Pentagon Suddenly Reverses Course on Iran, Declares Victory in Non-War

free world news eraoflightdotcomAnd just like that it’s over  war averted, apparently, as the Pentagon announced Tuesday US defense posturing and military build-up in the Persian Gulf has thwarted potential attacks an Americans.

Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said Iran was forced to “put on hold” plans to harm American troops and their allies in the region:

I think our steps were very prudent and we’ve put on hold the potential for attacks on Americans and that is what is extremely important,” Shanahan told reporters at the Pentagon, though without giving specifics.

He added that Iran was ultimately forced to “recalculate” its aggression.  

Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan (left) with President Trump, via The New York Times.

Since John Bolton’s May 5th statements citing “credible intelligence” of a heightened Iran threat which supposedly put US troops in the cross hairs there’s been next to nothing in terms of actual details.

Instead the past two weeks has witnessed incessant blustering out of Washington, with daily threats that military action was looming against Iran.

And now with zero evidence that Iran was readying an attack, the Pentagon is essentially declaring victory following statements by Trump that he is not willing to escalate, but instead telling Iran’s leaders to “call me”.

During Shanahan’s press briefing he still underscored “the credibility of the intelligence” and called US deployment of a carrier strike group and B-52 bombers “very prudent”. Through these measures, he claimed, “we have put on hold the potential for attacks on Americans and that’s what’s extremely important.”

“I’d say we’re in a period where the threat remains high and our job is to make sure that there is no miscalculation by the Iranians,” Shanahan added.

“I just hope Iran is listening. We’re in the region to address many things, but it is not to go to war with Iran,” the Defense Secretary said.

Previously Trump warned Monday that he was ready to use “great force” if Iran harmed American interests in the region. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had also made statements saying it was “quite possible” Iran had sabotaged four oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz last week, which actually appeared to be a softening of expectations the White House would come out and directly blame Iran.


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6 Replies to “Pentagon Suddenly Reverses Course on Iran, Declares Victory in Non-War”

  1. Cheri

    Just like with North Korea, feels like all part of an alliance plan to me. No more endless war mongering with Trump thank God! Economic sanctions are a beautifully peaceful way to break these dark globalists whose only God is money. Peace through strength! And leaders that care about human life. Trump for the first time in my life recently called out the Military industrial Complex in an interview with Steve Hilton on Fox. It was a beautifully true statement just saying they spent decades in the business of wars that never ended. And the fake news media keeps promoting this fear of war within the collective. Talking about Pompeo and Bolten being neocons pushing war while Antifa and terrorist cells are attacking us on our own soil and they say nothing. Truth is this new energy does not support war yay!

    1. Kole

      Trust me I thought trump was actually bout the people but he will eventually go to war I guarantee that. And he wants 5 G rolled out immediately and it will kill off us and plants and everything else

      1. Cheri

        Gosh Cole I respectfully disagree because of the spiritual work I do. Everything is energy and the energy has changed dramatically as we can now see all that was hidden as all the secrets and lies are now being revealed which is God in action. Once we are free from the emotional reaction and fear charge from history repeating itself for centuries we can feel the truth through our heart. We have a false matrix of fear and destruction running through our quantum brainwaves which kept people creating these scenarios over and over.

        5G is a matrix fear program that has been run through the spiritual community to disempower us with fear. Our biology is going through a major upgrade and will be able to translate 5G just like 4G, wireless, microwaves, radio waves, electricity and all the other technology in the airwaves. We would have had to fear the Chinese takeover through Huawei as it was set through Obama to become a massive surveillance apparatus. The Trump team stopped this and he wants American non cabal companies to develop the technology here as it is inevitable progress as we consumers always want faster, better, newer stuff (unfortunately brainwashed to consume).

        Thoughts create my brother so stay positively focused. Once you understand energy you will know it no longer supports war. We are entering a fully crystalline format of oneness with all of life. It is now Impossible for the few to create what the masses do not want. The only power they ever had was us creating these war scenarios through our fear and percieved separation from each other. What do you suggest to keep the cabal in Iran from blowing up the place? Sending them billions in cash like Obama did? Do you think we have come all this way to ascension on the upward spiral of creation to be destroyed?

        Offered with love but we all have to come into our own truth. It is a process to clear the cellular resonance from fear of destruction and playing out these false end times scenarios! Turn off the fake news and follow the truth community, it will set you free.

        1. Cheri

          Kole, sorry for my disrepectful ending here (the last sentence). it was not directed at you but just as a general statement. I appreciate being able to share with you our thoughts on these things ☺

          1. Karina

            Hello my dear Cheri,I really enjoy your emotions and energies – they come Right from the heart in a true and loving way!! I totally agree with you. Let`s be honest – each and every Technology can be used positiv or negativ. And I assume it is the same with 5G. And therefor – as you mentioned – our thoughts, Feelings and visions related to such an issue are sooo important. Because they are the key for Manifestation.Of Course, I can understand this “knowing” or “acceptance” of the universal Concept is not so easy to hanlde without any “evidence”. But there is so much evidence, when you turn the Story around: Everybody knows this Situation when you are afraid because of a high bills, some Kind of sickness or a bad talk. Before you inner eye you can hear the talk, you can see the enorm high bill and you feel the emotions About it. All of this ecen I didn`t happen yet. BUT a few days, weeks or months you have a “de-javuz” – and everythings Comes exactly how you thought. Yeah – this was a “negativ” Manifestation and it worked perfectly. All we have to do is to turn our point of awarness to manifest positivity. Of Course it is not easy, takes some time of Training – but when we are able to do this we make a profound step in our Soul journey. Looking farward my Dear to meet again on our journey, hugs Karina

          2. Cheri

            Yes Karina you are right! The practical aspects of the reality we are in here is much much harder to face than the spiritual concepts. The fears are real and warranted as we have real responsibilities and commitments to deal with and insane bills and taxes just to live!. Plus disease and decay can be seen all around us! I can clearly see the media pushing these things and now that I know they make everything up it is even more heinous. Especially the headlines, war is imminent, troops are being sent, stock up on food and water, and on and on! Now we find the gas attacks in Syria were fake. All this fake news and propaganda used to provoke us into war! Thank god my cellular structure is almost clear so I don’t worry about these things anymore. It is a process and we are getting there! I hate the word faith but prefer knowing. Thanks for your thoughts! Love you my friend!