James Gilliland: Contact in the Desert

star family contact eraoflightdotcomFirst, I want to thank Victoria, Paul and the staff for putting on an amazing and massive event. I don’t know the numbers but it looked like over 4 to 5000 people attended. Organizing and keeping an event like this flowing takes a monumental effort. I wish I could thank and hug the staff along with everyone who participated. It was hard for some of us to come down from our mountains, step out of our comfort zones, give up our privacy and walk among the masses. Some thrive on notoriety, others would rather be more secluded or in nature. I fit the second category. You get pulled in a hundred different directions, seems everyone wants a piece of you, some love you, some hate you. Then there are the rumors. I have heard them all mostly perpetuated by victims refusing to take personal responsibility. There are also people who falsely believe they can climb up on the backs of others like a crab in a net yet it only pulls both down. There are three kinds of business, your business, Gods business and other people’s business. Other people’s business is God’s business. We don’t have the luxury of getting into other people’s business if we are going to move forward in our own healing and awakening. We would all take a quantum leap if we applied this in out daily lives, karma works, forgive and let it take its course.

What I observed is the nuts and bolts, back engineering, NAZI craft guys want to pigeon hole everything into their be lie f system. The abduction, they are all evil demonic groups who want to keep the fear and victim game going be lie ve it is all negative. The contactees and spiritual folks, to be honest where I am more aligned with and spend most of my time be lie ve it is all good. Some just would rather not hang out in the darker or negative energies yet are aware of them. The fact of the matter is they are all right. It is all happening at the same time. There are nuts and bolts craft, ARVs alien reproduction vehicles, NAZI Craft from the past, a secret space fleet, abductions, contactees, non-physical ships, pure energy ships, Merkaba ships, beings physical and non-physical. We also need to factor in time travelers.

The main message we gave at the conference is we need to all work together, put all our research on the table, learn to cooperate, be open to other opinions and ideas to truly get the big picture. Put cooperation and kindness first, there are no exclusives with God or ETs.

Which brings us to the Michael Horn and the Billy Meier group which actually believe Billy is the only true prophet of God and the only true contactee attacking all other contactees and researchers demanding 20% of your assets and income to join their group. Sadly, his Pleiadian/Plejaran contacts turned out to be the Dean Martin backup singers.

Billy’s Pleiadian/Plejaran contacts – the Dean Martin backup singers.

His best photos were analyzed by the creator of Adobe and found to be overlays, fakes. He has some nice UFO models which amazingly look exactly like his photos and videos of UFOs. They have to keep rewriting his failed prophecies to fit what truly unfolded. Last but not least let’s mention Ptah his main guide who said all crop circles were hoaxes and researchers were idiots. In the early days we gave them a video of the activity here to analyze followed by being extremely slandered by Billy? Michael Horn twists this story to make themselves as the victim. Supposedly, Ptah, who no one has ever seen, watched the video in the house with Billy and said there were no UFOs. Then their story changed to they are government, and back again to no UFOs. Semjase is also a biblical name we are warned to avoid as a deceiver. We are going off subject here only because the Horn Meier group went on a tirade against ECETI at Contact. I have to ask why does anyone give this guy and other frauds an audience? It is an industry, name dropping sells yet what about impeccable integrity? Sorry Michael we have a mountain of photographic and video evidence, real UFOs.

UFO Powers Up over ECETI

We have Triple PHD Boeing engineers, Lockheed skunk works physicists, Airforce Base Commanders, Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, tens of thousands of eye witnesses which contradict your claim that there are no UFOs at ECETI. They have publicly testified on Coast to Coast with Art Bell. Calling the thousands of eye witnesses along with the entire Yakama Nation liars just might not work out well for you in our neck of the woods. How is it Billy’s own family says it’s a hoax? Now we have been called pot smoking drugged out hippies by Cliff High, a dangerous cult to avoid, Steven Greer has also jumped on this band wagon. What both failed to recognize is we have a no drug or alcohol policy, strictly enforced. Funny how Cliff High is an expert on ECETI and myself considering the fact we have never met and he has never been to ECETI. We use Jtracker and Heavens Above to dismiss any known satellites again dismissing his accusations we are only filming satellites. There is a long, long history of UFO activity on Mt Adams coming and going off the mountain, hard to accomplish for a satellite.

UFO Peter Maxwell Slattery filmed leaving Mount Adams – Has been analysed by Jason Gleaves – Ex UK Airforce & Aero Space. Image analysis Expert.

The video he refers to as a falcon is in slow motion is going 1840 miles an hour according to real scientists and never flaps its wings for 4 miles. The only Falcon is the Millennium Falcon! All of his armchair investigator comments can be easily dismissed. He has no personal experience just opinions based on gossip and an agenda. We have been called a cult by the cults when there is nothing to join, no percentage of assets, income demanded, there is no guru only free thinking people gathering with shared experiences. All we have to join is a free newsletter. I have heard every rumor, the funniest of which I am a fat old man, a predator, a pedophile, gay, head of a Russian beastiality mob even though I have never been to Russia. Wait didn’t we already do the Russian thing, is there a common theme, a connection here?

I have been at the forefront of exposing the epidemic of predation, pedophile and child trafficing activity. Some of these rumors started with known predators, pedophiles or people working with known pedophiles, high level political officials, “government insiders” that know I know who they are. These characters are afraid of someone cutting into their profits or exposing their true motives and disrupting their false narrative. It is sad that many are held in the highest regard and given the podium or the mic as leaders in the field. Lots of things you don’t want to step on in that field. Funny how Cliff pushes Heroine and DMT on the show in his interview with Jay Weidner then accuses others of using drugs? He comes into our live chat makes nasty comments gets booted and then accuses us of making nasty comments when the listeners call him out for his own nasty behavior?

We ask the question why we don’t have disclosure or contact with the masses? Follow the money, it is always the same group some of which are illuminati puppets with a fresh new face. Each time it goes nowhere. We have to look behind the curtain to see what is driving these false narratives. Who are they associating with and who is financing them. Now Jay Weidner has picked up the sword slandering myself and ECETI again having never met and without any personal experience. He has never been to ECETI without every doing any research or hearing two sides of the story. Alfred Weber also jumped on this band wagon falsely accusing me of an incident that never happened, in fact I have the letter of apology from the woman saying I acted in the highest integrity and was a perfect gentlemen. It was her issues she was dealing with and the magnetic anomaly established by government maps or vortex does bring them up. It is a blessing and a curse.

These comments show an incredible lack of spiritual maturity on their part. Anyone who is awake always knows there are two sides to every story. I am not sure what Cliff’s, Greer’s or Jay’s motives are none the less, it is their character that is being established, not ours. I am all about forgiveness yet know two out of three will never apologize. Gossip, Jealousy and self-righteous condemnation have no place in self-mastery. We find it hilarious they are dismissing all the evidence as satellites when these objects land, morph into three or four ships make turns power up react to the people on the ground and then leave. Rob Freeman firmly established with 150,000 dollars of equipment these are not hikers, campers, satellites, earth lights or meteors. This is on the website.

Rob Freeman talking about the Lights on Mount Adams

James Gilliland with Rob Freeman on the Mount Adams Lights

The remote viewers at Right Hemisphere have confirmed our evidence down to details. It seems Jay is parroting the same nonsense the cover-up folks have been parroting. Cliff is recommending people to not come to ECETI and see for themselves, as literally tens of thousands over the years have. What are they afraid of, what is their agenda?

(Video Unavailable)

Remote Viewing the Ancient Aliens of ECETI Ranch and Mt. Adams

As far as my personal life bottom line is relationships begin and end. When abandonment, rejection or betrayal issues come up we have a choice to own them or blame and project. Some make it their job to destroy and demonize the other rather than take personal responsibility. This is happening a lot in the UFO community and the world in general. The gossip and lies travel twice around the world before the truth has time to tie its shoes. Victims use their stories to gain emotional or financial support from others very few ever take personal responsibility. Saviors need to save so they can feel good about themselves and persecutors are just victims lashing out. When are we going to get of this hamster wheel? Most likely when we stop acting like hamsters and perpetuating these roles.

I find it odd when you are sick, bedridden flirting with death, people are accusing you of acts under the prevailing conditions which would be impossible to perform. Most have no idea of the challenges that come from holding the light and the attacks which have physical consequences. For 33 years people have been coming to ECETI having amazing healing and enlightening experiences, yet it only takes a few false accusations, rumors and gossip by irresponsible people in high places to undo a long history of impeccable service to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. When a relationship devolves from love, joy, kindness and respect with the refusal to own one’s traumas from the past self-love often demands taking space apart. I have a mission, the awakening, healing and liberation of humanity and the Earth. It is first and foremost. I do not apologize for being a heterosexual male, loving women and have a long history of supporting and launching the careers of many women. I have always supported a council of grandmothers running the planet connected to a Galactic Council of Light. I have never been aggressive, deceptive, always been honest and walked in impeccable integrity. When I was 5 years old I was dying in a hospital. Mary appeared to me several times eventually healing me. Many of my teachers were female. I have the ultimate respect for women, always have. I love the saying I am looking for a Goddess not a princess who will stand by my side and fight not succumbing to the negative forces. Unfortunately our work draws extreme resistance seen and unseen. Very few can stand up to these forces. It looks like many in the UFO community have and are also succumbing to these forces at the highest level. There is always a backlash when the overwhelming evidence is presented, truth bombs are dropped, this is nothing new.

Photo of Mother Mary taken by Master Kan which has had an analaysis by Jason Gleaves.

Go to Eceti Stargate on YouTube, or www.eceti.org if you want to see the evidence along with hundreds of eye witnesses at a time interacting with the ships. Why are we so successful? Why did we have 85 ships verified by Steve Murillo and Mufon show up when we did our sky watch at Contact in the Desert when most other leaders in the field zeroed out? When we arrived at the event a ship passed right over our heads, it was filmed and given to the event coordinators. Is this a coincidence? Could we possibly be doing something right, rising to the occasion? If we are so evil why are the spiritually technologically advanced Off Worlders and Ascended Masters appearing at ECETI and by passing the naysayers and distractors? I would strongly suggest considering Cliff Highs physical condition to ask himself with brutal honesty why his prayers are not being answered?

Peter Slattery, ECETI Australia has the most incredible ufo footage on the planet, Masters, Pleiadians and other higher dimensional beings appear to him on a regular basis. He has had incredible experiences here at ECETI which are well documented. Yet there are hit pieces on him as well. Why? Is it jealousy, revenge for taking the high ground or is there another darker agenda being carried out? There needs to be a serious weeding in the UFO community, a change in motive and intentions with some as well as an atmosphere of unity and cooperation with those with good intentions.

Photo of Kwan Yin taken taken at the Ranch by Pete Slattery and has been analysed by Jason Gleaves – ex UK Airforce & Aero Space.

I do not give much energy to the nonsense they will weed themselves out. I would advise them to focus their attention on their own misgivings. If they continue in this nonsense, continue to avoid personal responsibility they will not be frequency specific to the upcoming shift and there will be no one to blame but themselves. Don’t let them take down the UFO community, control the narrative, and don’t participate in the gossip, rumors and false accusations. I usually don’t even comment on this nonsense yet it has become epidemic. The masks are all coming down and people will be revealed as to their true nature and agenda. There is a saying what see I am I, they have just looked into a mirror and are defining themselves. By the way a woman called in on Coast to Coast said military helicopters landed at the last conference, everyone was drugged, children were being beaten, everyone was being raped, huge holes opened swallowing everyone, the buildings were destroyed and we all died.

This makes as much sense as Cliff High’s scenario. One would think someone would have known if 250 people disappeared. The real question is what is their agenda and what are the forces behind the nonsense? Cliff also makes the assumption we have no security again having no idea of the security in place or how we have operated without a problem for 33 years promoting fear to stop people from coming to our July 4th event. Your too late Cliff, it was sold out a month ago. We would be idiots to let our security information out and why are you fishing for it?

Getting back on track in a more positive light, we are not just a meat suit, a body and a personality. We are a spirit that has a body, a personality, one of many we have entertained as an eternal soul and that spirit is multidimensional all the way back to the source in higher more expanded states of awareness.

Photo taken by Cathy Leidall at ECETI – Also has been Analysed by Jason Gleaves.

There are tools and techniques, wisdom necessary to traverse the higher dimensions and not be bothered or affected by the lower dimensions allowing one to maintain their self-authority. Just because you are dead does not mean you are enlightened. In the same case just because you are an ET does not mean you are benevolent. It is extremely irresponsible to not address the entire spectrum and teach how to heal unseen negative influences. Sadly many in the field of Ufology are unaware of who is pulling their strings, the true nature and agenda of their contacts, some are knowingly deceiving, shills and planned opposition often sponsored by the government putting on quite a show screaming at the government. It is called planned opposition and controlling the narrative. There are others unknowingly being deceived trusting the disinformation given to them by the planned opposition. Some are spending too much time in the astral world yet their stories are great for entertainment. Imagination is real on the level of imagination, you can create anything in the thought planes so what is real and not real?

In India they say the closer you get to Nirvana the more the demons rear their ugly heads. They will come through those closest to you or anyone that can disrupt your mission. We also have a saying the mind in which you seek is the mind in which you connect. What is most important is your come from. Are you coming from a desire for notoriety, wealth, power over others? Are you in service to others and put service, empowering the individual and educating the people first and foremost? We are all seeking love, acceptance and approval to one degree or another outside of self yet each one of these desires need to be found within. It is internal not external.

The same goes for your own personal connection with Creator, God, Great Spirit or contact with Spiritually and Technologically advanced Inner Earth or Off Worlders. It is all about frequency, raising one’s vibrations. When you are on the path to enlightenment these higher dimensional beings will find you. You will experience and engage elementals, gnomes, faeries, it will become quite a light show at night, along with Ascended Masters and other higher dimensional beings. Of course, those that be lie ve they are a meat suit and a personality will think your nuts. Yogananda said you have to love and accept your biological family but hang out with your spiritual family, they are the ones that feed your soul. There was a lot of spiritual family reunions at Contact in the Desert. Yet as life has it there was the other polarity. We have to apply Universal Law, develop our own inner sensitivity, keep an open mind, loving heart, and pure intent. Discernment is a must. Watch for the come from. Are they empowering you as an individual, Do they take you back to your center, the wrap around or leave you in external worship mode. Did you know when you worship you are like a battery that is leaking? Your energy is going out to external sources. There are beings that feed on those leaks physical and nonphysical. Ever hear of deadly charisma?

Every master that every walked the earth bent people inward. The temple is and always has been within. Know thyself. We all have our own unique soul purpose, the seat of the soul sits right next to the heart. It is through the heart you make your own personal connection with God/Creator/Great Spirit. It is while on that path that the whole multiverse opens to you. We have to rise to the occasion if we are going to have contact with Benevolent Spiritually and Technologically Advanced beings. Use your inner sensitivity and apply Universal Law to navigate and discern whether benevolent, malevolent or disempowering. Universal Laws are tools for discernment. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. It is a way of life, it is in service to others and always empowers never overpowers the individual. At your core you are a loving, joyous, powerful manifesting God/Goddess. The trick is to not give it up. I do not hate the misguided nor bear any malice. They are their own worst enemies. They establish their own ignorance and character by their words and actions. I can only do my best, none of us are infallible, we make mistakes yet the real thing that matters is your intentions. The real sin is when you don’t learn from them. This is not the first nor the last attacks. One day I hope humanity and the Earth evolve beyond the nonsense. And they wonder why I spend most of my time in Nature.

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