The Pleiadians and Arcturians: Returning to Self

galactic collective eraoflightdotcomThe Pleiadians

I know many people are feeling this now meaning the “Return to Self.” And I know many of you can feel it in other people that they’re ready. When we took this last incarnation on this planet that was a major purpose ”Returning to Self.”

This lifetime has been about Returning to Self. However, we are also trying to remain in this 3D Earth vessel and this was a big challenge. In order to stay in such a low frequency we had to choose to forget our innate multi-dimensional selves simultaneously while being in multiple worlds at once and this is exactly what you were called upon to do.

You knew you were entering into a third dimensional world where there was going to be constant conflict and challenges. You knew you were incarnating into a hostile reality bent on worldwide destruction. If everybody would just realize how important this lifetime is to your Soul evolution and what incredible beings we really are everything would be different. Humanity will never know just how close we were to destroying this beautiful planet.

Humanity needs to understand that by keeping this planet in a perpetual state of conflict is devastating to Earth’s planetary frequency. This is why these Archonic elements keep planet Earth in a constant state of war.

We humans are the “away team” as the Pleiadians say and they see our consciousness rising, they see the frequency of Earth rising, they realize we are doing what we came here to do. The Pleiadians see humanity is choosing the ways of unconditional love instead of the ways of weapons. We are making higher dimensional choices.

Humanity is waking up to the destructive ways we have acted towards our planet meaning underground nuclear testing, corporate farming, slashing and burning of great forests, jungles and prairies, as well as what has been done to Earth’s water and skies.

Much of humanity is in denial of the damage we have done and the Pleiadians are extremely grateful for those of you that have pulled up your sleeves and are doing something about it. Just bringing the issue into our reality has helped immensely. We will transmute this planet into the pristine environment it was meant to be and that is happening one human at a time. We will become one… people and planet.

The Arcturians

The Arcturians want you to know that your higher self isn’t up, it’s within. Unfortunately, many will still be trapped in this third dimensional frequency and will continue in that reality of needing power over others. Many of you are now phasing out of this dense reality into a higher vibrational reality. Which means your 3-D perception of reality will become a 5D perception due to your ever expanding light body.

You will begin to flicker in and out of Earth’s physical reality. Many of you have already experienced this in some way. Where do you go when you flicker out of this 3-D world, you simply resonate in a reality beyond the visual and auditory.

Humanity is feeling like they’re missing home, an unexplained emptiness but really what they’re missing is that connection with their higher self, that is home. That higher vibrational self wants you to choose it but in the past we have found ourselves returning to the illusions, lies, violence and debts. But, this is changing on a massive scale.

Change is coming and there’s no stopping this change. This change is so much bigger than most can comprehend but it’s coming. We have been told of this change for thousands of years through ancient texts and writing and we are now currently being prepared for it. Those that can see and feel this change coming are those not resisting. The ones resisting will deal with those consequences.


» Source » Channel: Teri Wade