Atmar: The Insight of the Samurai

aquarius eraoflightdotcomA very combative and aggressive samurai once asked a Zen priest to explain to him what heaven and what hell was. The wise priest replied contemptuously: “You are nothing but a lout, with your kind I do not waste my time!” Of course, the samurai was struck in his honor and became furious. He drew his sword from the scabbard and shouted to the priest, “For your impudence you shall die!” “That is,” the priest replied casually, “hell.”

Perplexed by the realization of the truth of what the priest said about the anger he had just experienced, the samurai calmed down. He sheathed the sword and thanked the priest with a bow for insight. “And that,” said the priest, “is heaven.” (An old Japanese legend from “Happiness is what you make of it,” Coppenrath, p. 37)

That is the wisdom of all things: heaven and hell exist where you are and are in you.

In you lies the key to everything: highest happiness and deepest pain. In you you will find the answer, if there is heaven or hell.

Therefore, it makes no sense to work towards a heaven in the other world to avoid hell. Because even on the other, the subtle world you travel with yourself. Everywhere you take yourself and so you can be everywhere in heaven or in hell.

It is insignificant, what you believe, which religious concept you prefer, the truth is:

You create heaven or hell yourself every day and you are where you are.

If you become aware of this truth then it will be easy for you to create beautiful, happy and light things. Now take hold of the reins for your life and decide for love, then the fear will leave you – as a shadow gives way, as soon as you are fully in the light.

The other life, the life after death, is like life before death. There is no difference at all except that your bodies are finer and your perceptions more distinct.

Man changes from this to the other world and finds what he has sown here.

Even you create heaven or hell – every single moment.

No place is heaven, no place is hell, it is the state of consciousness of the human being, who produces the specific reflections on the stage of life.

Drag the sword or leave it in the sheath? Vote! It is your divine freedom to create past, present, and future yourself.

I’m with you. I am the arrived one



» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl