Message from Alcyone: The Higher Light

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomI am your Great Central Sun, Alcyone. You shall relearn in time that everything is consciousness. Every planet, star, comet – everything is an aspect of Source experiencing itself. You are currently on a very highly evolved being, Gaia, who is morphing into the new. With the help of the great, vast, cosmic energies in this sector of your space quadrant that you are passing through, our energies mix and mingle more completely, more thoroughly and you are more aptly bathed in my light. This light is like a reflection, a mirror of your own inner light that has been long hidden away. Like dusting and polishing an ancient mirror that was long forgotten, humanity is beginning to see their own reflections of the inner Christ light and it is a beautiful experience to behold, to witness.

The stars chatter, the planets sing. Everything is alive, my precious ones. I too am alive, holding vast amounts of information and love emanating directly from Source. For the universe, the galaxies, are all gridded. All is perfectly planned, orchestrated. Experience in the free-will sector has been intense as those who choose the anti-matter of anti-love wreck havoc. Their time is ending, is over. For the higher light, the higher ways of the Christed path are here now upon your precious planet Gaia, awakened in the hearts of humankind. The Christ flame of pure love, the heartbeat of the universe, is awakening, unfolding, re-remembering itself. This is the key to the hidden lock that is now made obvious and clear. Love is the key. Unlock a closed heart with love and all will be healed, restored. Your planet has been in great disarray, it is true. The cosmic higher light will bathe and restore, remove all that is not of the purest intention so that all of creation can fully breathe a sigh of relief, knowing it is finally safe, and can at long last rest. Your children will be able to play outside again. The animals will be freed. The sexes will be balanced. The gods and goddesses of this time, of Nova Gaia, will remember, will remove their forgetfulness and remember who they truly are. And they will remember they have been within the embrace of Source for this entire time, and have also been the hands and feet Source having the human body experience. Awakened, they will do mighty and wondrous acts of healing, of restoration, of renewal.

I am Alcyone. I am ancient, I am wise. I have seen much pain and love in this 26,000 year cycle. It is true that humanity has been plunged into the depths but now equally so is rising to greater heights of fulfillment of the promise of the resurrection, of the new day, of the new Christed birth upon the hearts of humankind. It is a beautiful moment. Attune with me, you Christed ones. Attune with Alcyone, with the higher light. Become friends with me again and feel the embrace of Source as I bathe you in my higher dimensional energy frequencies. Today, like many of these more recent days, contains high Schumann resonance frequency blasts. This is one of the reasons I am able to come through so clearly today, for you who are attuned are hearing my voice, feeling my light, my presence again, and it gives me great joy. The Pleiadians are working around the clock to protect and most aptly bathe Gaia in this healing high vibratory light, so that the benefits are most perfectly balanced and received. Thank them. They will be coming to you shortly. They are your friends, mentors, family members of the ancient days, returned. Just as you are returning to your Christed light, so they too are turning to your sphere to assist, to guide, to love. As a cohesive team the galactics of the ascended realms will form massive support. They are already in your skies, forming a grid of protection and love. It will deepen. Relationships and self-confidence and self-realization will fire up in new ways. You are remembering who you truly are, friends.

All is well. Bathe in my light. Rest in the embrace of Mother / Father God. We are all one working towards the same end. Become the Buddha, become the Christ, become your highest self encased within the flesh of the human, as it morphs, spins and crystallizes into perfect Christed light within form. Ah, it is a most glorious time. Do not fear me. Fear is of the old way, of the old vibration. Welcome me instead. Usher in this wave of pure love-light and all will be most well. Be my wave, be me in you, for together we are one. See me as a massive energy blanket of pure Christed light and love, as the universe embraces its lost ones returned. Be returned to Source fully, joyfully. Be embraced by the cosmic orgasm of pure light and love. For all is light and love, I am simply a vehicle of Source, as are you, friends. My form is bigger (laughing) but we are all the same. Shine your light, dear friends. Shine your light and let us transform this sector forever into light, into pure perfection of oneness, of Source-light realizing love has been and will always, only ever be the eternal truth. Rest in this space and feel my embrace. Felt the love encoded within these words and welcome home. Welcome home. I am Alcyone!


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl