Saint Germain: 5G and 5D

saint germain eraoflightdotcomIt seems that this is a capstone of the New World Order. Because then we are all “smart” and “glasses”. However, what I am particularly concerned with are microwaves that will destroy humans, animals and plants. In Australia there is a whole nature park with mountain that served as a 5G test zone and is now a desert. Also 100 cattle, on which you tested 5G, have died. (WHY WE HAVE TO DO NOW FOR 5G NOW OFFICER PACKS OFF.)

What does that do to our insects or the birds? Mini drones are already being developed to take over the pollination of flowers. In China, people have been doing that for years!

What happens to the trees and forests? How sick we humans become.

With the statement “5G or 5D” it brought my brother Karl the day before yesterday to the point. Now begins the last part of the revelation of John (“no one will be able to buy or sell anymore, unless he has the refill – RFID chip”)?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: This is a path that is allowed to a certain point. The last waypoint is that every human being can opt for the mark or against it.

JJK: But until then most people will be manipulated by 5G and will not be able to make a clear and firm decision. It is already the case today that more and more people are walking through the streets like remote-controlled.

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Everyone gets opportunities to wake up. The soul plan determines where the journey goes. Anyone who deliberately deals with this issue will take specific measures to stay safe from this energy field.

The order of the protective measures is as follows:

11 Protective measures before 5G

1) awareness

The knowledge of what it is – the knowledge that by increasing the natural vibration, the low-vibrating 5G energy field can not exert any influence.

2) Constant high natural vibration

This is achieved through daily meditation and transformation work.

3) Ask God

Please be the Prime Source alone or Archangel Metatron to destroy all harmful frequencies emanating from 5G.

4) nutrition

Little to no industrially produced food or liquids to eat. Grab fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. Cook yourself!

5) Regular physical detoxification

Just as you “detoxify” your mind in meditation, so by regular “cures” you detoxify your physical body. Get, as Jahn did, one of the books of the Spiritual Channels of Spiritual Lightworlds, Anthony William. You’ll find everything in it that makes you 5G resistant. Attack on other options that feel good for you and that you would like to try out. Experiment until you find the optimal one for you.

6) Wear protective symbols, protective amulets and protective stones.

Again, there is help for every person. But be aware: Effective protection always goes hand in hand with consciousness.

For example, if you do not want to change your dietary habits and continue to eat meat from animals, the baseline vibration will be low and you will not be able to build effective protection. The protection symbols correspond with the consciousness of the wearer.

7) Go to the forest.

Looking for the closeness of nature, meadows, flowers and trees. If you live in the city, consider a move.

Move your focus to the country, because the cities are the first focus.

Even if you do not know how to finance it, it will open a path for you if you are really ready for it. There is no such thing as impossible.

8) Do yoga

or other physical exercises that harmonize your energy flow.

9) Make petitions to the politicians and to those responsible.

Write letters to the newspapers, participate in demonstrations on this topic. Show your face. Talk about it to your friends. With all these measures, you create an energy field of awareness. As a result, knowing what 5G really means can spread more easily.

10.) Do not be afraid of death!

You are eternal immortal consciousness. Spirit of the Spirit, Light of the Light of God. Your body is your “vehicle” for the time on earth. Make sure you fulfill your orders, because that’s the only reason you’re here.

11) Stay in peace and in love

Whatever happens, stay free from hatred, practice forgiveness, and maintain inner peace.

Love has the highest vibration. Get as close as you can, especially when fears are around you. This is a matter of consciousness. This closes the circle and we have returned to point 1.

JJK: How long will it take for the whole world to be full of 5G broadcast antennas?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: There is significant resistance. It will not be as easy to implement as planned. Resistance stirs and will still rain. How this process finally ends is up to humanity. You have it in your hands and you have more in your hand than you believe.

Therefore, you are advised to do your own homework first and then use it for the good of all.

JJK: Should I write a petition against 5G or even consider a referendum?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Wait, how things develop. Basically, it is your task to bring people light messages, so that they can perceive the events in this world from the spiritual perspective.

Whether and when to engage in “political” engagement will unambiguously manifest your spiritual guidance – in a way that can be understood and welcomed by your family and by all of the Lightworld team.

JJK: Why do not our politicians recognize this great danger inherent in 5G? Austria’s federal government even plays the pioneer!

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: Since they have no way to calmly test this, and because they are part of this system, that means they are no longer able to think independently and clearly.

Alertness, an inner sense or prudence based on observation and common sense were eliminated. Everyone is marching in step towards the abyss.

JJK: Who will stop her, who will stop it?

MASTER ST. GERMAIN: It’s how it’s got to be – people in large numbers will unexpectedly rise and those who are certain of victory will fall.

5G or 5D?
All people who want to keep their old life have decided that as well – as those who adapt to the daily rising vibration on earth and indulge wholeheartedly.

In infinite love


» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl