culmination of experiences. The experiences that you the human have had in this lifetime. It’s as if that’s one portion of your reality. You then have your DNA that carries forth thoughts, beliefs, realities, experiences that come from a history and will have an influence on you, frequently unconsciously. There’s another segment. You have your emotions. That is another piece of this puzzle. Your emotions can assist with nudging you forward or they can hold you back, or they can keep you in limbo.

Your emotions play a big key, because if you are depressed, if you are angry, if you are sad, mad frustrated, if you are ecstatic, if you feel expansive and huge, all of those emotions have an impact. You can feel how some were shrinking things and some were growing a reality. You then have your mental body and the mental body is created through your thoughts, and your beliefs. It goes hand in hand with your ego and your experiences for this lifetime. As often as we have cleared out past beliefs they frequently will transform or come back again becoming once more a part of your reality.

Then kind of surrounding all of these pieces of the puzzle is the vibration. Okay, I’m seeing it two different ways. So, this surrounding energy comes from the vibration of your Divinity, which is that unconditional love the God Source; the essence of all that is love, acceptance, truth, reality. That vibration surrounds everything and it permeates into everything. So this creates you the human, you the person, the person that is more than that in this lifetime, the person that has had multiple lifetimes, the person that is divine, the person that has their ups and their downs, and then that energy is associated into the Collective Consciousness.

I frequently will invite people to disconnect from the Collective Consciousness. If there is any high vibration that is part of that you can tap into that yourself from the crystalline. You need not go through the Collective Consciousness.

I guess part of why I wish to discuss this with you this evening is because when people seek to make changes upon the Earth, and they become frustrated, it’s hard sometimes to comprehend how many pieces to the puzzle there are and why you are the person that you are. Now, of course, you can bypass all of that, step into your divinity, and then be in the flow of the unconditional love, understanding that all of those pieces will find their own balance as you focus upon the Divine and how it integrates into you. It’s a shortcut. As I said that I could feel so many of you just transforming and just clearing out.

Most likely you have heard again, and again, and again that with energy work you need not relive every single experience. You can clear it in an instance. The vibration and the essence for who you are is what becomes intrinsic in your reality.

We’ve just spent several months focusing upon the vibration. (The teleconferences from February, March, and April of 2019) The vibration of those particulars energies that we focused upon created the bits and pieces of change within your life.

Let us take this moment as you consider the pieces of the puzzle. Open as if there is this wave upon wave that is moving through you. Ask to simply know “what is my intrinsic vibration in this now moment”. Your vibration can change instantaneously. In fact, it does always change. Sometimes dramatically. Sometimes in minute pieces.

It is helpful for you to get into the habit of asking what is my vibration right now. It may be very generalized. It may be very specific. You may feel sometimes you are floating. You may I feel sometimes you are very grounded. You may feel as if you are stuck in a pocket of energy that is no longer serving you. The more that you work with your vibration the more that you become attuned with who you are. Allow the flow of the Divine to become the forefront of your consciousness in this now moment.

As this is you feel that flow of your Divinity. Allow it as if it is filtering through all those different particles that make up who you are. You feel the Divine flow through you. As it does so what happens to your vibration? For most, I feel it beginning to rise. For some, I had the sense of a teetertotter, where it was as if part of them was going up and part was going down and then they would reverse it. As if they were trying to find that centered balance and in doing so it was up down, up down. There we go. I just felt another wave of the Divine flowing through each one of you. This time with the intention of balance, this time with the intention of raising every part of your vibration.

The main part of my message for you this evening has been about how quickly your vibration can transform. That knowledge works in both ways. You may be feeling excellent having a wonderful day and then you get hooked into something and it brings you down, down, down, then causing you to feel angry, frustrated, or whatever. Again, recognizing you need not stay there. You can transform this vibration. You then find yourself rebounding and coming back up and do something that feels better to you.

How many times during your day do you make that conscious choice to disconnect from the people around you, breathe within yourself the vibration of your essence, and then feel the vibration ascend? Put forth an intention for yourself that you will consider this when you wake up in the morning, consider this perhaps mid-morning, perhaps at lunch, mid-afternoon, in the evening. It may be only one time during the day or maybe four or five times during the day.

In the beginning, I would say to you program yourself to at least four times during the day. Stop and take stock of where you are. This need not be any big deal. We are setting it up right now, therefore, you just take a deep breath in and ask, “I’m checking out where my vibration might be right now”, and then you breathe in deeply and then as you breathe out you clear whatever might be there. Then you take a second breath in and this time you sit with the energy. You hold that breath for a moment and you’re feeling your vibration.

If you continue to work at that manner you will begin to see, ah right there, phew and you clear it out. By doing this consciously 4 times a day you programmed your conscious mind to begin to take stock ‘where is my vibration’ and then ~whew~, clear out whatever it might be. Sometimes it might be a small little hook that someone has in you. Sometimes it might be everybody that you’re working with and you have a massive wave that goes through. It can be big or it can be small it matters not. It’s about clearing out, ~whew~, any vibration that keeps you from that balanced state that most assists you in living the expanded life you seek to have. The world is changing. The world is coming around. You create for yourself that which suits you the best.

We speak frequently about the crystalline grid. While here in the All That Is, I invite you to open up all of your consciousness and feel the flow of the crystalline energies as they move within this space; moving into and around you. Most likely there is a great deal of familiarity with this. Because it’s been coming for over 10 years and you have been working with it all of that time.

Even within the crystalline vibration, there is that which is the lower vibration and that which is the higher vibration. As you take a deep breath feel; as if you are weaving this conscious alignment with the crystalline energy into you letting it go into your consciousness, your emotions, your thoughts, and beliefs, your physicality.

The crystalline vibration is the intrinsic balance of the higher dimensions. The crystalline vibration when it comes into you naturally creates the highest and best balance for who you are. Therefore, as you continue to integrate your Divinity you may also invite into the consciousness the Crystalline Grid and the Crystalline Vibration. Breathe it in. Breathe it out.

Who are you? Who are you the person in this life? Especially as you are here within this space. I invite you to understand that you are so much bigger than this lifetime. So, allow in the you that is already crystalline. The you that comes from your Divinity. Therefore, let ‘you’ shine forth as this expanded, ascended person that you are.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Truly experience you.

Through all these energies I invite you to come back together as a group. As you do so you have that sense of a circle. Pay attention to all of that crystalline vibration that moves through the circle. Take note of how you yourself align with that vibration as this circle becomes more and more filled with the energies of each of you as your Divine, you as your crystalline energy.

You see coming up within the circle the Hologram of the Earth. Take a look at this Hologram. I invite you to notice does it look the same as the Earth you always see or are you able to discern how the higher vibrations are affecting the Earth. As the Hologram is that crystalline vibration there is also that Collective Consciousness within it.

However, we are opening to perceive the Earth itself as it is transforming throughout all the work that everybody is doing. Infuse into this Hologram all of this vibration and as it moves into the Hologram it begins to spin and turn as it moves on its own. As this vibration transforms you have a sense of letting it go. An aspect of this energy goes out into the Universe creating that balance for the Universe. The remainder goes down into the Earth moving through the atmosphere of the Earth, clearing out whatever is no longer in vibrational alignment, moving into the center of the earth and then expanding outwards.

As this energy expands outwards it is coming up through all the many layers of the Earth. It’s coming up through the collective consciousness. It’s coming up into each one of you. Feel your own vibration. Feel who you are. Feel your crystalline self as it merges cell, to cell, to cell within you so it flows throughout every particle of your body. That crystalline energy is also clearing out the Collective Consciousness, ~whew~, letting go the lower dimensions and the lower vibrations.

It permeates the water, the grass, the trees, the ground, the Earth itself, creating that balanced energy that as the crystalline vibration is moving in through the from the Universe this is receiving it in the Earth. It has always been there. It has always received the crystalline energy. However, there is so much more of it now moving into and through the space.

Feel your own balance. Feel your expanded self. Feel and be YOU. You as your Divinity. You as the person that has all those many pieces of the puzzle. You as that individual attuned to every vibration within you able to clear out what no longer serves you.

As you breathe deeply you bring back into you the remainder of the consciousness that remained out in the All That Is. Bring everything back down into the human self, sending it into the Earth grounding it back once more in your human body. As you do so those pieces of the puzzle find their intrinsic balance. It clears out old energies. It assists you to find that space and to become YOU.

As you spend the next several days or weeks really determining what your vibration is throughout your day, I invite you to go about this in a way that feels fun, supportive and nurturing to you. If it feels as if it becomes a job; let it go. If it feels that it become a burden; let it go.

This self-discovery of you discovering you is about truly understanding that your vibration should flow. That there should be times when it should be up or low or whatever it may be. The more that you understand that this is what it is in this now moment the more you can clear out, and the more that you can find yourself and that higher vibrational balance. It is huge. It is taking the understanding of vibration to the next level. May it be that which fully supports you because you are you.

Beloved know that I am always with you and within you.



This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website: http://www.goddesslight.net