Era of Light Report For 6/15/2019

the future is now eraoflightdotcomGreetings! It is I Kejraj(KayRy)!

Holograms And Clones Malfunctioning

As the waves of light continue to wash all of Earth, you can be sure that we are soon to begin seeing the physical changes as well, in all the fields. The Earth’s and humans’ vessels, politics, economics, financial, and even in your media the programming will soon change.

The holograms and the clones of Cabal entities are malfunctioning. Those of the humans who are not ready for the new light are leaving in great numbers as we speak. But many souls are also coming to Earth at this time to assist in anchoring the new light and planting the seeds. After all that has occurred up until now, we will say that it is only the beginning. » Source

Disclosure Is Coming To You

Ashtar: …many others across the planet will begin to see more and more of the visibility of our ships. Because disclosure is coming to you.  But it is not coming from those of the governments. It is coming to the people directly from us. » Source

Massive Metal Structure Buried in the Dark Side of the Moon

Scientists studying the far side of the moon have discovered a massive underground structure buried beneath a crater on the moon. Stretching 2,000 kilometers, the Moon’s South Pole-Aitken basin is the largest preserved crater…» Source

Behind The Scenes

Mathew Ward Channeling: It is behind closed doors where progress is undeniably apparent, not yet to the world, but to us and to the international group of individuals who have been designing resolutions to complex issues that are global in scope. They are acting in concert to remove the last pockets of Illuminati influence. » Source

Cannabis Accepted

Nevada has passed a bill telling employers and state agencies that they can no longer refuse to hire workers on the basis of their testing positive for cannabis. » Source

Don’t Underestimate Your Power

Mike Quinsey: Dear Ones you should by now be well aware that you are a powerful soul and that your thoughts can manifest into reality. So be careful what you wish for and indeed for other souls. You are a healer if you did but know it and by the same token you can harm others with your thoughts if you were so inclined. » Source

Radical Imagination and Civilization

Science itself was being backed into a corner. Its descriptions of reality came down to immutable laws obeyed by every particle of energy and matter in the universe—in which case, freedom was impossible. Therefore, the unspoken conclusion went: the battle to establish freedom was, at the core, a fraud, because it did not exist. » Source

There have been a few curves along the way, but all is moving forward nonetheless. Your patience is appreciated, and your impatience is understood, but you will not be disappointed by the rewards. Hold your light now, we have reached the shore.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!