Here’s What You’d Experience at Mike Tyson’s Magical 420-Acre Weed Paradise

hey share what you know eraoflightdotcomMike Tyson is best known for his wild antics inside and outside of the boxing ring. But at age 52, “Kid Dynamite” has definitely chilled out. If it wasn’t clear from his guest appearances in The Hangover series, the former heavyweight champion of the world is no longer the hungry young contender that he was 30 years ago. In 2016, Tyson turned a new page in life when California legalized recreational cannabis and he created his own company, Tyson Holistic Holdings, which sells a range of cannabis products, strains, and paraphernalia.

Since then, Iron Mike has rebranded the company as The Ranch Companies while building a massive ranch—aptly named Tyson Ranch—which he hopes will be a new mecca for stoners around the world.

When complete, the ranch in Southern California’s Riverside County will be home to an array of cannabis-oriented attractions, from the world’s longest lazy river to a luxury hotel, retail space, a venue for the Kind Music Festival—described by Tyson and his business partner as “the Lollapalooza of cannabis”—and even a site for 200 glamorous camping or “glamping units.”

While the Mind Unleashed previously reported on Tyson’s plans for the music festival back in January, few details about the ranch were available at the time. Rob Hickman, the brains behind the 418-acre Tyson Ranch, has also cleared up the discrepancy when it comes to the ranch’s acreage.

Let’s say 420 acres,” Hickman told GQ. “Makes it fun.”

"Tyson Ranch is a cannabis company founded by Mike Tyson. Consistency and quality are at the core of our company with the mission to make cannabis universally understood and accessible. Through select partnerships with esteemed growers, Tyson Ranch proudly supports the industries very best, bringing you ?Better Cannabis? in every single package. Our commitment to the plant and exotic genetics to ensure that we deliver clean, quality, premium cannabis with every purchase."

The ex-boxer is also planning to build Tyson University on his ranch, which will teach the fine techniques of growing connoisseur-grade cannabis to would-be growers intent on growing strains on the level of Tyson’s own Purple Punch and KO Kush. Cannabis research will also take place at the envisioned Tyson U.

Tyson’s main goal is to educate the public about the healing properties of cannabis and CBD, which go far beyond its recreational qualities alone. After all, the enormous physical toll that boxing takes on a person is no secret—nor was Tyson’s long period of struggling with substance abuse.

Speaking to Cannabis & Tech Today, Tyson explained:

“I thought about how much good I could do by helping people with cannabis. It was a no-brainer.

I’ve been fighting for over 20 years, and my body has a lot of wear and tear. I had two surgeries and I used marijuana to calm my nerves, and it would take the pain away… But before, they had me on those opiates, and those opiates had me all screwed up.”

He’s also teamed up with professional athletes both active and retired to promote the benefits of cannabis and CBD, with such notables as former NBA Commissioner David Stern and former NBA player Al Harrington signing on as advisors and investors. Tyson has also developed partnerships with figures from nearly all of the major U.S. athletic leagues, including the NFL, MLB, WNBA, UFC, NHL and FIFA.

Tyson also wants to promote health and wellness among armed forces veterans. Tyson said:

“I’m a big fan of veterans and I think they’ve given a lot to our country and we should give some back in return … Especially with all of the addiction that many of them come back with.”

Tyson Ranch will be a sort of health spa based on cannabis. Hickman explained:

“He’s building a holistic centre for health and wellness.

There will be testing in the university. It’s going to be about educating people on the healing benefits, how to grow, and how to be in proper business.” 

Mike Tyson is dead-set on changing perceptions around cannabis, and helping the plant shed the stereotypes and stigmas that surround it. As the former champ succinctly put it:

“Cannabis is the future, and eventually, everyone is going to have to give in.” 


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