Atmar: Observe Your Perception Of All That Is

multiverse eraoflightdotcomThis time has all the potential for you. You only need to realize it and your life is already developing in the only appropriate direction: towards homecoming to God. I am ATMAR! Awareness of pure consciousness, love of love and compassion for the troubled humanity!

In fact, many of you feel pressured – beset by the many and ever increasing attacks and attacks of the dark leaders of this matrix on the freedom of your mind.

This perception is correct. What is still incorrect and imperfect is your answer.

Do not be impressed

Are you affected by impositions of any kind, do not let yourself be impressed!

Meet hate, do not be impressed, but respond with compassion. If fear spreads, do not be impressed, but respond with love.

In the coming days, the fear scenarios will increase, with the aim that a frightened humanity submits to everything that is now devised and mustered. The goal is to irritate and weaken you until you give up all resistance and submit to it. I tell you: do not let that impress you!

Because it is your love, your realized joy and your inner peace that never let these fears approach you.

You are creator!

You are the master! This time is the great opportunity for you to remain or become yourself by virtue of your consciousness.

The bigger and more powerful the attacks on your free mind, the greater the chance for you to grow in this task. In this respect, all the powers that play a game other than love and light will do you a great service.

You need to strengthen your spiritual muscles until you become unresponsive to all energy fields that are now clearly going to harm you.

Your consciousness is the key to everything, because it has the power to meet every diminutive power powerfully and brightly. Be impressed with yourself and not with those phenomena that can put you in fear and worry.

Today, with many people being caught up in “Light Poverty,” it is important for you to be aware of your “Light Wealth.”

Master, the only problem that actually exists is that you are unaware of your power!

Be vigilant to yourself. Be vigilant and aware of the power you represent and what you can undo and resolve.

Joy is the answer

The highest vibration is represented by the joy flowing from a loving heart. If you oscillate in this frequency, then other frequencies no longer affect you. Manipulation is only possible when you resonate with the vibration of fear.

Be alert wherever you want to minimize your joy, diminish your light, or hinder your love.

Be vigilant when your fellow human beings are plagued by great fears and consciously counter the fears with the energy of joy.

The more fears you perceive, the more joy you have to create – and you achieve that through awareness.

You are right here!

• You are now on this earth because you chose it the same way.

• You are right here and now! Right, because you want to experience this great time, with all the great potential.

• You are here because the end of your journey may have come !?

• You are here because you provide your joy, your love and your light to those who can not yet venture the venture of freedom.

• You are here to be happy. You are here to be yourself.

• You are here to live to live YOUR life and not to live ONE life.

Be aware, Master, nothing can harm you if you are aware of your divine power. Everything serves you so that you can become aware of your divine power.

Celebrate this dark time, because it holds the brightest light ready for those who see through the illusion and recognize themselves.

How powerful are you and how little can this time affect you? Recognize this. Be vigilant, watchful or watchful.

I love you endlessly.

Light of light, love of love.



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl


5 Replies to “Atmar: Observe Your Perception Of All That Is”

  1. Cheri

    Good article! Taking about cellular imprints and implants impressed upon us through fear and hatred. We reject these imprints and counter with pure joy! It is hard to get off of auto-pilot and a matching knee jerk reaction to energy that affronts but we are getting there for sure! Inner power is being in full control of ones own actions and reactions. I have always been a very joyful person (my mom said I came out that way hahaha!). I was always a radiator until the dark night of the soul beset me in the last 15 years or so to start clearing my ancestral energy of dysfunction and gloom. It was a shock and eye opener to have things not working for me anymore. It definately takes hard work and awareness of every thought when we are not in a state of joy!

    Gosh I am such a chatterbox lately (lol)! Joy is returning woohoo!

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Greetings Cheri!

      May I make a suggestion?

      Go ahead and attempt to put your current energy into words, and I’ll share it on the page.

      1. Cheri

        Ok Kej Raj! Sorry! Am I taking up too much of your memory in my long winded comments? I am definately getting a lot of downloads or wisdom lately from this clearing work. I will take your advice as you have this beautiful vehicle that somehow I had a sense from the beginning that I would eventually be doing this here. Love you and thank you!

          1. Cheri

            Ok my brother I heard you! That was just my fear of publishing my experiences and knowing, not what you meant or your projection at all! Just sent you an article as you suggested! Spirit is working through you my friend! TY 😘