Tapping Blessings of Solstice; Cancer Solstice June 21

new light human eraoflightdotcomThis week’s solstice energy gateway offers a unique opportunity to connect more fully with your inner being and creative energies for breakthroughs of many kinds. Today’s full moon sets the tone for the week – illuminating things hidden and bringing to fruition the manifestation of projects and growth you previously put in motion. This can be a time of abundant blessings showing up in numerous ways. Continue reading to know how to tap these blessings.


Let’s start with the full moon. As I wrote about recently, this moon can bring to light new information previously hidden from view. This benefit is more than one day – it’s all week. Given that, I suggest meditation and dream work as two tools. Meditation can help calm your racing mind and create enough openness so you can hear the whispers of your inner self. That part of you is very wise. Dream work can assist in uncovering hidden motivations and fears. Self-understanding, when you apply it in your life, can open many new doors.

Solstice Gateway

Each solstice is a mega-energy gateway, a kind of marker of before and after. The more present you are during this time – being mindful of how you are showing up in life and being clear about what you intend in each interaction – the greater likelihood of your creating a significant shift. From a spiritual perspective, the bigger shifts always are sourced within oneself. They sometimes involve a complex set of changes. Other times it’s just one significant change that unfolds into a mega shift in consciousness and being. Don’t overthink this or attempt to plan. What unfolds is organic and seemingly magical – yet totally natural.

3 Questions to Ask

Here are three questions to ask this week. I suggest asking them more than once as you may get more information each time. If you like to journal, write down the questions and what you get intuitively in response.

1) How can I be more loving and kind to myself?

2) What prevents me from seeing the divine perfection in my partner, child or co-worker?

3) How can I re-frame my reaction to the world’s current polarity and chaos?

Your answers to these questions can enlarge your view of self and the world, helping you to access the boundless love and wisdom at your core. Housing that expanded energy during solstice week can help you create miracles. Trust this.


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