Transforming the Lower Masculine

earth shining eraoflightdotcomAfter the past few sleepy slumber days feeling loose and flowing or perhaps rigid and restless for the awakeners we move into some fiery Aries energy, that when harnessed can and will be used for the betterment of all around.

But perhaps it won’t be viewed this way in the beginning as Mars already active with Chiron until tomorrow has already begun the theme for this month, the lower masculine energy, the wounding, the emotional castration begins to surface and take shape through addictions, primal sex, avoidance, volatile emotions, a need to be validated and control.

The fear programming of those blocked inner children appearing like an uncontrollable temper. Let’s please remember this is not gender specific as we have all been raised in a patriarchal society that has enforced the lower masculine ways, women suffer greatly through this but equally so do men, women in their masculine often appear narcisstic, the screamers and the shouters, all of closed heart highlight no love within, no soft, understanding, kind or gentle frequencies but instead a void like a blackhole pulling everything in to attempt to fill this gaping hole…..a futile experience.

Our fields will be like earth tremors giving a good shake, allowing the hidden to become seen, FOR you to realise and release, but not before examining what has arisen and of course validating it, before it’s realised as the program and then invalidated.

Much of this energy will take us within to see the ego and it’s tricks for us to Observe and then Choose how to move, how to take the next conscious step.

The pressure rises….

We are now receiving KP4 winds, we hold a chance for G1 storm and I will update you as we move. But this Gemini Sun will kick up the dirt and provide a space for us to action what has been moving into your awareness.

This Solar activity could well be the power packed butt kicking energy that you have been requesting to assist your shift and I am sure it won’t let you down, when we receive these changeable energies and we make a choice to clear, the support you receive is exponential and you soon come to realise that by clearing your field that the anticipation or fear was most likely unfounded and was your ego creation anyway.

If you have a truth to be told, if it’s time to iron out and stop enabling people then you will be supported in realising that your nervousness around speaking was creating the energy for the defense attack, when we hold no fear there is no person or situation that can bring any form of effect, it’s simply a case of closing down timelines, nothing in your hall of mirrors is personal to you….all is simply a frequency and if the exchange creates distorted presentations then you must realise Self in the situation and choose to dissolve the old.

Powerful energies angels…lots to do in the fields

Sending so much love to All.


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