Horus: Great Evolution

horus eraoflightdotcomDear Souls,

We are now entering a tide of Great Evolution upon your Earth it is imperative at this time dear Souls that you remain focused and steadfast.

The Heart Chakra of your Being of your Planet is now Beating in a Perfect Symphony raising the Love Frequency once more….

We innerstand the great challenge of your time…in this current cycle of your Planet as The Cycles of your Evolution is cyclic in nature…

Many old Souls have been at this stage many times before.

We work with the Procession of Equinoxes and we are participating a major shift upon your planet once more this year… as we are entering into another Age and Stage once more.

We began a major shift in the Golden Age of Leo during the linear time of 10948 BC upon your Earth that took place in Summer Solstice 21 June of that year upon your Earth.

In a Cosmic Mind of understanding we embrace and work with frequency and number and array of geometry and encodements and these have materialized in the Souls that have come back once more with a mission… These syncronicities will be dormant in your Akashic Record and your current Date of Birth.

We are embarking once more another possession of Equinox this year as we are changing a tide and two significant dates you shall be embarking on a great change on your Earth.

12/12/2019 // 12/12/12//36 3/3/3//9 the Gateway of the Trinities and the Celebration of the Great Zodiac shall be activated once more upon your planet… and thenceforth the 21/12/2019//12 12/12/12//36 // 9 upon your Earth.

We are activating once more the Messier 42 Nebula Gateway of the Orion Belt which is 12 Light Years away from your Planet that aligns with the Sacred Pyramids upon your planet The Hearth Stones that sit at the heart of Creation itself Saiph Rigel and Altak.

These stars along with the Great Central Sun Sirius connect and align with the Pyramids both physical and etherical bringing forth a creation of new energy and light – a plasma of energy activating your consciousness once more…

We are entering a New Cycle upon your Earth… This Age of Greater Understanding preparing an Age of Light where the Four Pillars of Light shall ignite once more…

I come through my beloved here upon the earth for whom I overshadow and whom I impart this information and light.

For in the Higher Light we work with a magnitude of Energy and Light.

We are working at this time with a magnitude of energy and Light…. The Venus Portal in this tide hath ignited for the very essence of this energy and light is to pour forth the Light to the Enlightened…. it is a planet of Light Love and Wisdom.

This Planet is the innermost planet of the Sun and the only planet not to have a Moon…. for in essence this Planet is Light within itself – the Lux – the Life.

We are embracing changes upon Jupiter for we are activating this planet once more – Life after Life I have embraced this name and light and we must understand its metaphors and meaning.

The Jupiter Planet has 69 moons in service…. to the ONE…. and 69 is the code of Cancer and it was Cancer that we brought forth the Age of Leo in Egypt where I and my Beloved androgynous in nature – the very representation of HU…. The Celestial HU…. activated The Sphinx – The Pyramids of Light – The Labyrinth – The Passage to the Halls of Amenti. 69 is the year that my beloved birthed once more on your planet… The Year of the Rising Phoenix – The Fire Rooster – The representation of the Sun.

IO-Ptah – Ju-Ptah IO is the inner most moon in Service to Jupiter – Encoded 42 the reverse code of 24 the Code of Jupiter.

We use Codes in the Higher Realms of Light as key identifiers as in this current tide we are still working on the integration of Polarity as a Mastery in this System of Worlds.

We are still facing a storm of chaos upon your planet… a chaos of misunderstanding – as the many frequencies and vibrations of Souls are at different levels of understanding and we embrace this uniqueness….we embrace all with love.

The uniqueness of your Soul you must embrace – the uniqueness of your path and journey you must embrace – knowing that what ever you do in your path and journey you choose to do for your own growth and understanding – for you are the Creators of your Destiny – You are the Creators of your Path of Light and Love. You are Souls connected and interwoven to this path of Source Light divinely connected to bring this energy and light to the Earth.

This is the year of Creation and a time to embark on your destiny,,,to be the fulfillment of your path of Light and Enlightenment.

I leave you with every blessing.

I AM HERU (HORUS) and I speak through Elaine this day.


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