Kuthumi: Bold In The New Time

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcomLoved people,

courageous in the new time – that is the motto of these days and that is the motto that you should put your life in front of.

Courageous in the new time means courageously dealing with yourself. Where are there still unrecognized topics? What are you afraid of, or what fears do you suppress so skillfully that you believe you are free from fear?

Dedicate yourself in the meditation of your transformation to a divine light being. More is not needed today, because the transformation of human society is the result of your transformation.

Stay with your last. Do not judge, do not judge, do not judge.

What thrives in the neighbor’s garden thrives without you, only what is growing in your field is of value.

Courageous in the new age is to want to heal everything that is still sick and to accept everything that appears.

It is of the utmost importance that you understand this need today and that you respond with determination.
The true revolution is you!

The true revolution begins in you, and only in you do the changes that are global in nature take place.

Turn all your attention inside, stay with you and enjoy the life in the now. Enjoy every single insight and watch how you become lighter daily and how the past leaves you.

Future dreams are superfluous as soon as you dream your life daily. Future fears are superfluous as soon as you daily dissolve fears and become a lover.

So these days spend in the consciousness that everything changes on the basis of your awakening, yes, must change!

This world does not exist apart from you! The new time does not come without you.

Therefore bravely and resolutely into it – into the still unrecognized world inside you.



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl