Anna Von Reitz: Yes, Virginia, Incorporated Entities Are Trusts

unraveling the truth eraoflightdotcomIncorporated entities are just another form of trust. The Incorporators act as the Donors of their ideas and dreams and assets. The Operators act as the Trustees. The Owners and Shareholders act as the Beneficiaries.

So as you can see, incorporated entities are just another kind of trust known as a “Business Trust”, and in the case of government chartered business trusts, the owners are the government corporations issuing the charters: the parent corporations.

Your incorporated business, whether it is IBM or the Pacific Railroad, Inc., is in fact owned by whichever parent corporation(s) chartered it. Not by you.

If you filed your incorporation paperwork with the State of California you are operating under a British Territorial Charter. If you filed with the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, you are operating under a Municipal Holy Roman Empire Charter.

The ultimate owners and beneficiaries are the Queen or the Pope, respectively.

You may, of course, do all the actual work and take all the risk of developing such a business venture “for” them, and you may, as a loyal subject, aspire to be a shareholder and so secure some small portion of the benefit of the enterprise for yourself and your progeny—- but the fact remains that you gave that “vessel” away the moment you incorporated it.

Why would anyone ever do such a thing? It just doesn’t make sense, does it?

Unless….unless you were engaged in making profit from some activity that was intrinsically very risky, very immoral, and therefore, very “subject to liability”—- and still wanted to profit from it to whatever extent possible, without being held accountable.

Then such a deal makes perfect sense, and you would, as a shareholder, willingly give up the ownership interest in exchange for escaping the liability associated with the enterprise. Think in terms of Defense Contractors. Tobacco Companies. Distilleries. Fireworks Manufacturers. Petrochemical and Mining operations. Pharmaceutical Corporations. Pesticide Manufacturers.

According to organizations issuing your charter, you voluntarily entered into a contract with them to escape liability for your business activities, and willingly donated the copyrights, trademarks, production facilities, brands, widgets, patents, and all else deemed part of the now-incorporated business enterprise, in exchange for being held harmless.

That protection of whatever other assets you have, and the limitation of liability to the extent that you are only putting your shareholder interest in the incorporated business at risk, is the purportedly “equitable consideration” provided by the organization issuing the charter and receiving all the material assets of the incorporated entity as new chattel property backing their own debts.

So, if you get a hair stuck crosswise and decide to incorporate your cupcake manufacturing business (it isn’t clear to me why making cupcakes is so risky that incorporation makes sense, but, it’s your business and you can give it away if you want to) by filing Articles of Incorporation with the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, which is a franchise of the UNITED STATES, INC., which is a franchise of the UN CORP, which is owned and operated ultimately by the unincorporated and sovereign government of the Holy See—- you’ve donated your business to the Pope.

If you filed Articles of Incorporation with the State of California, you have donated your business to the Queen.

The incorporated governmental service providers thus acquire the title to the substance of all these incorporated businesses, with the local franchise (State of California or STATE OF CALIFORNIA, for example) retaining the legal title and responsibility for enforcing it, and the Queen or the Pope holding the equitable title — the benefit of the whole operation. Shareholders are allowed a little of profit in exchange for taking on their share of the risk — the value of their shares.

Now, you would think that this would be obvious and common knowledge, but it isn’t, because 99% of the people who have “voluntarily” incorporated their churches, and their businesses, and thoughtlessly taken other actions serving to incorporate themselves and their children via registrations and applications serving to “enfranchise” themselves—- have never been told what I just told you.

They don’t understand what incorporation is or what it does beyond providing bankruptcy protection. They aren’t told who or what ultimately benefits from it. They are not provided anything like full disclosure or good advice from the attorneys who are working respectively for the Queen or the Pope.

This is why when you go to “un-incorporate” anything it causes such an extreme amount of scrutiny and controversy. Even if you go the pre-approved route and liquidate via bankruptcy proceedings and thereby make sure that either the Queens Esquires or the Pope’s Magistrates get to oversee every nuance of the asset distribution involved, there will be guaranteed grilling and howling because you are severing your service contract with them.

I once had the unhappy task of serving as an Officer of a 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Corporation. It had one asset, title to a forty acre parcel of land, which was to be developed or sold to provide community services in our small town.

The other Officers were completely incompetent and would not organize or get started to do anything at all with the asset, so after two years of paying the property taxes out of my own pocket, I gave them an ultimatum. I told them I wasn’t paying the taxes again. Three more years went by, and the local Borough moved to sell the land for non-payment of the property taxes, which of course, a 501 (c) 3 is obligated to pay. By then I was the only Officer still active and paying attention.

I made one more good faith attempt to rouse the other officers to take action. They told me they would attend to it in a few weeks — after the land was to be sold at auction — and took off for California.

It was a valuable tract of land and our small community needed to get some benefit out of it, so I looked around for another community non-profit (Friends of the Library, as it turned out) that was competent to pay the back taxes and signed it over to them and sent in the dissolution paperwork to the STATE OF ALASKA.

Oh, the crying, the howling, the accusations, the beating of chests—- the disbelief that I would, as the only remaining Officer responsible for the asset, give it away to another community non-profit that would actually be responsible and take care of it and make use of it.

The other completely inactive and irresponsible Officers of the now-dissolved non-profit dragged me into court and alleged that I had acted improperly. I had to go before a Magistrate Judge and explain all this. Why? Because a 501 (c) 3 like every other kind of incorporated entity, is a Public Trust. The STATE OF ALASKA chartered it and so, the STATE OF ALASKA had an interest in how it was administered and what happened to the assets.

Thankfully, the Judge was sane. Otherwise, I could have gone through no end of bother and expense just to responsibly un-incorporate and divest the assets of a stillborn, inactive, non-profit Business Trust.

Imagine what happens when a C-Corp tries to divest itself of its corporate trust?

I have very succinctly described for you why incorporation exists — to avoid liability and accountability for one’s activities. I have also explained the cost of incorporation —- 100% loss of the assets.

I would guess that over 75% of all the businesses that incorporate themselves gain no real benefit from it at all, and yet, they suffer the same 100% loss of their assets and merely retain the privilege of acting as operators and shareholders.

This also neatly shows you how unincorporated sovereign governments are the only entities that actually benefit from all this avoidance of responsibility. The sovereign governments, which are all unincorporated, acquire the assets of all the incorporated businesses they charter. In this way, they establish feudal commercial fiefdoms, based on the assets of all the incorporated entities and all the paupers working for those entities.

And now you know why the Bar Attorneys who work for the Queen never tell anyone the truth about incorporating a business. They want you to donate your business and all its assets to their Queen. The story is the same for the Magistrates working for the Pope. They want you to give away everything you have to the Pope, and live as a Pauper, slaving away without any actual pay or ownership interest in anything.

They knowingly benefit and enrich themselves via this racket, and take advantage of your gullibility. And they can’t easily be blamed for any wrong-doing, either, because theirs is a sin by omission and non-disclosure. Their Business Trusts and contracts may be voided for non-disclosure, but first you have to demonstrate that they had an obligation to fully disclose….and if they can allege that you, yourself, are operating as a commercial entity, they have no such obligation.

However, only the Citizens of the United States were operating in Commerce in 1933; the rest of us deserve and were grandfathered-in to operate under lawful contracting processes which do not include unilateral, undisclosed, or implied contracts. They are required to fully disclose the consequences of incorporation to us, and they didn’t. And there stands the “conditions precedent”.

Another consequence of their Breach of Trust and rebellion against the Constitutions is that they cease to exist as viable, recognizable political entities. The political status of United States Citizens, like the political status of Citizens of the United States, are both created by the Constitutions and without the Constitutions, their “Persons” dissolve.

In the case of Americans working for these foreign corporations, that means they devolve back to being Americans operating under our Public Law.

In the case of British Operatives, including the millions of Bar Attorneys, they also revert back to their original status and are subject to British Territorial Law. All the “citizens of the United States” created by the 14th Amendment to the corporate constitution of the defunct Scottish commercial corporation doing business as “The United States of America, Inc.” simply dissolve into the thin air from which they were created.

And as for the Municipal Government, all its “citizenry” dissolves and there are no more “Citizens of the United States” at all. The Congress is left stateless and is bound to either return to our shores or be deported; in view of the damage they have done and attempted to do to this country and its people, many of them have planned ahead and accepted Dual Citizenship in foreign countries, primarily Luxembourg and Israel.

Don’t let the screen door hit you on your way out.


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