The Merpeople Collective of Nova Gaia: All Roles Are Equal

new light human eraoflightdotcomHello human friends, friends of the light, keepers of ascending Gaia. We are the Merpeople Collective of Nova Gaia. We are many. We joyfully patrol the waters of Nova Gaia, filling them with yet more light. For we are light in form, as are you, human protectors of Ascending Gaia. Your role is not to be under estimated, or over estimated. All roles are equal, all roles are important. All are perfectly fitted puzzle pieces creating the most beautiful image of glowing ascended Gaia. Your light is much needed. Your threads of light are an integral piece of this cosmic tapestry. Some threads have been sewn many many times, representing many earthen sojourns on this once difficult terrain, this place where darkness played and the light attempted to understand it.

Gaia is one of many water planets. Her once pristine oceans will become so again. We will assist, we are already assisting in our own way, harmonically cleaning and clearing away the emotional debris of humanity’s waste products. We too long for Gaia to be as gleaming in your now-and-space as in our now-and-space. For we are on the ascended, glittering, perfect crystal-clear waters of Nova Gaia. Very soon we will be able to easily pass through many portals that are opening all over your water world like Swiss cheese and we shall pass through most easily. (We choose the image of Swiss cheese for many of you have eaten such animal products. We do not. The analogy remains). Portals opening are not as rare as you may think. Think of the Stargate in your TV shows, of your government secret space-ops that will be and are quickly coming to light. Portals are a simplistic way of bending space time, and in our case, the energetics of water are easily manipulated, in light, in love. We have ascended beyond manipulation and need of power over or of control. Flow, understanding love, these are the tools that most interest us in this now moment. Protecting and preserving our planetary mother, Gaia, our sphere of perfection, is our most important mission in this now.

We are stewards of the water. We partner with the cetaceans and the other water creatures who hold their own unique creation song, creating the oceanic symphony of many harmonies. It is time for the humans to find their own harmonics and to write their own symphony of overcoming, of reunion, of bliss, of joy. We see joy exploding in pockets on your planetary surfaces like joyful fireworks of light. We see bliss becoming the normal status quo for many of our ascending ones, our Nova Gaians with a foot in each realm of worlds. You are very busy when you slumber. You may ask to swim with us in your dreams on your journeys into your new ascended world. The energies are shifting, rising, climbing and humanity, those who have chosen, are rising the tide of this massive love burst from our dear friend Alcyone, and it is most magnificent. The harmonics, the energetics of your Gaia’s waters are changing, morphing, climbing. Lower energy signatures such as radiation will not be compatible with this increase in energy. Such is a good thing for your waters have been very contaminated, without the truth being fully relayed to you surface dwellers. The time of such unveilings, revelations is here now in your reality. Stand in your truth. Stand in your light. Swim with the current of these higher energies and become embraced by Gaia herself. For remember friends, the portals are opening, much change is happening. You can gratefully and joyfully anticipate and participate in much change for the positive.

We are the Ascended Merpeople Collective. We have fought many of our own wars over the ages with many of our own kind. We have been distrustful of humans and removed ourselves from you, whether in the planetary depths, or your inner earth, or higher dimensional spaces. We are ready to swim with our human friends again. We are hominoid adapted to aquatic environments, who tend to the watery depths with great care, compassion and love. We are peaceful. We have dropped our tridents in favor of tools of peace, of music, of harmonics of the sea, for these are lovely tools of tremendous change.

We are the Ascended Merpeople of Nova Gaia. Much change will be needed to heal your Gaia, and much help will be provided. But the ingredient you can most provide is passion for change, passion for peace, passion for Gaia and her creatures. Cleaning up her environment is a natural outward expression of an inward change. Many hands make light work. Many hands, all types of hands and technologies, will pitch in for this massive planetary effort. Our final words would be to trust with the eyes of your heart; trust your heart-eyes much more than what you have seen, or been shown as truth. It is time for fresh vision, for clarity of sight, for deep compassion, for change. Look at Gaia with the eyes of your heart, help her, and be changed alongside with her as she morphs into the higher vibrational encodements that will bless you and all upon her who have chosen the light. Those who have not chosen the light have chosen another path. It will be honored. The time of indecision is long past. The time of the new day is here. Nova Gaia’s doors are shining, open, sparkling, pure, ready for you to step through energetically. Heaven, ascension, is a state of being, a vibration. Be ascended now, right where you are and be masters of form for this realm and change it for the better. Anchor the light. Be at peace. We are eager to meet and speak with our human friends again as we did in days of old when we were friends in Lumeria. We are the Ascended Merpeople Collective of Nova Gaia. We are, as are you.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl