Cosmic Weather Report June 2019: The Track of Happiness

earth shining eraoflightdotcomThroughout this June massive Jupiter is the most active planet, forming big and little aspects with many other planets. This planet of fortune presides over the optimal destiny your soul signed up for when it chose to reincarnate, and is always urging you to follow that direction and gain the fortune of blossoming into your most powerful positive future.

When you’re on track and in the groove, rocketing toward your brightest future, you receive the ultimate blessing of the king of the gods, a blessing of goodwill, wholeness and well-being. Just as Jupiter is massively larger than all other planets (which could fit into him combined) so too is your greater destiny so expansive that it’s sometimes hard to fathom when you get mired in the daily challenges of life– but becomes easier to see at times like these when Jupiter is so active.

This month the fuller scope of what you’re here for will be pulling on you, and even though Jupiter is the strongest and most positive planet, there’s a downside, which is that if the life you’re living has strayed from the one you were born to live, Jupiter’s increased presence reveals this gap in a stark measurement of the distance between the two.

But this colossal planet of goodwill is so supportive of your greatest happiness that, once you recognize you’re heading in the wrong direction you’ll receive enormous support for changing track, lining up with your higher nature and following through on what your soul chose to came here for. This requires a leap of faith that what feels right to you on a soul level is what you’re here for, and making good on it is the whole purpose of your life.

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