Sananda: All Is Coming Together

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newI am Sananda.

It is these times, these moments now, for everything within your universe, and I speak of the universe within you as well as the universe outside of you, but all is coming together. You are integrating all of the different parts of yourselves. As I spoke, not only the bodies that you have, but you are also more and more beginning to integrate those multi-dimensional aspects of yourselves.

Many of you are finding within your dream state a connection to those other parts of yourselves, those other worlds that those parts of you occupy at this time, and the connection that all of you are coming to understand more and more. Because as these energies continue to come in more and more as they ramp up, you are going to become more and more aware of the totality of who you are.

Many of you have come to realize now, or at least are beginning to understand, that you are not the physical body, but you are a spiritual being having a physical experience at this point.

There are many of your brothers and sisters who do not understand that. They think they have a life in this physical body and, when this physical body expires, their life as they know it is over.

But that is certainly not even close to the truth, because we are eternal—eternal within the source of our being, and as we are energy, pure energy, energy at conscious knowing.

And as this energy, we can neither be created, nor destroyed. We have always been, and always will be. The more you come to understand that, the mysteries involved in fully understanding who you are, what you are, what you are here to do, to realize that you are the ones who are here to bring in the lost ones, the lost sheep. You are the ones to herd those sheep in, to bring them back to the fold. We cannot do it without you.

So I, as Sananda, now, as The Shepherd, ask each and every one of you to bring my children back home, to bring all that you can, to do all that you can, to bring the light back into everyone that you come in contact with that is ready, that shows glimmer of awakening within them.

Not those who are not ready, and you will know those who are and those who are not.  You cannot push yourselves on anyone, for everyone has free will.

But those who are ready to open up their free will to you, and invite you and ask you questions: those are the ones now to begin to give the answers to, answers that as you understand. And as you do this, those guides that each of them have will come more and more into their understanding, just as the guides came into yours. For that is what this is all about. You reach out to another, just as we reach out to you. And as you reach out to those others, they will then reach out to others further on, and further on, and further on.

So it is time now, my friends, not only for you to awaken from your slumber, but to assist all who you can to awaken from theirs. For this is how consciousness across the planet is going to awaken. It is not going to happen in one fell-swoop, in one overnight sensation. But it is happening gradually over a period of time, over a period of increasing vibration and frequency.

That is where you, each and every one of you, come in as the Warriors of Light to carry Michael’s sword and together to help to sever all those ties and binds that still hold many to this three-dimensional illusion, to this three-dimensional matrix, if you will.  And if they carry the sword just as you carry the sword now, then they will break the binds just as you are and have been breaking the binds.

The time is now.  Be in the moment.  Do all that you can.  For the finish line awaits you.  Time for you to cross the finish line, and then turn back, those of you who will, and assist those behind to come over the finish line as well.  And those who will not, will not.  It is as simple as that.

I am Sananda.  I leave you now and open up to another, my brother, our brother, who wishes to also share with you.


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